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Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn’t Include Online Multiplayer

five_player_multiplayer_nintendo_land_animal_crossingNintendo Land doesn’t feature online multiplayer; however, it includes local multiplayer for up to five players. IGN asked the party game’s director, Takayuki Shimamura, why there is no option to play its multiplayer minigames with other Wii U players online. According to Shimamura, it’s more fun to have players – with different designated roles – to be able to communicate with each other in the same room while engaged in a minigame. Do you wish Nintendo Land included online multiplayer, or are you lucky enough to always have other potential players in your household?

“The biggest mission of Nintendo Land development was to bring across the charms of this new game structure involving a large TV screen and a smaller GamePad in your hand.”

“With the GamePad, it’s now much more fun to have players carry out different roles in the same space. One of the themes we paid attention to during development was how fun it is for you and your friends to talk with each other while playing, so the game is balanced based on the concept that the group of people involved is all interacting with each other at once. As a result, we did not consider online-based multiplayer for Nintendo Land.”

-Nintendo Land director Takayuki Shimamura

166 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn’t Include Online Multiplayer”

  1. While Online Multiplayer would be cool, It would not be nearly as much fun. But it would be nice for those who can’t meat up with their friends and family as easily.

    1. *meet. I understand his reason but it should have had online anyways. On a differen’t tune, hopefully this thread doesn’t turn into another Jellybean multiple personality(alt) thread, that guy is creepy.

          1. How does anything I said make me a fanboy, you’re not too bright are you? You have already used mulitple alts on this thread. You can deny it if you want, just adds to the creepy factor.

              1. I am, you’re right Jellybean, but not to back myself up or pretend im someone else or change my views and opinions, argue with myself etc. I just like changing my icon/name.

                1. I’m not pathetic enough like you to use alts. Unless you can provide solid concrete evidence, you’re just another loser on this site. Quite funny you still haven’t provided any evidence yet to say I use alts. I can 100% confirm to you, I DON’T USE ALTS.

                2. Wait, you’re as bad as Macarony. Anyone who shares the same view and hates on fanboys must be the same person! Idiocy taken to a new level today.

                    1. does anybody think im an alt, because im not, or am i, no yes, shut up about fucking alts, if your suing one you are pathetic and a loser, if someone has something they say thats not good nintendo then your using an alt, that makes so much sense

    2. Not like they are ruling out online Multiplayer, doubtful but could bring some online games in future with DLC. or just non online DLC. If there is other games they could turn into a mini games then that would be pretty kwl.

    3. I don’t have the luxury of friends close by, I am in the military and my closest friend live 1000 miles from me, this includes my girl friend. they all live back in my home town, where I will be moving when my time is done. I love nintendo titles, but I think nintendo has been selfish in keeping those titles for the people privileged to live in the same place for longer then a year. I have to move so much it’s difficult to find friends just to lose them in a year. I wish I could play with the friends I do have, but this on going battle has made it difficult for me and my gf to play Nintendo titles. Thank you nintendo, just thanks for your inconsideration.

    4. exactly Nintendo land should have been online that’s the reason I’m not getting it Plus some people are too old to be having come over I just wanna play with other people I think it would have been a good idea to have this game online

  2. Online multiplayer is a must for anyone over the age of 18. I don’t have little kids or siblings in my household and I’m not the only one. I haven’t been able to play a good chunk of the NintendoLand games because Nintendo is being ancient and archaic when it comes to new social trends.

    1. I think the focus of the game was showcasing how the asymetric gameplay will be on the WiiU, but I also find that Nintendo Land had a HUGE potencial to also showcase the online gameplay on the system and bring more people in online. You know what would be fun? leaderboards on every minigame, I find myself only competing with my brother, and that sucks. Also, coop ballon fight would be sweet, or online co-op Zelda.

      I think they might be saving the online features for the actual games, because if we play metroid blast online, even if the core metroid game with an online mode would be fun people would think “this is the same experience but with better graphics.”

