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Here’s The North American Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Commercial

Nintendo of America has revealed the first commercial for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. The long-awaited game is due for release in North America on March 24th. The game, which is known as Luigi’s Mansion 2 in Europe, is due for release throughout Europe on March 28th. The official website for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is now live.

Thanks to those that sent this in.


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  1. This game is sick! Can’t wait.

    Also, is it just me, or in this site there are more people who hates Nintendo than people supporting it? I feel sad for those people, losing their precious time with something they hate.

      1. I never reply them. If you reply it, no matter how good your argument is, it’s totally invalid cause they are not interested in a good discussion. people should stop replying them too.

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  2. This game looks absoloutly amazing. The development has been delayed for 2 years , they showed a playable version of the game before the 3DS was even released lol!

    Seriously I am sensing a 9.5/10 with this game!

    1. Of course you are. Anything with a Nintendo logo on it automatically gets the seal of approval from you.

      1. No it doesn’t. This however absoloutly does! Luigi’s Mansion is one of my favorite ever games , and I still have the same copy I bought with my Gamecube at launch.

      2. Metroid: Other M, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Wii Party. Just to name a few recent ones. I could go on if you like.

      3. Other M sucked. It was a disgrace. NSMB2 wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good. Sticker Star is alright though.

      4. Thank you lol. Of course I have made negative comments about Nintendo! But I do tend to have a lot more possitive ones to say , ya know , being a Nintendo fan and all xD

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      6. Wikipedia –
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      7. Here’s a negative comment regarding Nintendo , well capcom….. Why the fuck isn’t there off screen play and dual screen coop in MHU ? Lazy bastards trying to get us to buy both versions on 3DS and WiiU :P

        Still , can’t be angry at monster Hunter , all those hundreds of hours of gameplay will keep the core Nintendo fan satisfied untill the likes of Pikmin 3, Wonderfull 101 arrive!

      8. Im loving the new Monster Hunter on 3DS. I’ll certainly be getting the Wii U version of it when I get my U.

      9. True :P , I will probably buy the both the Wiiu and 3DS version….
        It looks mighty impressive running on a 3DS in 3D. All the proof one needs to prove the 3DS can run a Wii game in 3D if the dev uses the hardware properly.

      10. I played the Wii U demo of Monster Hunter and didn’t like it that much :/ The Trine 2 demo was much more enjoyable.

    2. Don’t forget all the other great games coming to 3DS this year

      Animal Crossing: New Leaf
      Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
      Mario Golf
      DKCR 3D
      Monster Hunter 4
      Pokémon X & Y

      Once MH4 and Pokémon hit the 3DS will be UNSTOPPABLE in Japan and across the world.

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      1. Maybe they could make a commercial that would make people want to buy the game, not the opposite.

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  3. Haha, this commercial reminds me of something from like the 90s. All I can think about is where this kid’s parents are. Why is his house a mansion and why, just why, does he have a poltergeist in his closet? It’s cheesy and I love it.

  4. Question: what happened to the 3rd Party Nindendo Direct? Was it for Japan only, or has it no come out yet?

      1. Nope, he’s right, commercial sucked. Doesn’t change the fact the game is gonna be sweet.

      2. I like to kiss WooferZ ‘s ass and defend him/her EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN TIME, even when he/she’s wrong.

  5. It’s crazy what a commercial can do. At first I was gonna wait a few months, but now I wanna get this at launch.

  6. This game (series) is everything that Ghostbusters should have been. I call it, Ghostbusters that doesn’t suck (except for the Poltergust sucking action). And I’m referrng to the Ghostbusters movies AND games. I HATE Ghostbusters!

  7. MAYBE I will take a break from my Wii U to buy and play Mansion 2. I want this game.. but all my play time is on the Wii U right now. And with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming on march … hmm..

  8. Finally a good commercial after 10000 years!
    Now promote Wii U games like this aswell and you will sell more!!!!!!

  9. I think it’s a hell better commercial than others, it’s short and the message is well receive. Good production overall.
    I want a damn 3DS!! :D

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