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Wynands Says ‘One Or More Of The Big Three Will Drop Out Of The Console Market’


Mario Wynands, a Sidhe dev, believes that one of more of the big three will end up dropping out of the console market by the end of the next-generation. Wynands previously stated that the Wii U is in serious trouble and that next-gen will fail. He followed this up by telling Now Gamer that the market can not sustain three dedicated game consoles. Wynands says that the video game industry is hostile enough to the traditional console and so he thinks that one or more of the big three will drop out completely. Here’s his thoughts on the video game industry.

“In my opinion, the market is now unsustainable for 3 dedicated game consoles, much less the myriad of new players jumping in. Indeed, it might not be sustainable for any dedicated consoles.”

“The environment is hostile enough to the traditional console that I think one or more of the big 3 will drop out completely, but I’m expecting all 3 to make losses without radical change to their business models (hence my calls for revamping of their digital offerings).”

“This new generation is arriving with all the challenges of the last generation unresolved in terms of low margins on hardware, high development budgets, limited shelf space, used commercial game sales, piracy etc.”

“On top of that they arrive facing increased competition for consumer attention via smartphones, tablets, and a resurgence in PC gaming.”


220 thoughts on “Wynands Says ‘One Or More Of The Big Three Will Drop Out Of The Console Market’”

    1. Not even being given a chance to prove themselves. I doubt Nintendo will just shut down after how much money they are making from 3DS and once Wii U brings out the big games, I expect them to sell even more and make money.

        1. Pretty much. The 3DS was losing pace even after the price cut, so Nintendo threw out Ocarina of Time 3D and Super Mario 3D Land, with many other games following and the 3DS is now selling stupidly fast still.

    2. If one of them were to go, I would have to say it’s the xbox. It is almost identical to the ps in terms of software. PSN has the same features and its free, they get the same third party but sony have way better exclusives. Nintendo made enough money off the wii ds and 3ds to survive 1 or 2 generations without making a profit. But i would perfer if all 3 will stay, the more competition the better (even though i think 3 is enough)

      1. Lololololol, the xbox is identical to the playstation in terms of software? You realize PSN was the one that followed in Xbox Live’s footsteps…

      1. I remember a couple of years ago Sidhe or something similar was saying one or more of the big 3 was not even going to make a new console after Wii,360,ps3.Well so much for that!This is all made up bull shit by Sidhe to make money.The truth is nobody has a magic crystal ball to say what is going to happen years from now and to take such statement’s as fact is just plain crazy.You could get just as accurate forecast by flipping a coin.Sony and microsoft haven’t even shown their next system’s yet!What a Joke.LOL!

      2. Is this the same Sidhe that makes classics like Rugby Challenge?

        If it is, why the bloody hell is anybody listening to them…

  1. nintendo is nervous, there are going to have to release every great game, bundle, whatever and not give us there middle fingers again, alot of people got pissed with them, now there going to have to make it up, maybe sony or micrsoft since there almost the same thing

    1. At least someone agrees with me. Sony and Nintendo actually put a lot of effort with their consoles, features, and IP’s unlike Microdick.

      1. While this is what I’d like to happen, Microsoft have a metric fuck ton of cash that they can just throw away on consoles if they want. Sony are the ones that are seriously struggling currently.

    1. I agree with you here. i feel after the PS2, playstation went very downhill. I hated the PSP, PS3 and the VITA. I love Xbox aswell, though thier stupid paying for internet thing is stupid. But I think i prefer XBOX still, i think thier first party titles then Playstation. Nintendo FTW tho, haha :P

      1. Sony went 4 years in a row losing money and being in the red. For over 10 years Sony have been losing money but not always being in the red. Sony is drowning in their debt they had a small cut that was trickling blood but they never fixed it so the cut became a gash then a hole and has been flooding blood. Point is money wise Sony will be gone. If Microsoft got out of the gaming industry it would be cause they chose to get out. They never needed to be in gaming they already are rich lol. As for Nintendo all they know is gaming lol. They have lasted 124 years they will last another 124 years.

        1. The gaming branch of sony was the only one in green or several year and the gaming director became CEO of all sony so let’s hope yen goes down and Sony get back on their feet. Anyway Microsoft don’t want to do game consoles, the have clearly shown they want a unified engine (very dangerous for privacy and freedom) and Nintendo are japanese, a japanese company’s CEO that close a 124year old company MUST have so much shame that he has to SEMPUKU

    1. That’s the thing. If Microsoft were really smart, they’d find a way to fully integrate the PC and Xbox gaming experiences, so you can play the game on PC, Xbox, Gaming Tablet etc. So in that sense, it’s possible they could. Sony will either survive or die. Nintendo aren’t going down for now.

  2. Yah Sony will cause well…look at their situation lol. 1-2 years from now Sony goes bankrupt. That’s what my crystal ball says. Feel free to argue against me I don’t care its just my opinion. It sure as hell wont be Nintendo they have been around for 124 years lol plus if they dis disappear gaming would be dead across the board.

    1. Sadly, i feel like your right.
      MS is tanking with Windows 8, but its far from broke, Nintendo or Sony are the only ones that are at risk.

      That beign said, Sony has lost the most withing the last few years, even their gaming division is starting to suffer.

      1. Starting to suffer??? It took 7 years for Sony to make a profit from the PS3 lol. Its been suffering alot. No doubt alot of people have a PS3 but it just wasnt as good money wise as the PS1 and PS2.

  3. It’s gonna be either Mircosoft or Sony, especially if the rumors on their new consoles are true. Wii U’s biggest problem right now is the lack of games, something that’s coming our way soon.

    1. What rumors? Are you talking the no used games one? Cause Sony already officially said they wouldn’t block used games.

      1. There are many negative rumours going around.

        The no used games one.
        The always online.
        The mandatory kinect/constantly spying on you.
        The mandatory installs of entire games.
        The complete lack of any backwards compatibility.

        And if I recall correctly, it was Sony that actually patented a way to block used games. I doubt they’d do it, I certainly hope they wont. But its certainly crossed their minds.

        All rumours for now, so we’ll have to wait and see. But theres a whole lot to be concerned about if any of it is true.

