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Rayman Legends Challenge Mode For Wii U Free On eShop In April


Ubisoft has revealed via a video on its Rayman Facebook page that Wii U owners will get exclusive access to Rayman Legends Online Challenge Mode for free sometime in April. The Online Challenge Mode gives players access to numerous challenges which will be updated daily. The developers will also be competing, so you had better be on your toes if you want to beat them. This free game mode will replace the exclusive demo which was due to come out for Wii U owners. The Challenge Mode won’t be restricted like standard Wii U demos.

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144 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Challenge Mode For Wii U Free On eShop In April”

  1. You know what? I will be buying the game. it was not the developers fault they wanted the game to release as much as we did.

    1. People need to get off the games case. It was not its fault, just some rabbits in a tux. Boycotting them is not fair to the developers who had nothing to do with the decision.

    2. Breaking news: A Nintendo virgin buys an unmanly platforming game. What a surprise. Buy a manly game like Crysis 3 for the PC, dickhole.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Dude, pro-tip: go outside and get laid–that you equate ‘manliness’ with buying a video game speaks volumes about your priorities and worldview.

      2. lol calling someone unmanly because they play a platforming game, but calls themselves manly for playing a PC, games are for kids, the real games are on the ios store and playstore. Go be manly by a getting a job and do something useful in your life instead of wasting it on games.

      3. lol that actually made me laugh. like, i actually thought you were funny. i dont mind trolling if you’re actually funny about it. made my day, no joke.

      4. To anyone who has anything negative to say about the Wii U. If u do not own the console, u have !!!NO IDEA!!! what it is. U need to share experiences with random people on miiverse, and witness the millions of pieces of art updating RIGHT NOW!!!

        Miiverse put uplay up on wara wara plaza for a week! Anyone who had a U connected to the internet saw a bunch of ubisoft hatemail on their screen. The fact that wii could draw made it soooo brutal. Developers can no longer treat the public like idiots without the consequence of a simple and destructive response. Also when it hits 3DS and smart phones it is going to really take off. But if u dont have the system u cant share with everyone, and u think it’s “not hardcore” when in fact it is the most “hardcore” fanbase for gaming EVER!!!

    3. I’m not buying this game. Giving me a demo (even if it is free) instead of the real game is just insulting. I will not be swayed by this pandering and will vote with my wallet by not buying this or any other of Ubisoft’s games.

      They cannot walk all over me and expect me to willingly fork over money.

    1. It prolly. Fighting with 4 other people to the death! See who can win, kill your team from the gamepad, post to miiverse, and it’s all free!

      1. Depends on the size of the download. I only get 5 GB a month for $50 (Verizon MiFi), excluding unlimited data on iPhone. That’s the fastest internet we can get too, even though it has a ping of 130-180…So very little downloads happen.

        1. I dont think the game demo will be that big in file size. Maybe 1gb at most. And about the 5gb/month thing. If you want to get a digital game over 5 gb, why not just wait until the last day of the month, download 5gb then pause the download until the next day (technically next month) Just a suggestion if u ever want to download a 5gb+ game.

        2. thekidnintendowiiman

          Can’t you just get an app that let’s your iPhone turn into a wifi hotspot for your Wii U since you have unlimited data?

        3. I live in the middle of nowhere, and have the exact same problem. I upgraded mine to 10gig for $80, but still… Have to watch the downloads and streaming video…

          1. $80 a month ? :O in UK , most people (at least 50%) have unlimited Broadband. It’s like £40 a month. For £60 a month you get unlimited SKY tv , a phone line with free evening and weekend calls and unlimited broadband,

            Is unlimited Broadband expensive in America ?

  2. What would have been better is if this would be released on the games original date in February instead of April. Even better, release the actual game.

      1. Seriously, shut up. They’re giving you something that’s EXCLUSIVE to the WiiU for FREE. They could’ve just given you nothing. Yes, it would be preferable to get the game already, but complaining about giving us something for free is just whiny. Also, don’t not buy the game because of the delay, its not the developers fault.

        1. i agree. this actually satisfys me until the game will actually come out. i mean, if its anything like the mario challange mode, im all for it. and even better it’ll be updated regularly, AND IT ITS FREE. we’re pretty much getting a free game for having to wait for another game to come out. granted i would love for the game to just come out, but this is good enough

        2. You know what, I agree. While I’m still mad at the men in ties for delaying the game 7 months, a free online mode with daily/weekly updates and unlimited plays is actually really good.

        3. Free or not, it doesn’t excuse them of their actions. They spit on our faces with the delay and this is something I will not forget anytime soon.

          Remember, the guys of the suit are the face of Ubisoft, not these developers who can be easily replaced at the drop of a hat.

