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Price Of Little Inferno Permanently Drops In Nintendo eShop For Wii U

little_inferno_kidsThe price of Tomorrow Corporation‘s latest puzzle video game has been permanently reduced. It was initially priced at $14.99, but Little Inferno now costs $9.99 to download from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. In Little Inferno, a player purchases a wide variety of items, throws them into a fireplace, sets them on fire, and watches them burn.

44 thoughts on “Price Of Little Inferno Permanently Drops In Nintendo eShop For Wii U”

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  1. No thanks. Kinda pissed off that we have to wait till the end of March for some good Wiiu games :/. And the most stupid thing is Monster Hunter , Lego city and Need for speed all launch on nearly the same days. And there is a shit load of awesome 3DS games launching late march aswell.

    Nintendo should spread these games out. Need for speed early feb. Lego city early march , Monster hunter late march.

    There aiming for 4 – 5.5M wiiu’s sold by March 31st , it would of helped if they released these games a decent amount of time before then.

      1. I guess I will be downloading the new Bit trip game and The Cave and playing what I already have until late march.

        It takes the piss though. Nintendo Expect me to buy Luigi’s mansion 2 , Castlvania MoF , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego City U and Need for speed all in the space of a week.

        Releasing games so close together is bad for us and them.

        1. It’s all very well and good to say that, but these games have been delayed or expected for a very long time, and Nintendo no doubt wants them out as quickly as possible to reach as wide a demographic as possible. Some people will be able to purchase multiple or all the games they want. You might have to pick which games you want to begin with but that doesn’t stop you from buying the others later. You don’t HAVE to buy a game at launch. The way Nintendo sees it, the sooner they get the games out, the better, because they’ll reach the most people with them.
          Besides which, typically Nintendo separates their market into Wii U and 3DS. They don’t assume people own both, because most people don’t. That’s why they release big 3DS and Wii U games at the same time.

          1. Even if they don’t assume people own both , Wiiu has Lego city , MH and NFSMW in the same week and 3DS has Castlevania , Luigi’s mansion 2 and MH in the same week .

            It’s AWESOME! but financialy overwhelming. If lego launched this week away from other releases it would sell more. Now people might buy Monster Hunter or the awesome version of NFS instead of Lego. Ya see ?

            1. Plus Luigi’s Mansion and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon release on the same day…
              I didn’t even notice this until Amazon told me they were shipping the two preorders together.

        2. Nintendo expect you to buy their games why do you blame them for other companies release dates?? Stop whining like a pathelic fanboy PLEASE!!!

          1. Lego city and Monster Hunter are published by Nintendo in American and Europe.

            I’m not whining you dick , i’m just saying , all those games releasing in the sapce of a WEEK is gunna be difficult. I want them all but won’t be able to buy them all in the same fucking week. Presumably many others will be the same way and each game will sell less as a consequence.

        3. Don’t get Castlevania and if you have already played Monster Hunters Tri then don’t get that for a while either. Just get Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Lego City.. in a couple months you can buy them for cheaper then when they are first launched.

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  3. Jesus CHRIST!! we ALL know its a drought of games for the wiiU so go out do something, workout or something, by God stop whining like a bunch of little babies fanboys..On that note i am enjoying Ni no Kuni ^_^

    1. Same here, barely had time for my wii also, didnt get to complete xenoblade and last story since they came late to the party..

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  5. it starts by you burning your money on the eShop – and then after digitally burning about 12 digital items, the novelty wears off. coming soon free to an app store near you.

  6. It’s a good game, especially if you were good in English class and are able to decipher this game like a English teacher’s book. It’s amazing, and Tomorrow Corporation obviously put A LOT of work into it.

    1. Well one aspect of games are origionality… the game is pretty origional, donchya think?. Also, its not completely random. There is an actual story to the game.

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