        1. Just because they patent it, it doesn’t mean they’ll use it. There are plenty of things being patented but never being actually used.
          As Winscar_Shinobi said, Sony confirmed they won’t be doing that, so it’s probably not going to happen. Not with Sony’s next console, at least.

          1. You are completely right, just look at MS, they have Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct, Conker BFD and many more things an they are not using them.

            1. It’s like Microsoft just bought Rare just to hurt Nintendo. Oh wait that’s exactly what they did.And it worked brilliantly.

      2. Sony never denied that, in fact they just got a new patent for that very idea like a month ago. Plus the whole in game ads popping up pausing your game rumor lol. In the final boss fight and about to win and…MOUNTAIN DEW ITS WHAT THE PROS DRINK!!! Ad pops up lol.

  4. I’ve asked before, I’ll ask again. WHO are these people, what have they produced, and WHY are they qualified to comment on anything?

    Checking their website, they’re apparently behind… Rugby and Speed Racer. To which I say, “Okay…?”

    1. Yep I was wondering the same thing.

      Why were his comments posted here anyway?
      I guess you could justify it by saying that the comments from the small devs were posted too, but to be honest, I don’t think those should’ve been posted either.

    2. And who exactly would YOU be to comment on what they comment?
      Just as you are free to comment and speak out your opinion on anything you like, they are as well.

  5. Logically would be Microsoft because the Xbox brand has never made a profit for Microsoft.

    If it wasn’t for the fact Nintendo makes major bank by selling consoles for an insane gain I’d say they’d do better dropping consoles and switching their first party to multiplat games. They’d make more money due to more games sales. That is of course if they didn’t sell their consoles for way above market price.

    Sony probably wont because the playstation division actually makes good money compared to the other divisions at Sony.

    1. Lol, no, the Xbox has never made MS profit…
      You’re a joke, buddy. The 360 sold more on black friday than both the Wii and Wii U.

      1. The console itself has probably never made profit, but their high selling few exclusives and their online subscription fees have.

      2. The reason it sold more is because
        A: The 360 had amazing black friday prices
        B: The Wii is dead
        and C: The Wii U was still new and there were no deals.

    2. If Nintendo’s games became multiplats, their console sales would completely crash. And Nintendo keeps their portable gaming because it makes so much damn money by overpricing them because everyone knows they are the best.

  6. Wiiu will be fine. One should remember Nintendo is fine selling gamecube./ N64 numbers as long as they don’t lose money and all have bacon on their tables.

    Wiiu will be a moderate success. But it will sell about 60M (which is fantastic) and people will spout shit about how it failed compared to the Wii….

    1. If i had the money i would buy the console but since i currently have only like 200 bucks i don’t wanna waste all my money in a console who’s future is uncertain so i’ll probably just upgrade my pc, maybe in a year or two i’ll buy a wii u. also you suck cocks nintendward

    2. I reckon it will sell a minimum of 45-50m, but will easily make a profit off selling the console after a year because once games come out for it, people will look past the price tag. The GameCube and N64 were deemed successes, yet sold pretty damn bad. Give it a few years and even if the Wii U only sells 20-25m or 50m, it will probably be deemed a failure after the Wii.

  7. I don’t find tablet gaming that fun. Some games i like for a very short time. it does not compare to a dedicated gaming system.
    I did hear tthe rumor hat the next Xbox will prevent used games from playing on any other consoles other than the original. Like you buy a new game and it will be tied to only your console. I know if that will happen with any of the consoles I like, then this will be the end for me. I’ll hold on to my old stuff.

  8. Well it certaintly isnt gonna be Nintendo… but i sure hope it”s not Sony :( I”ve been rolling with Nintendo and Sony my whole life.

    1. Me too. Sony could have revived some their older titles (MediEvil, Parappa, ect.) instead of milking the mess out of Little Big Planet and Rachet & Clank.

      1. Talking about other companies milking out franchises on a Nintendo-based site, lol. Not hating on Nintendo or anything of the sorts, not at all, but we all do know how it is.

        1. Yeah, but what he’s saying is that Sony made new IPs, milk them for a few years then dump them. Nintendo, however, continue to make fantastic games with old IPs. I mean, look how much Zelda has evolved. Compare the original Super Mario Bros with Super Mario Galaxy. Original Donkey Kong to Donkey Kong Country Returns.

          Sony fail to do this because they give up on the older titles, like Crash Bandicoot.

          1. That’s really contradicting. You’re saying Sony milked their franchises and dropped them after a few years but then you praise Nintendo for milking their franchises. For decades.
            I don’t know about you, but I most definitely prefer getting new franchises after a while instead of getting games of the same franchises over and over again and not getting to see anything completely new. Don’t misunderstand me, I really love the Zelda franchise, but don’t you think it would be nice to see something new too?

            1. What I’m saying is that Sony milk a franchise for a few years with limited improvement and then create a new one in its place, whereas Nintendo continually improve on their age-old IPs.

  9. Even if Microsoft drop out of the console market (with isn’t out of the question) they still have the windows products or what ever it’s called.

  10. I’m sad to say that Sony is in the worst financial situation. So it may be them if anyone. I hope not though. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. No, Sony PlayStation division can have the worst financial situation, but they still have a huge market in Japan, Europe, And the Americas, just like Nintendo. Microsoft Xbox if more popular in NA and in some parts of Europe only. yeah they have the money, but costumers are costumers, If Microsoft don’t take this serious with the videogame market… well, you probably know the rest…

      1. It’s alright for Sony to have a market, but they wont have any money to make the consoles to sell to their markets if they continue on like they have with the PS3 and Vita.

  11. It definitely won’t be Nintendo that’s for sure. If one was to drop out it would be Microsoft because of their lack of exclusives and that they charge you to go online.
    I would like Sony to stay in as they have a good range of exclusives first and third party.