        4. Youre forgetting that some people dont have other people to play with or either hates multiplayer and prefers single player experience, so yeah this so call exclusive demo doesnt really cater to all fans who waited for the game’s original release date. SO again, Ubisoft had lost a big chunks of their precious Rayman’s fans

          1. But hell… it’s not a freaking demo, it’s a full Challenge mode that has new levels every single week, you can battle online, play multiplayer, compete with leaderboards and all of that for free. It’s a hell of a great deal. Seriously, people who are still complaining make me sick.

  3. I don’t want the demo. I want the actual game. Let’s hope I still want it when they finally get around to releasing it.

    1. This isn’t the demo.
      It’s the challenge mode that will be included in the full game of Rayman Legends, and unlike the demo, it’s unlimited. You can play it as often as you want.
      Did you not watch the video on their facebook page? It explains everything.

      Having said that, though, I’m still not sold on this.
      Yeah, this is a decent offering, but we want the actual GAME.
      Like, on its original intended release date, not later in the year.

        1. No, a demo is a portion of a full game that can either only be played up to a certain point, or a certain number of times.
          This is neither. This is the full challenge mode, with new challenges added daily and weekly. It’s online, with ghosts and the ability to play directly against and with others, and the devs themselves will be joining in.

          1. It IS a demo in that it lets you try one part of Rayman Legends but does not let you play the full game.

            There is nothing inherent in the word “demo” that implies it can be played only a certain number of times. I’ve played many demos that do not restrict how many times you play them, or even how long you play them. But what all demos do is let you try part of the game (but not access the full game). Which is exactly what this does.

            1. it’s not a demo , it’s a chuno of the game. kinda like getting the blops2 online mode for free. I am gunna download this , but i still feel backstabbed. the game is a touch screen game ,and they want to put it on ps3 360 just to make money REGARDLESS that they will RUIN what they set out to make

              1. Simple. Download, play, and don’t buy.

                I don’t even want their free demo cluttering up space on my Wii U. No thanks Ubisoft. Screw ’em.

  4. So… by technicality, is this download going to be treated as a standard eShop download rather than a demo? I mean, is it going to have its own page rather than be a part of the Rayman Legends page? From the sounds of it, it’s going to be a standalone game in the eShop but free.

      1. Well I was an early adopter with the Vita and 3DS, and the game line up didn’t get good till a few months later, so that’s why I avoided becoming an early adopter this time :P But come the end of March, I shall join you all in Wii U ownership :P

        1. I’m loving mine like a mofo at the minute. Miiverse is a 10/10 killer app. Go on Zelda community click popular posts and just admire the artwork which have thousands of Yeahs/likes.
          Playing Trine 2 , Blops 2 and Mass effect 3 online with people from this very site is a blast!

          The Wiiu is getting a lot of unnecessary hate , But compared to the Wii this thing is a revalation for Nintendo , and to think about Smash bros , Pikmin , Zelda , Mario etc running on this console is awesome!

          I’m excited to see what Sony unveil tomorrow , but make no mistake this IS Nintendo’s best ever console .

  5. Fuck this! The Wii U is in a game drought, we need RL now! Ubisoft had been hyping up the Wii U crowd for a long time with this game only to leave us hanging two weeks before its release. That shit was way too cold to forgive just because they want to give us a multiplayer mode that we was supposed to get along with the rest of game this month.

    1. I take this as the game is only delayed a month, and it’s free. If it is hard and is 4 player it will get me through the summer. Although so will monster hunter, lego city, pikmin, animal crossing, wonderful 101, wii fit u, DK oh geeze… then its off to pokemon, wind waker, mario, mario kart, smash brothers. If somehow they actually released all of these titles this year… geeze…

  6. I hope you guys realize this is not free, well at least not if you buy the game. This mode will be part of the final product. This is just more bullshit from ubisoft.

      1. Yes I can. Can you? 
        Correct me if im wrong.This online mode will be part of the final product or am I wrong? We were suppose to get the final product this month right? Do you think  Ps3 and Xbox owners will get this “Free” mode too once they purchase RL? 

    1. How is that bullshit? You’re getting the core part of the game for free. They officially announced it. You’ll be able to purchase the story mode on september for $60. If you don’t want to, you can still stick to the free challenge mode which updates every week/day. Is that supposed to be a bad deal? Don’t make me laugh, kid.

  7. I may actually forgive them but this is still pretty shitty, doesn’t this basically mean that the devs are working for something they’re not getting any money for?

    1. yeah, poor guys. They’re doing their best trying not to disappoint their fanbase just because ubi$oft decided to fuck up their game’s release date. I don’t know, I’m supporting them.

