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UK Retailer Slashes Wii U Basic Package To £199.85


Online UK retailer ShopTo have cut the price of the 8GB Wii U Basic package to £199.85. The console originally retailed for £249.99 in the United Kingdom, but it has seen much less demand than the £299.99 32GB Premium pack, which comes bundled with Nintendo Land. Amazon UK is selling the Wii U 8GB Basic package for £239.75.

23 thoughts on “UK Retailer Slashes Wii U Basic Package To £199.85”

      1. The UK basic was $386 us dollars before the retailer cut it to what is now $306 us dollars in exchange rate. So they are still paying more than a us basic unit before taxes

    1. Wich means thats the console i will get the game for. After the rayman bullshit they need to get back the consumer trust.

  1. Don’t buy it, ShopTo suck, they rip you off all the time. I ended up being charged £349.99 for my Wii U (£50 more than advertised) and had to wait an extra month.

  2. I got handful of games I want to get this year
    SSB4 3ds & WiiU
    Luigi’s mansion: Dark moon
    and I didn’t even get the games from last year :’

    Nintendo is going to take all our money,EASILY!

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