  12. I think he was hinting that Nintendo was the one that would go. But honestly, all the consoles have sold well. And EVERY single time they try to say that dedicated consoles are in trouble they back it up with tablets and smart phones. Well, news flash, they’re completely different. A console offers a MUCH different experience to a tablet or phone. I understand the handheld systems being in danger, which I don’t think is true, but they need to stop saying that any of them will go away. Right now the Wii U sucks in terms of sales, but it also has a pretty shitty lineup. A few exclusives and a lot of ports and shovel ware. Sony won’t be going anywhere, they not only make the PS3 and PS Vita they sell other electronics such as TV’s and general electronics. So to say they’d go out is laughable. XBOX? Not a chance. Too many users and it’s backed by Microsoft, a leading corporation in computer operating system software. Nintendo only has its’ systems and games for those systems and a few other odds and ends to back it up. So really, Nintendo would be the first to go, but I don’t see it happening.

    1. Really? The Wii U sales suck? I compare them to the sales of the PS3 and 360 soon after their launces and those and those numers makes the Wii U look like a god.

      1. Have you seen the drop that the WiiU has taken? Dont be delisional, it had a great launch, but its been selling poorly, even in japan were the Nintendo rules, the sales just suck.

        1. Wii U sales in the first 2 months beat the combined sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 in their first 2 months. CURRENTLY Wii U is in a drought but I predict 1 MILLION Wii U’s will be sold in North America due to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

        2. The sales suck for the exact same reason they did with the 3DS at first. No outstanding games. Just you wait for a 3D Mario, Wind Waker HD etc.

          1. Waiting for the big titles before the sales really pick up goes without saying….but again…nintendo’s launch has surpassed the launch of both the ps3 and 360 in that same time frame….it is only considered a disappointment because units havent sold out and becauae it didnt match the sales of the original wii. It is otherwise doing ok…not great…but just fine.

  13. Hmm… I don’t think it will be Nintendo. To be honest, the one’s that are most likely to drop out is Sony, they have not been doing too well lately. (Not only on the PlayStation side, but with everything)

  14. I’m no industry analyst but I have been a home console owner since 1985. I saw the Jaguar come and go, the Lynx, CDi and misc. Sega systems disappear, and the one constant through all of the market change was Nintendo. I believe they’ll be around for quite some time. I enjoy my PS3 a great deal but find myself using it more as a multimedia machine than a dedicated video game console. I respect and enjoy a lot of their titles, especially PSN releases, but I always find myself coming back to my various Nintendo systems and their unique 1st party franchises. Nintendo saved the home video game industry in the 1980s. It’s got a lot of life left in it.

  15. Not even being given a change to prove themselves. I think if it was out of all of them then I think Sony will be in danger if PS4 does not prove to be a hit since PS Vita is in danger as it is! 3DS have started selling huge in Japan with Animal Crossing and they have not even come out in our country so think of the sales 3DS will get after that and this does not even include Wii U after their big games come out.

  16. I’m saying the success of a hardware is its games. Nintendo has the best franchises in the market : Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Fire Emblem. Each new game in these series is assured to be a success. With a lot of great games coming soon to 3DS and Wii U, and the impressive 3DS sales (Wii U sales will come in due time), if one of the big three won’t drop out, it’s Nintendo.

    1. I would probably replace the Fire Emblem in there with something like Animal Crossing. If I’m correct, no Fire Emblem game has even reached one million sales. Yes, it’s my third favourite game series, but it’s never achieved worldwide recognition.

  17. PC and Nintendo will stay, 100% guarrente that.

    Sony and Microsoft are goin go have alot of trouble, but i doub one of them will drop out.
    Sony did to take back its consumers from microsoft, Microsof will probably drop out because of their bullshit business decisions finally catching up them and biting them on the ass. Sony just need to make a continuous profit…

    1. Bullshit decisions like what, exactly?

      MS has been profiting from XBOX for the past 4 or 5 years steadily. Kinect wasn’t great, but it most certainly didn’t put MS in the hole. Not even close.

      MS also has FAR more capital than Sony does; if anyone is going down of those two, it’s Sony. They don’t have the money to pull themselves out of a hole again.

      1. Microsoft give ZERO fucks about the consumer.
        You go on and on like a twat, writing paragraphs upon paragraph, about how “nintendo will fail because theyre not doing what everyone else is fucking doing…THAT THE POINT!!

        What is the point have FOUR platform that, each do 80%of same shit? Why? We already have 3 that do that.
        Talk about how the “core gamer” want just Halo, COD and God of War, fuck those retards, “mature gamer”, fuck those morons, nobody gives a shit, they just buy unimaginative sequel one after another, and companies know that.

        In terms of Microsoft fucking everyone over, blocking used games, 24/7 online, Kinect NEEDS to be used, paying for online that doesn’t do SHIT and is almost exactly the same as any other online, Microsoft dont give a FUCK about the consumer, its all about the dollar.
        Meanwhile, PC has Steam, and Sony still appear to give a damn about its consumers. Anyone who buy the next generation Xbox is a fucking retard, because its absolutely pointless.

        1. Geez you really don’t like the xbox for some reason. So I have a mental disability because I want to buy the next xbox for my favorite game series? I don’t think so. Also do you seriously think that any other company gives fucks about their customers. Not really. They are all greedy and want your money. Nintedo just masks it better. Could you please stop acting so offensively to people who enjoy other consoles. I enjoy both microsoft and nintendo equally. And I like sony a little bit now too. Think how people like me feel when you insult a console itheir favorite consoles. Its anoying and looks childish. Just enoy them for whatthey are.

          1. When Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS, they gave all people who already had it before then 10 GBA and 10 NES. Not just any, but some of the best. Nintendo does give a fuck about its consumers.

      2. I can only speak for myself but I think Microsoft has done three really big mistakes this generation:

        1. RROD, that costed them alot of money. Having to repair/replace systems is expensive. That means twice the producing cost for one system.

        2 (the according to me worst). Pay 2 Play online. I do not know if you do agree with me on this one but forcing your customers to pay to play online doesn’t sound good. I have never seen and will hopefully never see another console doing this. This is the worst thing according to me as it is really bad for the customer. Especially since the biggest selling point of the console is it’s Online play. Sure, it costs money to maintain, but I think they could easily have made it better for the customer by adding other nice bonuses in a way simular to the PSN+ or the Nintendo premium that Wii U premium owner has. That would make it a way better deal for the customer.

        3. They depend too much on multiplats. It is good that they can survive on this, but I think they could release more exclusives in more genres. They are too stuck on a certain profile while making their games. That is bad as it catches less different kind of gamers.