  8. Just bring Watch Dogs to the Wii U, please. That’s one thing you can do to make it up for Wii U owners.

    That being said, I still don’t understand why the Wii U version can’t come out right now.

  9. That’s nice but, it would be heaven if they release the actual game; even despite the rumors (could be a fact [correct me if I’m wrong]) about the whole Microsoft policy-thing hold the game release. Whatever it could be…

  10. Unlike some of the people here, Ubi, most of us can’t be ‘bought’.

    In other words, you blew it (again*)–pack it up and go home.

    *ZombiU patch months late; Heroes of Might and Magic VI *still*, a year after release, not functioning correctly; insipid DRM; etc.

    1. Very true.

      I am sticking to my guns. They burned the bridge and this is just an empty gesture just won’t do to repair it.

  11. Ubisoft seems to be pretty sorry for it’s actions. I think I can forgive them now :) We get Watch Dogs and part of the Rayman Legends game!

    1. Technically watch dogs hasn’t been confirmed yet. It could be a mistake on the retailers part listing it for wiiu. But yes if they release watch dogs for wiiu I’ll forgive them.

  12. From the heart and mind of any and every true game fun. Screw Microsoft and their underhand third party payola selves.

  13. Sure I’ll buy it. Its kinda rude that they will be giving out some free stuff, and we just spit on their faces for an idea thought by a bunch of losers.

  14. I don’t want to warn someone but, did you notice that there are an RT button under the paints of levels? Does the Wii U has an RT button? … Nope, and I think that this “demo”/”app”/whatever it’s going to be on xbox and PS too.

  15. To those who may care, the Wii u Pro Controller drivers have been updated to work for mouse mapping to analogue sticks and mouse clicking mapping to buttons.

  16. I’ll get it. Only to pay my respects to the developers themselves as they are suffering too. I’ll get the game also for the same reason.

  17. We have to admit that ubisoft has just redeemed themselves with this. They canceled the demo, for a ”challenge app” which will update daily, this is awesome! Thanks to all of us, who complained about the delay on the miiverse community and facebook!

    1. They are not absolved of their actions in my eyes. I’m not buying no matter how much free stuff they throw at me.

      1. It’s not about giving us free stuff, its about how it shows they have recognized it as a “bad decision” for WiiU owners. Most developers and companies would be like “I don’t give a shit”. Buying it or not, its your decision, but I find it hard to believe someone will not buy a great game, from talented developers, just because they had to take hard decisions. Nintendo is always delaying games, and not keeping promisses, they said they’ve learned with the 3DS launch and that the WiiU wouldn’t have lack of software, and despite from the games I’ve bought on November, the WiiU has no new good games available. I won’t stop supporting them because of some bad decisions, neither Nintendo or Ubisoft, cause they are one of the bests, if we don’t support the best developers, the ones who really pushes the market forward, we won’t play great and creative games.

        1. IF they truly believe that they made a bad decision, then they should back peddle and release RL. Anything less is just damage control and empty gestures.

          Think about it.

          1. I don’t think this way. as a company they may be doing damage control, but as developers they are amazing and that’s why i’m buying it.

  18. (è_e) Not inpress a little. My money still going to need for speed. In my opinion they still giving us a demo, just because they say challenge mode don’t change a thing.

  19. Cool. Thanks Ubi!
    I’m still not buying Rayman though.
    Also, I hope you paid the developers for putting this together and didn’t force them to work overtime for free.

  20. I will still not be buying this game. The delay was unfair to wiiu owners. Plus in September there will be other games to play. You loose out on my money ubisoft.

  21. I will buy the game, but no in launch neither this year. I will wait until they slash the price because I’m still hurt for what they did. I feel so bad for the developers of the game, but I won’t satisfy the publisher by buy it in full price.

  22. They should still just release Rayman Legends this month and stop with the idiotic damage control. So what if Xbox has that contract, it’s not like they have to even release the game for Xbox. Not like 7 months from now people with the Xbox would buy it when GTA 5 is out.

  23. This is a really inovative concept of dealing with gamers. It’s like they’re giving us the DLC before the game itself!

    But hey, I won’t complain, since it seems like Ubisoft is making sure that Wii U owners have a first drive on the game. That was, mostly, the main issue of the whole postponing the launchdate to September. As long as it’s integrated with the Miiverse and can do almost anything as the full game does, it’s a really good offer. If I had a Wii U, I would download that no doubt. I only hope other companies won’t try and copy this scheme: I don’t wanna go and play a “tutorial level with online scoreboard” of Bayonetta 2 before the game’s release.

  24. Just saying… stop whining about Rayman Legends and enjoy your free game. It’s the best thing the dev team can do for now.

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