    1. You should get new friends.
      How does one up and decide that he or she doesn’t like video-games? Your friends are either old, ignorant people or retards

      1. Uh, so everyone has to like video games? Most of my local friends don’t play games either. Any time I play online, it’s with a friend from a different state or different country.

  3. Its a game that actually needs communication, normally with multiple people.
    Not everyone has a headset ect.

    It’s not like other online MP games thats just kids calling each other faggots.

    1. I think people just see “has no online multiplayer” and just loose there mind and think “OHMYGOD NINTENDO IS 2013 GET WITH THE TIMES”….

      First of all, we’re talking about Nintendoland here….are people really get upset over Nintendoland not having online? Second, just judging from people playing this game…im feel confident in saying that playing it online, and getting into a game where no-one has a mic, would just be boring, you might as well play with CPU’s. its not like COD, or Halo, where you dont need to work together. Some games get around that like Portal, but even then, id never play Portal 2 online with a stranger, that sounds like a nightmare, but the fact is, its just 2 people, its easy to manage.
      5 people, 4 of which are trying to work together, without talking to each other, defends the purpose of the game.

      Do i think Nintendo should do online in the future? They already are!
      Mario Kart and Smash Bros will have massive online followings, till the day the system gets replaced by the next generation system. Should it have mic support?
      Yeah, i think they should, people want it. Is it necessary? Not in the slightest.
      Do i think games like Star Fox and Metroid should have multiplayer?
      If theyre fleshed out, and on par with whatyou expect to get from multiplayer in games like Halo, and Uncharted then hell yeah, put them in, id love a Space Pirate VS Galactic Fed multiplayer, where we can make our own bounty hunters with different alien races, that would be fucking awesome, and it would be disappointing if they didnt have that…but this isnt Metroid, its fucking NintendoLand…

      1. I agree! I love Nintendo land , but they probably could have integrated some sort of Multiplayer. Maybe certain attractions like Metroid blast and Battle quest could have been the online ones , and you can invite people into your park and use voice chat,

        Anyway , the game is awesome! NSMBU , now that should have online multiplayer….

        1. -.- Yeah, I still don’t know why they refuse to put online in multiplayer Mario games other than Mario Kart.

          Have an option for both local and online play, I can’t see how hard that is.

    2. Speaking of namecalling online, I really dislike online multiplayer. For example, I bought Black Ops 2, but only to play with friends in split-screen against bots. I think a few friends or family in the same room beats 20 people online, easily.

  4. another reason why i returned my wii u my friends all live about 1000 miles from me and locally its considered socially un-acceptable for a 32 yr old male to invite children into his home even when it is for the love of playing video games!

    The real problem here is that Nintendo Japan is not socially connected to the rest of the world and dont realize that not all people live in a 400sq ft apt located in the middle of a metropolis where people are like ants! If the japanese culture could realize that everyone else in the world is not like them and that we arent going to change our ways the could ACTUALLY make alot more money and make their customers happy!

      1. Obviously the Wii U wasn’t working out for him for more than one reason, so he returned it. Would you have kept yours if it didn’t suit your needs? If so, then THAT would be stupid.

      1. Like seriously, what the fuck?

        “I don’t like WiiU because everyone will think im a pedo when invite kids into my house”.

        Why are you doing that anyway!?

        1. Let’s break down his/her comment. I’m sorry, it’s just too ridiculous.

          “another reason why i returned my wii u”
          – If you are returning a Wii U this early after release I think you should try doing some product research in the future so you know what you’re buying has to offer.

          “my friends all live about 1000 miles from me”
          – Really, is it that difficult to make a few new friends?

          ” locally its considered socially un-acceptable for a 32 yr old male to invite children into his home even when it is for the love of playing video games!”
          – Well first off,l I’m pretty sure most places in the world frown on strange men inviting kids to their house to play video games with them. Secondly, are you saying you as a 32-year old man desire to invite young children into your house?

          “The real problem here is that Nintendo Japan is not socially connected to the rest of the world”
          – Actually NoJ comunciates with their branches in Europe, Australia, and the U.S. so I think they have a pretty good idea of how life is in other parts of the world.