        1. 1: I agree 100% with.

          2: Agree paying for online is BS. Once we get party chat on Wii U we will be set.

          3: Microsoft has stated before quite clearly they have no interest in making exclusives. They want Multiplats and to have the best versions. They dont want to make games themselfs they want others to do all the work and give Microsoft the credit lol.

          1. Well 4 new exclusivs have been revealed for the next xbox. But whether they are going to be good or not is of course unknown. I think they have realized one of their biggest flaws. And plan to fix that one at least. Only time will tel.

  18. It’s funny how every time a new generation starts we have clowns like this saying that EXACT same thing, and it never happens.

    If one had to go I’d say Microsoft. Nintendo/Sony have great exclusives. Microsoft has basically been relying on their 3rd party multi-platform games. Which the Steam Box will take away from them. Valve/Nintendo/Sony now there’s a trio worth having.

    1. Gears of War, Fable, Forza, etc. All of those, and more, sell EXTREMELY well whether you personally like them or not.

      Not to mention Halo, which single handed my launched XBOX Live (the most successful online gaming platform to date) with Halo 2, and single handedly popularized online multiplayer gaming on consoles.

      Considering recenty Halo 4 won many awards, including several “Game of the Year” awards, and has sold more copies and sold more quickly than any previous Halo game, is say that series alone isn’t going anywhere and could easily propel the next XBOX into success on it’s own, just like Halo 1 did with the original XBOX, and Halo 3 did for the XBOX 360.

      You, sir, clearly don’t know much about XBOX or Microsoft.

      1. It doesn’t matter if they sell well. They don’t carry the console. The third party support does idiot.

        And drop the sir crap. Stop being so full of your own shit.

        1. Oh really? Only third party games carry a console?

          Explain the Wii then…

          Go ahead, I’ll wait. We all know it had TOOOOONS of third party support right?

          Halo MADE the XBOX, and it launched and carried the 360 through it’s very rough launch.

          Try again.

          1. My favorite part of Microsoft is when they tried to patent something that let’s them monitor you through Kinect. Have fun giving up your rights.

            1. You have no grasp of reality. But that may be due to spending your life on the internet and not knowing exactly why they /can’t/ to do that. ;)

              1. It’s funny that you comment saying that. Isn’t that all you do? Sot on the Internet hating on something you don’t like?

      2. And by the way your wrong Xbot Steam is the “most successful online gaming platform” not live. Have fun paying your fees just to play a game online.

        1. You’re*

          When calling someone an idiot simply because you’re butt hurt, it helps not to write like an idiot yourself.

          And Steam & XBOX Live are two completely different platforms you ponce. Not my fault you can’t tell the difference.

            1. Again: no comeback or rebuttal. Just a pointless comment trying to deflect. It’s obvious you have no ground to stand on. But by all means, keep embarrassing yourself.

          1. He is however right about what he says. Steam is more successful than live which is a counter-statement to your statement that Live is the most successful. That has nothing to do with neighter his grammar nor that they are different platforms.

      3. Even though Halo is a good franchise, the problem is that it is the only real killer app the X-box have. They ofcourse have GoW, Forza and Fable aswell

        Nintendo has: Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, F-Zero, Super Smash bros just to mention some. Their killer apps also covers the whole field of genres (except FPS depending on if you count MP as a FPS/FPA or just a FPA) and catch alot of different kind of gamers while Microsofts Killer app franchises covers a just a couple of francises and they only catch one or two different groups of gamers.

        1. But neigher of GoW, Forza or Fable are machine really big killer apps that makes you want to buy the console just to play them.

          1. Gah, I suck at typing 2 in the morning. *are really big machine selling killer apps that makes you want to buy the console just to play them.

          2. My opinion on Microsoft xbox is this. The problem with those games(Halo,GoW,Fable, Forza) is that the latest editions other then Forza weren’t very good and only sold well because of the momentum they had from thier previous versions. Halo 4 took me 6hrs to complete solo on legendary and the story was awfull and not only that the mp wasnt very good and whar happened to the giant forge world!!, halo is no longer in my rotation for online mp gaming either because it is crap. Gow3 was easily the biggest disapointment thiugh, of these games. It felt like an arcade game and i was back to playing gears 2 almost instantly for mp. Fable is not a system seller, period. Fable 1 was great but since then they have lost thier way. Crackdown could be a sysem seller though if they put some time and effort into it. Basically the momentum for Microsoft’s top franchises have been lost, kinda like the AC franchise, it doesn’t mean they wont sell well but personally I dont even care if they make another Halo or Gears or Fable because of the direction they have taken them and the story’s don’t interest me anymore. That being said, Microsoft will bring some of thier PC franchise to xbox this gen and will do enough sales to carry on the xbox line. Sony just needs to slow down a bit, instead of trying to sprint to victory, otherwise they will be forced to drop the Playstation line, they are spending more money then they can possibly bring in. Nintendo will combine thier handheld and home console next gen, all the franchises will be available to everyone for one machine, it won’t be Nintendo that will be in trouble it will be the devs from all the competition.

      4. Gears Of Bore…even the lead guy from the team quit he hated the direction it was going. Fable and Forza…does anyone honestly give 2 shits about those? Not really. Halo is the only pillar holding up the Xbox…what happens after Halo 6? Milk it for 7,8, and 9? BUNGIE made the Xbox popular with Halo CE. Bungie got treated like shit from Microsoft so they are no longer employeed with them. Bungie is now with Activision and Destiny being a Multiplat (Which I hope comes to Wii U lol). Halo 4 sucks no denying that only Halo fanboys say otherwise and I play Halo 4. Im maxed rank of SR 130. 343i sucks. Halo is dieing its online population on Halo 4 is never more then 25,000. Compare that to Halo 3 or even Reachs during its life span. Mario Kart 7 has more people constantly playing online then Halo 4 lol.

  19. sony touch pad YO KIDDING RIGHT







    1. Dismal sales figures for Wii U speak to the contrary. They haven’t “won” anything, especially since the next gen consoles from Sony and MS haven’t even been officially revealed yet, much less released.

