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Epic Mickey Studio Junction Point Apparently Closing Down


Junction Point, the development studio behind Wii exclusive Epic Mickey, is apparently set to close in seven days time. There’s no indication why the studio is closing down, but it’s thought that poor sales of Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two have something to do with it. Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two came out in November and only managed to sell 270,000 units in the United States.

Update: Disney Confirms Epic Mickey Developer Junction Point Studios’ Closure

59 thoughts on “Epic Mickey Studio Junction Point Apparently Closing Down”

    1. Hardly it was a boring dull uninteresting bland game staring a even boring character that had no personalty what so ever.

      The game was nothing like it was promised to be.

  1. This just goes to show that you can’t release unpolished games and get away with it. Every mother fucker uses metacritic or IGN etc to decide whether or no they are buying a game. So when it gets 60/100 that just leaves the most hardcore of epic mickey fans to clean up the pieces.

    If they would have just ”made it better” it would have sold a lot more. Some games are immune from this bigger franchises like CoD and Mario etc…

    1. Good job you added that last point. Because the fact that COD on Vita is selling at all is a clear example that people just don’t read metacritic and take it seriously.

    1. How can a major character in the franchise (pretty much the second most major, if not the most if you consider character development) destroy it?

      1. I did play it and I found it horrible. The controls were bad, its a ok story, but the game seems unpolished and rushed. They just thought they can do that again, but they failed.

  2. Yeah, probably because Epic Mickey 2 was a flop AND how Disney was saying the need monitor violence in their videogames more.

      1. That would make many, many people RAGE! Stupid american corporations and stupid moronic gun issues. Shitty colonialist and racist president Obama and all that crap. How sad.

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  4. I kind of predicted this would happen when Epic Mickey 2 failed at retail. After all, if even games like LA Noire couldn’t save their development studio despite being a major critical/commercial succcess and THQ couldn’t save itself, what chance did Junction Point have with a poorly selling and poorly received game like Epic Mickey 2 and nothing else to fall back on?

  5. I’ll be honest…I don’t think that Epic Mickey as a franchise shouldn’t be written off. If they only took more time developing the game and fleshing out the game mechanics more…then this franchise would be well worth playing. As it is, reviews be damned, I’m getting Epic Mickey 2 for my Wii U. I have the first one and enjoyed it for what it was, a trip down memory lane. I hope the closing of this studio gets reconsidered, if not…its been fun while it lasted.

    1. I blame the fact that Spector went multiplat for the sequel. That meant he had to stretch his development to 4 different consoles at once and instead of just one and couldn’t quite polish well enough for all of them and it took a hit quality as a result.

      Not saying all multiplats are bad mind you. Just the ones that the company and dev in question don’t plan ahead and figure out how to properly optimize for more than one console without a hit in the actual process. Epic Mickey 2 apparently didn’t have this strategy in mind and payed for it.

      However I don’t blame just that game in general for Junction Point’s downfall. I also blame this damn economy that Obama has been taking his sweet ass time trying to fix for the past 4 years for having an effect on the industry as well as every other industry out there.

      1. You’re clueless. First, Spector and co developed just the Wii version. The other ports were separately developed by other studios. And second, the first EM was every bit as mediocre as the second one.

  6. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

    It was bound to happen at some point :/ No Epic Mickey 3 I guess.But considering how much 2 sucked it wouldn’t of happened anyway :/

  7. the most dissapointing thing about this is that i almost feel like they deserved the flop. they even said they fixed all of the issues from the first game, but they clearly didnt. it’s the exact same game almost. i enjoyed the first one, but the fact they did absolutely NOTHING to fix the problems that plagued the first game, really irked me.

  8. Well that’s one less company to rip off my money from me. Never should have payed full price for Epic Mickey. That game sucked. Warren Specter spends more time hyping up his game rather than polishing it and leaving it a crappy experience.

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  11. To be honest, I actually think Epic Mickey 2 is better than the original. I like the voice work that the first game should have had. Also, it looks more brighter, making it easier to see where Mickey is going. Still, the creators should have addressed the camera issues and the frame rate problems. The fact that they didn’t but told us that they did was a big mistake on their part. Now there may not be a third Epic Mickey game (Epic Mickey is supposed to be the second game out of three). If they had gotten people to work on the game that knew how to actually make great games the second game would have sold better.

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  13. I think the most disappointing news of this is that Warren Spector will never get to make that DuckTales game he desperately wanted Disney to let him make after this.

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