          “dont realize that not all people live in a 400sq ft apt located in the middle of a metropolis where people are like ants!”
          – What does many Japnaese people living in small apartments have to do with he problem?

          “If the japanese culture could realize that everyone else in the world is not like them and that we arent going to change our ways”
          – Wait, first it was Nintendo now it is the entire Japanese culture causing the problem? Racist much?

          “the could ACTUALLY make alot more money and make their customers happy!”
          – Nintendo already makes a lot of money and has plenty of satisfied or as you say “happy” customers.

          In conclusion your comment is a load of crap. I hope you were trying to be funny, because if a 32 year old man wrote that comment with complete sincerity, I have am scared for humanity’s future.

            1. Lol I bet he does!

              Ironically he is the one who needs to be more aware of how people from other parts of the world live.

    1. I think they did not do online whit this games is because of the controll. Imagin everyone trying to play the just using the pad and not using the others controll configurations.

  5. Why can’t we have both local AND online multiplayer? Not everyone can play in the same room with each other. Keep that in mind for future games, Nintendo.

    1. *sigh* I have to wait another month and a half before it comes to Europe. I could have imported it when it first came out in Japan over a year ago since I have a Japanese 3DS, but my skill in reading Japanese is not very strong right now and Fire Emblem is a very text-centric game.

  6. This game will be boring as hell online multiplayer. Here is an example:

    Online (With microphone)- Ok. I saw Mario. In the Green zone. He’s turning left. Ok I’m catching him. Ok we won! Haha.

      1. No, it makes sense. The fun is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001ms faster than playing online. It’s a PARTY game for fucking sake. Online parties are boring as hell. This game would never work if online is implemented, even as an additional feature.

        I have also changed my name.

        1. Online party is “gay”? Hmmm I wasn’t aware parties could have sexualities.

          Anyway, what if you wan to play with your friends from different parts of the world? I’m sure you could have plenty of fun.

  7. I’m a nintendo guy through and through, but i’m getting kind of sick of japanese men telling me what is and is not going to be fun to me.

    I’m not that big on online gaming but it’s nice to have the option for those gamers who are surrounded with people that have no chance in hell of beating them.

    Nintendos approach to online plainly and simply, needs a lot of work. Actually, it just needs any approach than the one we have now. Between idiotic miiverse laws, no account system, inconsistent mic support, no first party online multiplayer and a store that, categorically, makes no sense, whatsoever, it seems like theyre telling gamers the wiiu is for THEM while simultaneouslyy telling us that HALF of what we want is wrong.

    Seriously, even from a casual perspective, wiiu sports resort with added in basketball, hockey, racing, football and soccer, AND online multiplayer so father bill could play with son todd acrossed the country makes too much sense not to be a thing already.

    I’m convinced theyll come around, eventually–when they have to. But, just like operation rainfall, this isnt stuff we should have to be telling them. This is stuff that in 2013 they should be building on.

    /pointless rant

    1. /pointless rant. Understatement of the year.

      “Im sick of japanese men telling me what is and is not going to be fun to me”.

      Like, starting of with a bang, what the fuck?
      How are they forcing anything on you?
      They’re just saying why they didnt include online, they arent FORCING you to play anything, it was just their choice, and i agree with it. Its only NintendoLand. Its not Star Fox.

      Some miiverse laws are silly but others are there just to keep it a place anyone can go to, and somewhere accessible.
      “No account system”. Pretty sure you make an account, its actually one of the first things you do, but its tethered to the system, and that sucks why? What, in case YOU break your WiiU? I’ve had a PS3 for 4 years, and a Wii since the launch, they havent broken ONCE. Its not the 360’s shitty hardware, anyone who broke their WiiU was their fault anyway for turning it off during an update. And in the end, im using my account of my system, i dont have 4 WiiU and PS3 around the house that i want to use 1 account on, you can only an account on 1 other ps3 anyway. Its not a big deal.