      You can pretend all you want that you “just know” they’ll be bad or over priced or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that millions of people that have XBOX 360s are just ITCHING to buy a new console from Microsoft. And they will. And you can bet your bottom dollar that there won’t be any 3rd party developers that ignore the console or cancel exclusives (or turn exclusives into multiplatform games) for that console.

      I for one will be buying both the consoles, and MAYBE buy a Wii U a couple of years from now when the price drops but only if the game library gets better. Because it’s absolutely terrible right now…

      1. Except Devs that dont put there multiplats on Wii U cause they dont want to have to put in the effort of learning a new system will have to with the next Xbox and PS4 lol. Exposed!!!

        I have a 360, played it for about 4 years now, it was the biggest mistake of my life my god the Xbox community is garbage. If its not a kid screaming in my ear, or someone swearing at me then its some guy talking about banging his gf in the ass last night. Such a shit community pun intended. My point is I’m a 360 gamer yet I have 0% interest in buying the 720. Halo 5 and 6 are the only thing I would get on it and since Halo 5 wont be a launch title my plan is to buy the 720 when HALO 6 comes out and pick up a cheap copy of Halo 5 and by that time a cheaper Xbox 720. Plus I dont want a RROD 1st batch again lol

      2. Dont you get tired of posting here and having your arguments and points demolished by people on here? Until you can bring some proper and factual arguments…please dont bother with this site

    2. Dude, I support all the 3 companies, specially Nintendo. This is serious stuff, and you are the only one acting like a child (no offence)….

  20. I expect it to be Nintendo. Not because they suck as a company, but because they’re just not good at making game consoles anymore.

    Yes, I know the Wii sold tons of consoles, but that was a 1-off thing that captured a large portion of non-gamers (hell, even my brother who despises video games bought a Wii for fishing games and such). The Wii U will not appeal to that same crowd, and is only appealing to core Nintendo fans. That’s it. And while that audience is fairly decent at the moment, Nintendo will not out-last the other consoles with just their first-party titles alone, since many 3rd parties are jumping ship or ignoring the Wii U all together.

    HOWEVER… I do think Nintendo will continue to dominate the HANDHELD market. I think THAT is where their strength lies. They’re obviously trying to bridge that audience and success with the Wii U vis a vis the tablet controller, but it’s not working like they expected (hence the low sales figures compared to what was expected, and poor software sales overall compared to what was expected).

    Nintendo is all about family type games, which handhelds are perfect for. People (meaning non-diehard Nintendo fans) who pay for a console these days want more than just Mario and Zelda games with a screen for menus and inventory items, etc. They WANT the XBOX and PlayStation for the Call of Dutys, God of Wars, Halos, Gran Turismos, and Uncharteds. Variety of AAA third party blockbusters, not just another Mario and Zelda with some poxy “Dance Dance” games or Wario Fun Party or whatever.

    Nintendo lives and dies in the handheld market, and if they don’t go software-only like Sega, I see them as going strictly handheld. Which is fine; I own a blue 3DS XL and I like it. But I can’t be arsed to buy a Wii U, even at a price cut. The screen is just not even close to an attractive incentive for me, especially for a console that’s marginally more powerful than a 360 or PS4, and especially since I don’t want to play off-screen from my beautiful 55″ LED TV & surround sound system.

    Now if the Wii U were very powerful like the next XBOX and PS4 are, had the 3rd party magnetism that those consoles have, had an online service akin to or better than XBOX Live (the leading online service, for a reason), AND had the touchscreen controller… forget about it; I’d buy one regardless of price. But that’s just not the case.

    1. I get what you say but I do not agree.

      Nintendo have a bigger part of the market than you might know. Nintendo’s console is a given part of most family households because they offer games for everyone. Not just that 12 year old dude playing FPS’s. Nintendo and Sony will for sure hang around for atleast 1 more console war. Microsoft are the ones I am actually afraid will have to leave because they lack good exclusives (I do not count generic FPS’s as good games really). Their console is way to dependent on multiplat games and that will be their fall as the PS4 and maybe the Wii U will also have those multiplats and not to mention PC. This next gen for consoles will be all about exclusives and that is Microsoft’s weak part.

      But as I have said above I think no one will leave. But if I had to say that one would, I would say Microsoft for the above mentioned reason.

      1. Good points. I don’t EXPECT anyone to leave, per se. But if one did, I’d think Nintendo would be better off. They clearly aren’t ahead of the curve in the console market anymore. GameCube sold less than PS2 and XBOX, Wii U is selling less than favourably even by Nintendo’s own forecast, and the Wii only held on by the casual market and was completely ignored by the core gaming marked (save for hardcore Nintendo fans).

        If Nintendo went handheld-only, and/or resorted to selling their franchises on other consoles like Sega, I think they’d be much better off and could focus more on producing quality games rather than trying to recapture a gaming market (core gamers/3rd party developers) that have long moved on to other consoles.

        1. I do not agree with the statement about that Nintendo is not “ahead”. Nintendo is using the Blue Ocean bussiness strategy which is about opening up for a new market rather than compete in an already full one which makes it harder to compare if they are ahead or not. Wii, DS and 3DS sales speaks that the strategy was a success (which is the consoles sold with that strategy in mind) so I find no reason to assume that it will fail now. If you powerwise means ahead I can do nothing but agree.

          That the Wii U sells less than Nintendo expects is by no means a sign of weakness, just that Nintendo expected more people to buy the system just to play NSMBU. Compare the sales of the Wii U to the sales of the 360 and PS3 during the early part of their lifes and you will see that the Wii U has still sold pretty solid.

          I am unsure about how Nintendo going handheld only or maybe even third party to be honest. History have however told us that the opposite is true. Just look at Sega, after they went 3rd party the quality of their games has fallen very much. It might have a connection or not. But back in the days Sega meant quality in the same way as Nintendo means quality, but as of now Sega games do no longer means that it is a good game. One can argue forever about if Nintendo’s first-party games are the best but one thing is sure, when you buy a Nintendo game you know you will come home with a good game. Same goes for Sony and Microsoft first party aswell ofcourse.

