the_legend_of_zelda_hyrule_historiaThe Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, published by Dark Horse Comics, is currently the no. 1 best-selling book on Amazon, and it was one of the online retailer’s top-selling 100 books for 92 days so far. The art book, which features multiple essays about the production of The Legend of Zelda games and contains the official timeline of the series, was released 2011 in Japan and launches in the West tomorrow, January 29th.



  1. Haha millions of virgins and Nintensheep bought this pathetic little book. Only unmanly tools would even think about purchasing this pos book.
    ~THE REAL Bill~


  2. My girlfriend just got her copy of Hyrule Historia today. And she’s afraid to take the plastic off because it might ruin the value. I asked her “why did you buy it if you didn’t wanna open it”?


  3. My copy arrived today.

    Weird as Amazon told me it wouldn’t even be dispatched until Feb, but whatever. Earlier the better. Had it preordered since August last year.

    Only read the intro by Miyamoto and the Manga at the back so far, but it’s good. A very nice book so far.


  4. If I didn’t already have Sly Cooper and the Fire Emblem 3DS bundle pre-ordered, I would have gone for this on Amazon…oh well, I can wait. I plan to sell my old 3DS after the transfer anyway.


  5. I assume this won’t be released by retailers? I might get it through Amazon eventually, I am a big Zelda fan. And about the timeline in the book, still don’t get that there is a Fallen Hero timeline…-_-


    • I don’t know if you’ve ever visited “” but they got some theories there. The two most popular one’s is that it’s a “What if” timeline that is based around that what happens if Link fails. The other theory evolves around “Parallel universes”. :D


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