      “Inconsistant mic support”. For what exactly? What online games are one the WiiU? Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect, Assasins Creed, BLOP2, and soon, NFSMW. Do they all have mic support? Yes. WHATS THE FUCKING PROBLEM THEN!? And Nintendo dont make those games, you have a complaint for a game, that doesnt use mic support, which no WiiU is in that situation, complain about the PUBLISHER, and DEVELOPER, not the guys that actualy GAVE them the means to do so.

      “Online store”. What?! You go on there for minute, buy something, then go out.
      What are you expecting, a blow job?
      Its actually BETTER than the 360 and a HELL of alot better than the ps3, because you have touch navigation. That beats EVERYTHING.

      “No online first party multiplayer”.

      What game? NSMBU, that requires communication? Nintendoland, that requires communication. Last i heard, Nintendo havent even released another first party game, WHATS THE FUCKING DEAL THEN?!

      Mario Kart will have online, Smash Bros will have online, Star Fox SHOULD have online, Metroid MAY have online, what issue is there? None.

      It just sounds like, once again, people with complaints about things that are not worth complaining about, making mountains out of molehills, or nothing, just coming up with complaints and problems that dont exist.

        1. People just dont stop and think. I posted my own comment about my feelings of online and Nintendo, but some people are just going on crazy rants about the dumbest things.

        2. I mean, Luigi’s Mansion 2 has online. That’s one game i did not expect at all to have online, but its there. Its only simple, but its in a game that i think 99% of people didnt even think it would get it, so clearly Nintendo are much more aware of online, thats what Miiverse is all about. And Monolith’s “X” has co-op online, as proven by the chat box. If that its online support, i dont know what is.

    2. i fully agree.

      i love nintendo games. i love their hardware, their innovations to some degree. but as for their online strategies, these guys honestly suck. the miiverse is a sad excuse for a wannabe social network, the store is a joke, and their idea of multiplayer is constantly bullshitting us with this local stuff, as if they wanna educate us. damnit, its a game console, i didn’t buy it for education, I bought it to play and I want to play how i want to and not how some japanese prick thinks i should. that they think local is more fun than online is an opinion, NOT a reason.

      sony or microsoft might have much to learn in terms of games, but as for their platform and online strategies, at least they are doing what the customer wants, or maybe what brings money (which i can understand as a reason). they are focused on their audience, not on their own believes.

      that being said, i still love nintendo, in good and in bad times…

  8. For the first time ever, I played it with a bunch of friends today. One of the most fun nights we’ve had, it was nuts. I can see why it was important to have it only local, but I wouldn’t have minded online

  9. maybe online for the competive modes, like idk, in the dancing game the first who make 3 mistakes is out, there a lot of way of doing online MP, but the minigames would need adjustments thats for sure, in the state they are right they wont work as well as they do local

    1. ….whatever man
      *continues to play Zelda, Mario, Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear, Metroid, Fallout, Final Fantasy, ect*
      Gee, having no online sure does suck /s

      1. Yes, it does. Stop being a blind fanboy.

        Look, I support Nintendo and have never purchased another system but I’m reaching my limit with the lack support they are showing us. No online for basically any game yet, no titles to play in three months, slower loading times than its predecessor…I mean, this is ridiculous.

        1. I’ve never really played any game’s online for any excessive period of time.

          Had Mario Kart Wii, played that at get-togethers – hardly ever online.

          Had Kid Icarus Uprising, never played online. Same with Mario Kart 7.

          Had an Xbox 360 online demo. Still didn’t play that much; it wasn’t nearly like playing in a room with people you could punch.

          Assassins Creed III. Bored of online after a few games.

          The only game I’ve really enjoyed online on was Monster Hunter Tri. That game had a beautiful online system.

        2. No , You’re the sort of person what is wrong with the industy. So when 3D mario Wiiu comes out , or Zelda Wiiu comes out you expect it to have some superfluous online mode ?

          Does it not cross your mind that these games are simply not created with online in mind ? Maybe some Miiverse integration and DLC would be sweet.

          Nintendo land is designed for Asymetric multiplayer. One person has the gamepad screen , the others use Wii remotes and need to be together locally to enjoy the fun.

          If people have no local friends then they should forget about Nintendo land and go back to playing blops 2 online.