          One thing we both strongly agree on seems to be that we both expects that no one will leave. =)

        2. If Nintendo would roll out all the retro games from their prior systems on their e-shops I think they would get a large amount of consumers who grew up with them and sell so much more.Their trickling of a gb, gbc, snes games and the like is pathetic. I was so hopeful with the virtual console, but after so many dissapointments it turned to blah. i don’t even check the e-shop anymore. I’m now playing my backlog and save my money. Thanks Ninty

      1. Yes you are a retard. Rather than provide a constructive reply, like the first guy did, you just insult. Good job, I expect nothing less from a Nintendo fanboy: immature insults when you have nothing of worth to contribute to an otherwise civil conversation.

          1. I type 135 words a minute. It takes me 2 minutes. I’m busy, but not that busy. Don’t pay yourself on the back kiddo. If thinkin you’ve “got the best” out of someone on the Internet (especially when you haven’t) is the only accomplishment you can take pride in, you’re a sad, lonely excuse of a person. Nothing else you say now will make me do anything but feel a deep sense of pity for you.

            And make me laugh, not to mention.

        1. I, sir, take offence to the appalling attitude of bitterness and incivility you show towards fans of Nintendo. As this is a Nintendo information site, I am forced to ponder the reason for one who obviously despises someone standing behind their choice in gaming system. Perhaps not appearing anti-Nintendo would be a better course of action on this site.

      2. So he is retarded because he do not agree with you? There simplest way to tell if you have won an argument online is when your opponent start to personal attack you.

        You know what that means, don’t you?

        1. Winning online arguments? You seriously don’t get the point of what he was doing do you?

          He saw Skadoofus who was typing insanely long obsessive comments. Then simply replied with one to three word insults. Making the Skadoofus dude write long replies. While he put fourth no effort, because he was trolling.

          It’s pretty funny when you notice how much effort Skadoofus put into each reply.

          1. And trolling makes him… what?

            Pathetic, if you ask me. And me typing anything doesn’t bother me. I enjoy it. So I’m not sure what his end game is supposed to be…

              1. Worked up? Exactly how am I worked up? Am I throwing chairs around the room, or… ?

                And yes, I enjoy it because other people who DO have something worthwhile to say will reply to those comments. It’s happened several times on this post alone.

                That’s the point of the comment section: discussing the news topic.

                Who’s more pathetic: the moron who spends his time worthlessly trying to insult people, or the person who actually enjoys using the medium for what it is intended for?

                You’ve got a pretty odd perspective, kid. Run with that, I’m sure it’ll get you far in life.

                1. I don’t know which I find more pathetic.

                  Someone who keeps insulting people by calling them “kid” to be demeaning. As well as typing long sporadic comments.

                  Or someone who put absolutely no effort into the comments they wrote just to get a laugh from the big reaction he got.

                  In my opinion you’re both being insulting and mean.

          2. By the way, it may seem like effort to you, but get this (and stay with me here): it’s not that much effort for me to type. Or to not sound like a dimwitted troll. It’s very easy. And again, I enjoy it, and on occasion, it spawns worthwhile conversation with people who actually have something to say. So in a way, he’s doing me a favour and simultaneously wasting his own time.

            1. I don’t think anyone has to put effort into typing. That’s not the point. The point is you keep going, and going. You’re getting worked up over video games.

    2. Ohno, Nintendo doesnt support tech thats too expensive to be a sustainable market, they’re gona fail /s

      Shut up pal.

      1. Too expensive to maintain? Such as what? Name one console that hasn’t been sustainable from the other companies thus far? Last I checked both MS and Sony were making profits on their consoles for the last few years. Besides, the real money is in software, of which both consoles have been selling very, very well.

        And you have no clue what the new consoles cost. Despite your best wishes, they aren’t going to be that expensive, just based on the hardware components that are rumoured to be in them. They also don’t have an expensive (and fairly pointless, as it’s been proven) touchscreen controller to manufacture, which allows them more wiggle room financially for more powerful tech.

        But if all you can do is make exaggerated claims based off ZERO facts and insult me at a grade-school level, I don’t need to do anything: you’ve already proven yourself to be a bigger idiot than you claim me to be.

        So… thank you :)

    3. Nintendo’s core fans wont let Nintendo die we will sell our soul, our blood, sperm, even our own grandmother to sustain Nintendo. Nintendo is like a family run buisness we all support it. If it goes down we all go down.

      1. “probably a newbie in videogame stuff”?

        Wow. What an expert analysis you have there. Certainly more credibility than someone who actually makes a successful living in the industry…


        1. dude, be realistic, Nintendo has been here in this industry for more than 3 decades, and Sony PlayStation is still today (even with their financial situation) one of the most popular videogame companies, Microsoft Xbox is the only one in trouble, they need to expand more their market in Japan and other parts of the world if they really want their Xbox to succeed, if they don’t do that, well you can predict the rest…

          1. XBOX/MS has more than enough marketing power, 3rd party interest, and more importantly, money, to survive.

            Sony, however, is hemorrhagging money and can’t afford to make a single false move. They have other areas of revenue, true, but if their gaming devision flops due to an overpriced console, poor marketing strategies, etc., they will likely be forced to cut their losses as far as the gaming devision goes.

            Not saying it’s likely; PS4 looks to be more than viable product wise and consumer wise, but of the three, they’re in the worst position to take a hit.

            1. This page has had it’s history of trolls, so people are paranoid, sometimes calling people who are actually not trolls but just not fanboys trolls by misstake (Aeolus and yourself for example).

              It is bad but understandable as before the Wii U launch there came trolls here on daily saying nothing but “NINTENDO IZ FOAR BABIEZZ” and “People playing Nintendo consoles are retarted manchilds” and stuff like that. When it was as worst you couldn’t trust anyone as people where mimicing each other like crazy, therefore comes the popular belief that Aeolus is a troll that changes his account name all the time when the opposite is true.

              1. Well being that I haven’t done any of that, and simply offered a polite and constructive opinion, I don’t see a reason for anyone to assume I’m a troll or jump down my throat.

                I never said I was anti-Nintendo; hell, I own a 3DS XL. All I said was I could see Nintendo going strictly handheld.

                And that Nintendo fanboys are immature when it comes to people offering objective feedback about Nintendo. Which is true. But that’s true if ANY fanboy. Since this is a Nintendo website, I focus on a specific KIND of fanboy.

