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Sonic Team To Do Internet Live Stream, New Sonic Game Announcement Imminent?


The Sonic Team have announced that they will be doing a live stream on February 2nd and 3rd during Japanese online TV show Puyo-Puyo. February 2nd is known amongst Sonic fans and SEGA employees as Sonic Day due to their tradition with making big announcements. We already posted that a new Sonic game is apparently in development and will be revealed on February 2nd. The game is set to be released on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PC, and next-gen consoles. The staff members joining the Puyo-Puyo team are as follows.

  • Tadashi Takezaki/SEGA
  • Takashi Iizuka/Producer
  • Jun Senoue/Sound Dilector
  • Kazuyuki Hoshino/Art Director

103 thoughts on “Sonic Team To Do Internet Live Stream, New Sonic Game Announcement Imminent?”

      1. SEGA...yeah they still suck

        Fuck you. We don’t need links. It’s a fucking SONIC game! Why should ANY sonic game recieve hype? Let the overly-obsessed, biased, and young fanboys jack off to it. Or is EVERYONE on this site a fat fanboy with no life?

          1. SEGA...yeah they still suck

            Seems to me like the only idiot here is you “Anonymous”. You don’t even know the difference between “there” and “their”. What are you 12? SEGA still sucks giganticly deep and hairy axillas.

                  1. SEGA sucks slimy cock

                    LOL Some “warrior” you are SonicWarrior. Go ahead and dismiss me as a mere troll if that makes you feel any better. I do admit though, if I were a Sonic fan I would ignore any negative comments about him. But then again I have no reason to be one when his games are shit when compared to other platformers!

    1. SEGA...yeah they still suck

      I can’t wait either, I really- Oh wait! What am I thinking!? Allow me to dispose of this wool…*throws illogical fanboy opinions aside*. Let’s be realistic. Yes, it will be nothing special. SURPRISE! Since when has SEGA’s ASS done anything original recently? Hmm, Sonic Colors = Super Sonic Galaxy, and recently released on the Wii U = blatant rip off of Mario Kart 7’s main idea/entire Diddy Kong Racing game. Oh yeah! We can SURELY be surprised right? (Note my sarcasm.) You know this is true fuckers, only a Sonic-pajama-wearing FREAK would say otherwise.

      1. How is sonic colors a Mario galaxy clone dipshit n Mario kart also ripped off didst Kong racing to so you’re just being a whiny dumbass

        1. SEGA sucks slimy cock

          One of the developers behind Sonic Colors stated in an interview that it was designed to play like a Mario game. As he put it “to appeal to Mario/Nintendo fans”. It only takes a blind shit-face to not realize that Colors is unoriginal.

          And, Super Mario Kart was released BEFORE any other cart racer so grab your ignorance and stick it up your rectum. Fucker.

          1. fool sonic racing transformed was in development before that slow piece of crap mario kart 7 the gba mario kart is faster then mario kart 7. you dont even fly or go on water in mario kart7 . gliding shouldn’t even be compared to sasrt flying mode you can even do anything when gliding you just have to wait.

            1. SEGA sucks slimy cock

              Do you not understand logic you ass-wipe? So you’re saying it was ONCE AGAIN, a mere COINCIDENCE that a Sonic game is similair to Mario? That’s a fucking huge number of coincidences! Did you also forget that Diddy Kong Racing was released many years BEFORE? Are you a fucking 10-year old?!

              1. Hey, Sonic may have ripped off of Mario, but when you think about it, almost EVERY game out there got its ideas from somewhere else. Go ahead, give me an example of one that didn’t.

    1. SEGA...yeah they still suck

      In all seriousness, yes, you CAN wait. Mark my words, it will be nothing special/revolutionary. I’m willing to bet my pride on that.

      1. Hey asswipe, don’t you have anything better to do than bitch around on the internet? These are people genuinely interested in sonic, so stop ruining it for people you douchbaggish asshat

    2. Sweet.I never really cared much about StC, but they did have some ptrety cool ideas. I’d love to read it, provided I have the money for it Well, if they released it in trade format (and not be greedy and have only like, 3 issues per trade), maybe I’d be able to. Keeping my fingers crossed

      1. chaos where fun to raise and race. gave the battles a break. and the fact that it didn’t impede on the main part of the game (other then the beginning where its mandatory to go there) was nice. plus the chaos are absolutely adorable.

