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Leaked Poster Says Watch Dogs Coming Out This Holiday For ‘All Home Consoles’


Online gaming publication Kotaku have managed to get their hands on a leaked Watch Dogs poster which states that the game will be coming to all home consoles this Holiday season. Ubisoft previously confirmed that they have other unannounced projects coming to Wii U, so this could well be one of them. The game also appeared on a EB Games Wii U reserve list published recently.

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101 thoughts on “Leaked Poster Says Watch Dogs Coming Out This Holiday For ‘All Home Consoles’”

      1. Troll?

        First off, Ubisoft has screwed N fans multiple times. After the Rayman Legends debacle, I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave us the middle finger again and didn’t launch Watch Dogs on the Wii U.

        And you guys are acting like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. You guys take things too literal. Of course posters are made on photoshop. What I am saying is that this photo may photoshopped and fake. And this poster in the said photo may not exist. There are a lot of photoshopped images (meaning that the image/photo has been tampered with) floating around the website and it wouldn’t surprise me if this photo above is fake.

        Geez. What is wrong with this website? So hostile. People are throwing the word troll around without thinking about what they read. That is a major epic fail on your part.

    1. Fake. It would say “available on PS3 XBOX 360, WiiU” or similar. It wouldn’t be that vague, it doesn’t help the consumer.

      Does this mean it’s on SNES?

  1. Cool man.
    I’m curious what they mean by all home consoles, i mean if that footage was on current consoles, as open world, i’m mighty impressed.
    I still think its next generation game, which could mean the ps4 and 720 are actually coming the end of the year….my wallet isnt ready xD

    1. Yeah, I’m getting the PS4 on Launch day and if this turns out to be a launch title for it then it will be worth the money. I’ll probably get it for the Wii U in the meantime

      1. I dont know if i’ll get one at launch, if Metal Gear Solid 5 is a launch game then hell yeah but i dont know otherwise

    1. So was Need for Speed: Most Wanted but look whats happened to that, its coming to the Wii U so I don’t see any excuse of it NOT being on the Wii U

    2. You got the games mixed up. Far Cry 3 was the game that was confirmed to be too deep in development to port to Wii U, not Watch Dogs. Plus Ubisoft never denied the possibility of a Wii U version of Watch Dogs, in fact they said not too long ago that a Wii U version was being heavily considered while they simply have most focus on the PS3 and 360 versions, so I never doubted Watch Dogs still had a shot at Wii U, especially considering how much support Ubisoft is pledging to it.

    1. Well not many people can afford PCs like you and me. I’m still getting it for Wii U because I only use my PC for exclusive games on PC but consoles I use for multiplats

    2. because something like Wii U might introduce some innovative uses for the gamepad. Otherwise PC vs the other consoles might as well get it for PC

      1. I’m not very into that whole “new innovative stuff” thing. I’d have been fine with a Gamepadless Wii U.

        P.S. Ehhhh Nope! It’ll definetely l

        1. Not a lot of people can afford the high end PCs needed to run a game like Watch Dogs, consoles are there to be the affordable alternative. Yes, you can argue that you can build a really good PC for roughly $400, but good luck convincing people to go through that effort when all they want to do is plug in and play, especially if they already have a busy life, and don’t have time to figure out how to build a computer to run games. Why would they? In their eyes, they see building a PC as a dedicated effort that they don’t have time for, and therefore is a waste of time to them, whereas they see consoles as buy it, plug it, play it. Simple, easy, and fast, and chances are they don’t care much for frame rates, anti-aliasing, or ambient occlusion. They just want to sit on their ass and play a game when they have some time to kill. That’s what consoles are there for.

          1. I get what you’re saying….perhaps lowering the price of budget pc pre-builds might be a solution to get more people to play on pc. I built my first gaming pc not too long ago and aside from the graphics card being dead out of the box (I got a replacement right away though), I didn’t run into any major issues. But I did have the (wrong) impression that it would be very complicated and I’m sure plenty of other people still feel that it’s something very difficult and/or time consuming.