          1. I don’t want to play standard Mario and Zelda games with others but Nintendoland is branded as a game that’s meant to experience with others. I don’t understand why it wasn’t an option for this particular game.

            Mario Kart online is the best thing Nintendo ever did regarding online functionality and that hardly scratched the surface of what it should have been able to do.

            1. I know , they still have a lot to learn , they need to start implementing better online functionality or it will hurt their sales.

              Mario kart on Wiiu will be perfect !!!

          2. Dear last millenium,

            Nintendo should have given us the option to play online with Nintendo Land. It begs for it.

            I also understand that not all games are best online, but nintendo land is a game that definitely should’ve had online from day one. Who has friends over in their homes everyday? My friends are never over at my place every day of the week to play video games. Most of my gaming is done alone, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy playing when they are here.

            Nintendo made the wrong opening statement with no optional online play for nintendo land. Im disappointed.

          3. If you truly do not think that having online for Nintendo Land would have made it better by ten folds, then you’re playing video games in the last millenium.

            It’s people like you who have low expectations for nintendo…that’s why they still produce 2-D games at launch in 2013.

  10. For the love of god, we are able to decide such stuff ourselves. While what he said may be true for random internet dudes or most players, me and my buddies always play online together, using skype or teamspeak to communicate, and there is really no difference in communications to being all in the same room (which we can not, as they live in another country than i do). who is this Shimamura Guy to tell us that this wouldn’t be as fun? if this really was their only reason, thats no reason at all.

  11. Actually, I could see online multiplayer working for this game. If any game is multiplayer focused, online multiplayer should be added. Not many of us have local friends to play with. Even if it does work well locally, some of the modes could have been online. That’s my only complaint about the game. Other than that, it looks to be a very fun game.

  12. I personality think this is kind of lame, because it should be an option as not everyone thinks it’s more fun to have it at room local. Even if it was, still have it as an option because sometimes you will still want to play with an online friend anyway.

    1. True, agree, and also you can’t always have all your mates around with all the remotes it would make (a ton) of sense to have a separate online option for it…geez

    1. syrindigo, why exclude something that doesn’t even effect you? Sure you may have a boat load of Nintendo loving friends who can come over and play whenever you want, but some of us need Online to simply play parts of the game… kinda a big deal. Nintendoland’s biggest flaw is the lack of multiplayer. Plain and Simple!

  13. what could be more fun then running around in mario chase yelling gay nig ger jew chink spick at my xbl buds… mph2 online maybe.

  14. This is old news, they already stated this like right after E3 last year.

    And no online is not something that should be required in any way just to play a game.

    However excluding Nintendoland.
    Some people don’t even have friends or siblings at all so online games should fit them better.
    Or PC…
    Other than that, loca multiplayer is often more fun than playing online.

  15. While I do like the idea of gathering friends together for this game, I still see perfect opportunities for online play. It will be optional, anyways. It’s not we are being forced to play online first before we can do offline game play.

  16. i let my friends win all the time so they dont think im a gamefreak even if they know i am… online its not for fun its to show skills

  17. The game is what it is, not all games were made for online, just like some games are made with only online multiplayer in mind. Take Battlefield 3 for axample, I absolutely hate online multiplayer, and the game has no way of playing with bots, so I just keep away. I’m not an online person, and so, the game was obviously not made with people like me in mind. Same thing here, this game is simply not for the online kind of people.

    1. lol, but the game has features that can only be accessed if you play with other people. For some of us that means we NEED online or we can’t even play parts of the game! Online multiplayer was pretty much essentia lfor this game…

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  19. The guy’s argument is flawed. Yes, it is better to have people in the same room as you, but not everyone has people that will play with them in their household. I have no one, so it makes playing games like Mario Chase and Metroid Blast Multiplayer and Luigi’s Mansion impossible. They should hve at LEAST included A.I that could team up with you, but they didn’t. There really is no reason NOT to include online multiplayer. They are just making excuses…