        1. I was raising them over a year after i got done with the actual game. they where lifelike enough that you formed an attachment to them and was always sad to seem them go.

        1. I played Adventure 2 and i couldnt be bothered, was boring, i play a Sonic game to play Sonic, not…that thing

          1. meh. we all have our own tastes. Fact is alot of people would love to see them return. Hopefully it gets even more transformations and types…hopefully… but like i said it doesn’t do anything to hender gameplay except for that one instance. so please sega, even if it isn’t sonic adventure 3 put in a chao garden >_<. I would buy it day one.

      2. In my opinion as amazing as SAB2 was the chaos were the best part. I loved raising them and comparing them with friends to see who has the coolest chao! You could customize their look and hats they wore and their name! It was great, still play Adventure Battle 2 JUST FOR THE CHAOS! Oh and Pokemon Snap is a fantastic game. I also still play that one as well. If they make a Pokemon Snap Wii U think of all the new Pokemon they could use… It would be heaven!!!

          1. “It’s obviously not”
            You say that, and can’t be bothered to explain why?
            Inb4 “I SAID ITS OBVIOUS STFU FAG”

              1. I dunno, man. Weren’t there a bunch of Sonic Adventure 3 sites registered a few months back? Not only that, but if the rumor itself is true with all the playable characters, it could be SA3. I hate the first two with a burning passion, so I don’t want SA3 myself. I’m just saying it’s possible.

                1. Yeah…. by someone… in France.
                  Well, Sonic games can have multiple playable characters without being SA3. I don’t really believe it though, because for years now they’ve pull the same shit with SA3 Rumors. Most recently it became the cool thing to do now for some reason…

  1. I just came from seeing a beutyfull indie game called olivera and spike it seems is coming to wiiu but i am not sure, cant some 1 tell f it is coming to wiiu?

  2. It dosnt matter now what happens i will never give up the fight, sega is surely to show a wiiu sonic if they dont they are crasy.

  3. I hoping for a new Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop Fever, but my dreams were crushed when I found out that it’s just an online show. -_-

    1. If Colors and Generations are any indicator, SEGA and Sonic Team has finally got their heads out of their collective asses and got back to making great Sonic games.

  4. Wasn’t there a rumor before about bringing all the sonic games previously released on xbox to wii u? Or is that wrong?

    Either way, i started liking sonic games after sonic and all stars racing transformed. :)

    1. S&ASRT is WICKED good. Best racing game I’ve ever played! Coming from someone who’s played and enjoyed Mario Kart Double-Dash(The best Mario Kart EVER!)

    1. Doubt it’ll be a Sonic Colors sequel, Sonic Adventure 3 is possible, but unlikely. I’m hoping for an original concept.

    1. Wait did you guys even read what the game is going to be about, before posting this SA3 stuff? And may I ask, why do you guys insist on making sequels to gamea that came out years ago?

      1. Look at Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon, a sequel to the original Luigi’s Mansion 12 years ago.

        Just because a game is 15 years old doesn’t mean it cannot get a sequel.

        1. That’s when a series don’t have a particular canon they run in…
          Many games between that time span of Heroes through Unleashed could have been considered an SA3. It’s clear Sonic Team themselves don’t really want to make one, considering how games that followed the Adventure games roots between that timeline were poorly recieved.

      2. Did you read what the game is going to be about?? Cuz I read the article above and it says NOTHING about it NOT being SA3…

      1. I know they are.
        Colors, Generations, and this is supposed to have the same engine Generations has.
        Who knows. If it’s SA3 then everyone will be happy, if it’s like Generations/Colors then it will have the same result = another good Sonic game, everyone is happy.

  5. Aside from Sonic I hope they give a release date for pso2. I think a date for the vita version was announced but I wanna know when the Pc version will be out and a Wii u version would be awesome with the touch screen I see mmo’s working pretty well on Wii u.

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