        2. Innovation is something that sets Nintendo apart from the rest. Console wise, as I said….without innovation, you might as well get a PC. With say, Nintendo’s exclusives, you can’t play them on other consoles simply because IPs are restricted to the company’s hardware. It’s because they fully take advantage of innovative features in ways game on other platforms don’t.

  2. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I sent you the same information minutes ago.
    lol just kidding, but I hope it’s true because this game looks awesome.

  3. i’m not saying this cause gta 5 isn’t coming to wii u but watch dogs looks more interesting cause it looks like something new unlike gta 5 with the same gangster bullshit. it will have great characters yes. but other then that we already saw all that in previous games.

      1. The problem is that even if it is a Joke, there are still many people that are not aware that the Wii U is a new and more powerful console instead of an add on for the Wii, or that it even exist; Nintendo have done not enough to change that perspective.

        1. Im thinking this, with the Monster Hunter 3/Lego city and NFS:MW releases, the heavier marketing for the WiiU will begin. They have been waiting to build a stronger library before they advertise the shit out of it. It makes sense to wait even longer though like after just after E3 or just before the holiday season begins, the games are coming.

          1. Whatever Nintendo are planning need to be big, good and understandable, because I’m damn sure that MS and Sony will advertise their new console like there were not tomorrow

  4. “over 80 E3 awards and nominations”
    Probably because it wa the only game shown that was worth giving a shit about, other than Pikmin 3

      1. the fuck do you think you’re talking to you useless piece of dog shit. unless they specifically say it’s coming out for wiiu, it’s not.

  5. Good for the U. It’ll be the version that makes sense gameplay-wise.
    Nintendo won E3, the sooner its accepted, the less tragic it’ll be for the Trolls.
    Wonder how that Revengeance petition worked out…(?)

  6. Wait, does that mean it’s coming to Wii? It is a home console after all. Whatever, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I’m definitely getting this on Wii U :)

  7. Oh god let this be true! The potential with the GamePad is just too fucking much! This game is one of the very few games i’m actually looking forward too, i know it sounds cynical, but western games have gone to the shitter as of lately, with almost no focus on gameplay and all on story and graphics, this actually looks like it could have it all, both story, graphics AND fun gameplay (especially if they use the GamePad in a creative way)


        1. Im not so sure about that, the gamepad is hard to ignore. At the very least it can be used to streamline existing gameplay.

  8. Ubisoft themselves confirmed a PC version. There are sources saying it’s being developed for Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 so it’s possible. But again, only PC has been 100% confirmed so far.

    1. Sort of but the main gameplay focus is to hack gadgets and other devices around you so its more of an upgrade to GTA rather than being a GTA clone

    1. with a little tone down and some work, even commodore 64 could run it.
      Console games will always be toned down, only highend pc will ever be able to run the game to its full potential

  9. They once said:

    “Speaking to Joystiq, Guay confirmed that the E3 demo is running on PC, but emphasized that Ubisoft Montreal is interested in getting Watch Dogs on “all the platforms we can.” That means Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions “for sure,” Guay said. A Wii U version is still up in the air.”

    “Ubisoft has now said that the game could very well arrive on the Wii U. Speaking to IGN, Ubisoft’s Tony Key said:

    “We have so many games in development for Wii U right now that we need to keep that team focused and this is a very ambitious game. But it’s not out of the question.”

    And now. “ALL HOME CONSOLES”…… could that mean they have included the Wii U version? or 7th gen and 8th gen consoles?

    Anyway, the E3 showed us the PC version with Xbox360 controller

  10. I was planning to just getting this on PC, but if it does come out on the Wii U. I’ll be getting it on both the Wii U and PC.

  11. It says available on all home consoles, PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, PS4 & Xbox362.

    They wrote all home consoles so they wouldn’t give away the new console names.
    This is not coming to PC due to being on 5 consoles already and no resources at the present time.

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