      1. It has nothing to do with having no friends. It has to do with the fact that I am the only one in the group of my friends that ACTUALLY PLAYS VIDEOGAMES! lol! 90% of my friends are girls so that is probably why… :P

        1. And what the hell are you doing? go and invite some of those girls and play!!!… (If you know what I mean) LOL. you are the most luckiest man here, (90%? I wish to be there xD)

  20. I think the point some people are trying to make is if you do not have someone local to play with you cannot play some of the games. I’m certain some of the games require at least two players (cant remember how many) but that means you are missing out on a percentage of the game. From that point of view I believe they should have included online multiplayer. There will be people out there with this game that cannot play mario chase or luigis mansion and animal crossing because of this.

  21. I like Nintendo, but they use this excuse too many times. We live in a connected world now, and if the can include online multiplayer, it should always be included. Not everyone always has family and friends to play with, and if you do, sometimes you don’t want to play with them, or they don’t want to play with you. Online multiplayer would’ve greatly extended the value of Nintendo land for me.

  22. Why are people complaining? The whole point of this game is to showcase the asymmetric gameplay, and to get your family to play together once again. Even though it would be nice to add it.

  23. Think nintendo is so full of shit…. Though I love nintendo….. They still full of it..

    Though I understand what they are trying to say … Not everyone has people to just be there to play with you..

    People be people around you can be busy, people just dont have time…. People move away… And then what?

    This is why online play is around…

    But seems like nintendo dont think about things like this…. Which is really annoying… And is another reason why nintendo will always be behind in things like this….

    Love nintendo but come on already with the bs..

    1. Well, I play Nintendo Land with some of my friends from college in the weekends, been forever alone like some people is a complete other thing, btw Nintendo Land says hello to my girlfriend

  24. This bullshit that you need communication so it would not work online is bullshit. I play online with friends on my PS3 and I play online with my brother on my Xbox 360 and the whole point is we get to communicate while playing a game, it works for me you stupid idiots.

  25. As I said before, I’m not lucky enough to always have other potential players in my house. Having online would have been reason enough for me to keep playing the game rather than getting bored with it.

  26. It’s just like Wii Sports. They want you to get your friends to play the game (that’s why there are multiplayer-only games). Then, your friends will like the game and eventually (hopefully) purchase a Wii U. Since it’s a new system, having online multiplayer for the first game would enable you to play with people who… already have the system. That kind of defeats the purpose. Without online multiplayer, you’re basically a walking advertisement for Nintendo.

  27. I don’t agree with people saying that games with both single player and online multiplayer ruin the gaming experience. They are both options. A person are not being forced to play one or the other. I like a mix of both, but I respect those that may prefer one over the other. However, I do not see how either mode is “superior” because they are options. If you do not want to play online, then don’t. No one is forcing you. I believe all games with some form of multiplayer should have both local AND online modes. For those who want to play with friends can play locally and those who want to play online can play online. Everyone is happy and satisfied. I do not agree with single player/local play being superior over online play or vice versa. It’s all in a person’s preference.

  28. I dont like people using my remotes plus dont have any frends who like Nintendo so I would like an online choice for some games!

  29. I think that what people who get upset about a videogame lacking online multiplayer capabilities need to reevaluate their priorities in life.

    1. You mean like convenience of not having to drive over or organize several people driving over to one house just to play a game? Especially for people in rural areas like myself?

      Yeah. Wow. My priorities are SO out of whack for not wanting to waste an hour time, gas money, etc. driving to a friends house an making others do the same just so we can play a game when the technology to do so from home has existed on other consoles for almost a decade.


  30. Bullshit answer. Nobody gets together in large groups to play anymore. Maybe young kids do, but adults don’t. I occasionally go to a friends house and play XBOX, but that’s not the reason for my going there. We just happen to play whilst I was there.

    You could have done the same thing with people talking to each other with mics and headsets like XBOX has been doing for the past 10 fucking years.

    Wake the fuck up Nintendo.




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  37. This is dumb the game is dry and i thought it would be better once i could play compeditively online more fun to play local? nah idk what nintendo is thinking and i also dont know why the gane is popular

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