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Double XP Weekend For Call Of Duty Black Ops 2


Treyarch has announced via Twitter that starting from today gamers will be able to get double XP on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The double XP weekend runs from today, Friday February 22nd until Monday, February 25th. Double XP is available for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC owners.

Thanks, Nick01

39 thoughts on “Double XP Weekend For Call Of Duty Black Ops 2”

    1. Now that I have top comment locked in, I’d like to say I quit playing Black Ops 2. I’ve hoped on board with the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

      1. Yeah I seemed to like the first one’s multiplayer better too. Both had good campaigns. I did play Black Ops 1 on PC though so maybe that’s why I thought it was better..

  1. Bored of blops 2 on Wiiu , but do play it every now and again. I’m adicted to mass effect 3 online on my Wiiu right now. Mass effect 3 multiplayer is too good.

      1. Sure bro! add me – xNintedwardx , I won’t be going online on my Wiiu till tomorow so add me and I will accept tomorow :)

          1. I’ve only just got a new internet connection on my house about 5 days ago , So i’ve not played much online yet , i have one level 20 Human Mail soldier and a few other character who are low level and i’m working on now.

            What level are you overall ?

            1. I have a 225 rating overall. I main my Batarian soldier that I just promoted. I also enjoy the Salarian Engineer, and Quarian Adept. both lvl 20 and promoted twice :D

              1. Sweet! I will catch up to you eventually! Lovin my maxed out grenades on my soldier , really fucks everything up , you see a swarm of people throw a mazed out grenade and it just wipes them all out lol!

                1. You should see a Batarians Inferno grenades, less damage but, over time it takes a buttload of damage, draining the enemies life. EPIC!

    1. I’ve heard great things about the series, but never played it. Should I even bother getting the game? I was hoping they’d bring out the other two to Wii U first, but doubt it.

      1. YES. Here is a mini review just for you scott on why you should get mass effect 3 for wii. I’m gunna do it on +’s and -‘s
        + You get an interactive darkhorse comic for mass effect 1 and 2 which is pretty cool if you pay attention to it
        + 30 hour + campaign with some DLC included
        + Runs perfectly on Wiiu , identically to xbox 360…
        + Off screen play
        + AMAZING , addictive online 4 Player coop which you have to unlock new characters , weapons armours and fight waves of enemies in various arena’s.
        + Voice chat , invites all that jazz
        + AMAZING touch screen commands and Gamepad map. touch your allies icon on the map screen of the gamepad and tell them where to go by dragging their icon on the map.

        – No mass effect 1 or 2 on wiiu
        – Controversial ending to the series which had many series followers scratching their heads.

        9/10 . It’s worth buying just for the extremely robust and addictive online , the campaign and sidequest are also awesome. Is it the best place to play ME3 ? probably not as other consoles have character importation , but none the less if you have bought a new Wiiu and are new to the series , this is for you.

    2. OMG WTF ,… I’m doing exactly the same thing in the same order … stoped playing Black Ops 2 online after prestige 8 .. 2 weeks ago .. and nowI’m doing Mass Effect 3 for the second time at demencial and I’m lvl 265 N7 online. And believe it or not but I prefer the online mode of ME3 .. the replayability is infinite.

      1. Agreed ! Mass effect 3 online is a Masterpiece of coop online play. Add me bro – xNintedwardx

        U add and I will accept later on!

  2. Eh, idk if that’s going to be enough to get me to hop on CoD after not playing it for a couple months. Just don’t see the need too.

  3. Sure that makes sense. All the platforms are covered. Xbox:check, PlayStation 3:check,PC:check, Wii U:check. Looks like everything is awesome here. WTF about some DLC for the Wii U? It has to be same time as Playstation3 and PC. I won’t leave Nintendo for Xbox. I would boycott Activision. Trust me it’s been 20+years since I’ve owned any Nike.

  4. that sucks i have no proper internet and my wiiu isn’t working btw quick question does any one know what info that you need to give nintendo if you have to send something in for repairs?

  5. fuck this game on any console, this series is garbage and is makeing the vedeo game industry dull, i bet a lot of you just started playing it just because its on wii u, which is sad

    1. I was into CoD big time during CoD 4 : modern warfare , but I got sick of it and barely touched it ever again , untill blops 2 on Wiiu. I wanted to try out the screen each feature , and it’s pretty fun . When friends and family cone around we will always have a dual screen fight on cod , or we can go online and have a screen each.

      The game is the same old boring CoD though at the end of day.

  6. I usually just play zombies and local multiplayer. That and lately I’ve been playing too much Arkham City to care lol

  7. Hey guys I was wondering something about BO2 for wii u. And can’t find any shit on the web. Well to the question. Is there 4 player local on zombies?. And If ground war 9 vs 9, because i saw it was 8 vs 8. please help asked in youtube, but no reply from anybody.

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