                This is why I’m glad I am a proponent of buying multiple consoles and platforms. Because I’m a GAMER, not a slave to any one console or company. Some people here should give it a try.

  21. Microsoft and Sony do other stuff, computers and electronics, but for Nintendo, video games are everything. No reason to drop out.

  22. I think he is just talking to hear himself speak. This is similar to what they said about handhelds. Handhelds were doomed because of cell phones and tablets or so they said. I personally don’t like gaming on phones or tablets. As for who can drop out, if the ps4 is too expensive then it could be Sony because of all the money they lost but I really doubt it. I still think that all 3 will still be here.

  23. yeah i can’t see nintendo leaving since i’m buying a wii U and they’re trying to fix the problems they had with the Wii. Microsoft and Sony will have problems since both of them are announcing their consoles and they want third partys to support it, but i can’t see them making exclusiveness for them and if the wii U could handle their games we would seem them on the eshop.

  24. Nintendo makes smart moves, even if wii U fails, they have the budget to correct things, even if nintendo fans get ungry.
    Sony has lots of financial problems…
    Microsoft took the down path with their products to.

    The winer of the prev generation is Nintendo, the only year wii have small problems was 2012. And wii U/ nintendo is in profit now? If nintendo having profit now and fails in 3rd partie or marketing support… This will not be a problem at all in their budgets… Sony and MS turn into profit 2-3 years ago!

    1. I’m not trying to sound mean when I say I hope, I just mean that that is who I would prefer to leave out of the big three.

  25. Hell no! This generation has barely even started. All 3 are going to be awesome and will perform the same or better thna their predecessors! I don’t know how someone could actualy believe this when the consoles that have been out have sold amazingly and th exbox 360 and ps3 still move a lot of units. The wii u just needs time and games and it will soon be a console worth owning. I for one am optimistic about this coming generation and will suport each one as long as the consoles don’t feature forced internet conection or blocked used games.

  26. I would think Sony, their consoles are notoriously expensive and are the least popular of the 3. Microsoft will probably survive due to its huge popularity in America and UK. Nintendo dominates almost all the world except for UK and the 3DS is an absolute BEAST. Sony really doesn’t have anything that rivals Nintendo and Microsoft’s success.

  27. This may sound dumb, but what’s the point of a company being successful and making millions (even billions) if there’s a chance they could still go bankrupt and lose it all? Like Sony for example. They made so much money off the Playstation 1 and 2 that I didn’t think they’d ever have financial troubles. But all I keep hearing is that they’re losing money. Where is all that money they made off of PS1 and PS2?

    Sounds to me like the video game business (or any business probably) is just a battle to stay on top and keep making money. When the money isn’t so good anymore, they go bankrupt.

    1. sony touch pad YO KIDDING RIGHT






  28. sony touch pad YO KIDDING RIGHT

    it makes my blood boil ms spent 20 billion doing NOTHING how many people would that house and feed,, EA games will go bye bye sooner rather than later this industry is seriously mis managed…

    1. That $20 billion would have fed the 15 million hungry American children. All paid for investments to employ half their parents so as the feed their babies until college.

  29. Nintendo at any rate will be fine, but then I think it’s more likely a 4th will come along and take the place of the Xbox or Playstation.

  30. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Logically, it should be Microsoft. Obviously Nintendo will still be around with that huge amount of moola sitting in the bank.

    Sony has some good exclusives and free online multiplayer.


    But Sony’s been having money troubles, I believe, and Microsoft is doing pretty well lol. So unfortunately, if one WAS gonna go, it would be Sony. If one HAD to go and we got to choose, I think it should be Microsoft.

    1. LOL! You changed tunes half way through :P I agree with you. Statistically Sony is the one that would go. Now if we talk about preferences… Microsoft would be the one. :/

  31. All Nintendo Black Ops 2 fans i know this is off topic but please sign this petition it’s started by a guy named Joseph Banks to bring Black Ops 2 DLC to the Wii U SO PLEASE HELP US SO WE CAN GET DLC ON WII U!

  32. Games on tablets and phone is just horrible. Its just about tapping this and tapping that. No fun gameplay, just a timekiller.

  33. ***It’ll be Microsoft, They can just put Halo on Their PC anyway so it’s no big deal. It’ll be just like the Good ol’ days, Nintendo Vs. Sony: Eternal Rivals :P

    1. Well in the old days it was Nintendo vs Sega. Now nintendo isn’t realy fighting Sony. They just have VERY different games. Nintendo will not be the one to die ever because they NEVER put there games on pc where as you can find just about every xbox and ps3 game on steam. I personaly think Sony will be the first to go just because of the state there company is in but its hard to tell. Sony and Microsof are realy good rivals. Though perhaps your right. Microsoft was originaly all about pc games before the xbox so it wouldn’t be as big a loss to them as sony. Well all we can be sure of is thanks to the 3DS nintendo is safe from anything happening to them for a while.

  34. If any were to drop out it would most likely be Sony given how much money they’ve been losing . Nintendo will never drop out because they love making games and making gaming consoles and they always over come impossible odds. I don’t think Microsoft will drop out but if they did they would be fine cuz they still have PCs. And if enough gamers migrate away from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PCs then dropping the Xbox brand and focusing on PCs might be a wise decision for Microsoft. Especially given that the 360 is only selling well in the U.S. In the rest of the world it’s being out sold by just about everything including the Vita. But again like I said, it’s more likely to be Sony given their huge financial loss. And that’s only if any of the big three decide to drop out.

  35. it will be sony the ps vita did crap in sales the ps3 is slowly diying and ps4 probably wont be much better nintendo can survive because they have the rights to a crapload of games and exlusives were as sony and microsoft only have one or two good sellers and they just keep rerealesing them at least nintendo offers new experiences on their games microsoft will live because of xbox live and they have the best online experience and make good money off windows but nintendo will come out on top

  36. IMO, this guy’s full of it.
    My money is on his prediction being as wrong as that of those who said the Wii would not be a successful console.
    All three will find a way of surviving into the next two gens without going into software only.

  37. Hopefully XBOX!!! Nintendo is not that’s for sure! I don”t care if playstation stays or not however I admit it is a good competitor for nintendo..

