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Best Buy Sale: Kid Icarus Uprising $14.99 Paper Mario Sticker Star $19.99, Plus More


US retail chain Best Buy is currently holding a sale on a number of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS titles. Kid Icarus: Uprising, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Pokemon Black & White 2, are being sold for $14.99. You can also pick up Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $19.99. There may be other games on offer, so it’s best to check the Best Buy website if you’re looking for more deals.

Thanks, MagykMaster

45 thoughts on “Best Buy Sale: Kid Icarus Uprising $14.99 Paper Mario Sticker Star $19.99, Plus More”

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    1. Considering Sticker Star. Worth it?

      I currently don’t have much money, should I save it for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon?

      1. The price is great and the game isn’t really easy to get into if you love thousand year door but i got over it and accepted the change. I think the biggest flaw of the game is the specific stickers you need for like bosses. You can fight them but if you don’t have them there’s no way to beat them. I’ve put in 20 hours and only beat 2 worlds. I guess it adds difficulty Since the game doesn’t give you any hints at all

    2. Went to the local best buy store today. Bought Mario Sticker Star $20, Pokemon Black 2 $15, Pokemon White 2 $15. Zelda skyward sword $20 and Darksiders 2 $15. Man I just saved a lot of money when they have deals like this. I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thanks best buy. One of my favorite store. Thank you MagykMaster and Mynintendonews.

          1. damn pokemon games 2 on sale? i thought i just saw all the ones u named except the pokemon ones, im about to save me some money lol

          1. Lol dont worry man, i just deposited my check today but it hasnt gone through, its hell waiting for it cause i feel like theyll run out before it does XD

            1. Yeah, that’s what I’m going through right now. I’ve been so upset all night, just trying to think of something I could sell real fast to get the money. I’m SO afraid these sales will end (or supplies will run out) before I can get the money. I want Paper Mario: Sticker Star AND Pokemon White Version 2. If games were normally this cheap, I’d already own every game I wanted. But I just can’t see paying 40 dollars or so just for one little DS and 3DS game.

          2. I’m proud to say that I’m going tomorrow to buy Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Pokemon White Version 2. And I hope they still have them in stock. I believe it’s only a 3-day sale.

            1. I’m now the proud owner of Pokemon White Version 2 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Yay!!! Thanks sickr (or alba) for posting this news. I would have never knew about the sale if it wasn’t for you. : D

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            1. Even I wasn’t sure how long it lasts. But on Best Buy’s website it talks about a 3-day Presidents Day Sale. So I assumed that it’s probably only 3 days. With today being the 2nd day. If the sale was still going clear until next month, I would buy even more. But I know I won’t get THAT lucky.

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