  38. The 7th generation of gaming (Wii,PS3,360) is probably the WORST generation in gaming
    Too many greedy companies, too many generic war shooters, too many fanboys, and too many terrible decision by companies
    Then we got the graphic whores
    Graphics do not make a game
    The greatest analogy is this “Judging a game based on graphics is like judging a porn video based on it’s storyline”
    I’m hoping the 8th generation will be at least similar to the 6th generation (GCN,PS2,Xbox)

    1. Unfortunately, I just see things getting worse from here. GCN/PS2/XBOX era was just too perfect, it was like a once in a lifetime era.

  39. Personally, I’d rather microsoft to drop out.
    1. They barely did anything to differentiate the xbox systems from sony’s
    2. Like Sony, they got into the console business because they had a conflict with Sony; never for the games, nor the gamers/consumers, just for themselves at beating Sony. At least Sony made sure gamers got the quality equal to or greater with the games they paid for; microsoft barely even did that.

    3. Then the next xbox requires online to just function. -sigh-
    4. The online isn’t free… Just to use the online, one has to pay for it. Why..? Sony and Ninten’s is free so why not Microsoft’s?

    I can go on but the point has been made. So all in all, I just want microsoft to go; ever since they dropped in everything went to hell gamers.

  40. To be fair it could be any of them. The article didn’t say the company would go bankrupt it said drop out of the console business. If the wiiu flops iwata could be forced to go. A new ceo and the Nintendo do board of directors could easily say we are not doing consoles just as easily they could say we will keep on making them. Although I get worried when I think about the wiiu flowing iwata leaving and Nintendo’s future

  41. And the Mayans said we’d all be dead by now. What’s Wynand’s point? Furthermore, why doesn’t he play the lottery instead?

  42. Bowser Fan Says ‘One or more of the big three opinions we listeners should be concern about’

    number1bowserfan, obviously a Bowser fan , believes that one of more of the big three opinions will end up thinking out of the console market by the end of the next-generation. bowserfan previously stated that the Wii U is almost a similar position as the 3DS lauched back in February 26, 2011, ‘derp, just wait ’til the games come out the gamers would be pleased about.’ He also says about Microsoft what he should do about the next coming console, ‘uuuummmmmm, free online play? uuuuuummmmhmmhmm…… take serious on their own IPs? don’t treat their customers as money suckers..unnnmmmuberuberderpderp.’ And lastly, he also stated about Sony Gaming Enterprise, ‘ *sipping a cup of tea* Well, indubitably Sony have tremendous exclusive IPs that the world should know about to try other games than playing, um, ugh, what is that kids now play adays…y’know those FPS games?? My, my, never mind.’ bowserfan says that the video game industry is ‘not’ hostile enough to the traditional console and so he thinks that one or more of the big three company will not drop out completely if actions should be taken seriously to any gamer fan . Here’s his thoughts on the video game industry:


  43. Microsoft NEEDS to drop out because the Xbox is starting to be more like a digi-box rather than a console now a days and even playing on the thing will put the console at risk of crash.

    Nintendo is doing fine, they have had a rough time so far but with the Wii U I think they’ll be the top dog in the next gen of consoles.

    Sony, if they keep losing money like they are doing now I’m sad to say that they might drop out first. I love Sony but their sales have been up and down like a yoyo.

  44. Microshit for sure, especially if all these rumours are true hahahahahahah!
    I don’t like Sorny much either but I just despise Microshit.
    Better them than Sorny any day.
    Nintendo will win once again

  45. One Wii U + One Game = profit

    That’s counting out the 3DS which is basically crushing the Vita now.

    If anyone is going down, it’s Sony. Selling their New York building, rumors of them selling the Tokyo building, their stock has never been lower. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Playstation market is what brings in the most, but they definitely have to give up on TV’s, Cameras, and whatever else their doing – one of those things need to be dismissed.

    Nintendo has been a target of badmouthing ever since the release. The media is acting like complete assholes, one could almost say bullying the Wii U for being different. They haven’t even seen the next gen, let alone know what games are coming for it, but have already decided that the Wii U is a bland experience. Well here’s the real news: i own 3 games, Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3, and New Super Mario Bro. U, and they entertain the hell out of me still. There’s still launch titles i want, and there’s plenty of upcoming games i want.

    Sometimes i think all of these ‘experts’ should just fuck off, because their the reason people miss out, and their the reason Nintendo doubts their own brand, and don’t localize all good games as they should. Hurray for the 3DS and i will soon applaud the Wii U, when the greats release.

  46. My bet is that none of the big three will release a new console after the eighth generation (Wii U, Ps4, Xbox720), just because we won’t need them in like 7 years. It will all be this cloud shit based stuff and the main market will be the PC. The only one who will still make hardware will be Nintendo with some new handheld. I really like Nintendo because they are so inovative and they are the ones who have all the ideas. Sony and Microsoft are just ripping of their stuff.

  47. My bet is xbox will fail cuz the next Xbox is expected to not allow used games and it has to be always online and it has to have the kinect plugged in or it wouldn’t function at all. Sounds like it sucks! Sony and Nintendo FTW!

  48. Pingback: Wynands; One or more of the Big Three will drop out of the Console Market | Nintendo 3DS Daily

  49. Does it ever occur to these people that maybe the reason the industry is in upheaval is because we are continuing to live our lives with machines that are seriously old (Wii U, excluded) and that we are in need of some newness… Seriously there are very few franchises out there currently that can handle a 10th sequel! Gamers are a finicky, passionate, and a steadfast lot, give us good content, control schematics, and visuals and we are sold but these company’s continue to release the same stuff just slightly repackaged and re-marketed over and over again. There will always be hater’s and speculator’s no matter what is released but my money is on the company that has no debt and has been around for over 100 years!

  50. Aslong as Nintendo has their own games, they’ll never die hahahahahah…unless some asshole for presidentin the future makes idiotic descisions…

  51. I don’t agree with this….1 or MORE? Yeah right. If 1 does, it won’t be Nintendo. I’m not criticising Sony or Microsoft, but as far as I know, they are quite similar in terms of games, where as Nintendo has their own Nintendo only games and series like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon etc. So Nintendo will survive whatever people say.
    And as someone stated above, once Nintendo release the major games for the Wii U like 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda etc then they’ll get high profits.

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