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Amazon Posts Watch Dogs Wii U Box-Art


Amazon has just posted the box-art for Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Watch Dogs which is confirmed to be released this holiday season for Nintendo’s latest home console. The box-art is likely to be a placeholder as the game is still a long way from release. Amazon also has a tentative release date of December 31st. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before Ubisoft announces the official release date.

Update: The box-art is the real deal.

Thanks, Mike S

248 thoughts on “Amazon Posts Watch Dogs Wii U Box-Art”

      1. While you, Aeolus and other haters are still here trying to be a troll, Nintendo still will exist, because Nintendo still bothers you, fucking haters.

        By the way, Watch Dogs for Wii U will be the best version, not because of the graphics, but because of the gamepad.

            1. No, you only see him as a hater because he has mixed views on Nintendo. That’s the issue with this site, say one thing that isn’t pro Nintendo and you’re a hater/troll

              1. Respectfully, I don’t think most people care about someone’s opinion of Nintendo, it’s HOW you say it. For example, if a person said’s in every article, “Nintendo sucks”, then that gets old pretty quick. After I see the same group of people doing that, I start to think, “why are you here if that’s how you feel”?

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  1. Oh! Snap Ark 2, Jet backpack that looks nice marvelous gorgeous beautiful and marvelous. I will buy the game, put it up for three months then play it. This because life’s callings, work, reading and Monster hunter 3 Ultimate shall have my undivided attention.

  2. Official release date: same day as the ps4.

    But really you’re going to get a downgraded port if you don’t get the 720,ps4, or PC version.

    1. The will all use the AnvilNext engine most likely. If AC3 a direct xbox360 port is anything to go buy of the AnvilEngine’s capabilities; taking the criterion Need for speed ‘PC’ edition and all the qualities like physics, and technical enhancements, the Wii U version shall be great also.

          1. So a demo counts as a full game available on the market now?

            And Trine 2 is not 1080p, the game is 720p.

            What’s these other “few titles”? Don’t give me a “few” list the goddamn games.

            oh right they don’t exist

    2. Wii U Version isn’t a downgraded port. They have been working on this the whole time they have been making the PS4 and the new Xbox versions.

    3. downgraded like how? graphics? resolution? If I want a better version of the game in terms of aesthetics then I’d get the PC version. I’m focused on gameplay henceforth why I’d get the Wii U version

  3. “Amazon Posts Watch Dogs Wii U Box-Art” – “The box-art is likely to be a placeholder…”
    I don’t get, why you’re posting these kind of “news” :/

      1. After need for speed using modern PC textures on WIiu and much improved lighting ,and assets , there’s no reason why this won’t too. The launch games were rushed and lazy. The devs wanted to get the games out for day 1 and didn’t polish them or bother to make them look better, With a bit of time , you would think they can make the games look a lot better on wiiu , just like NFS.

        1. Like i said
          Ps4 games= 1080p native 60 fps
          Wiiu games= 720p native 30 fps
          Not much difference that the people think they will.

            1. yup thats almost true, just like Sonic All star Racing Transformed on 3DS, its suffers from frame rate mainly because it has too many graphics and things going on while the Mario Kart 7 almost feels like its running in 60FPS and it has less things going, but it still maintains its creative and unique graphics and design

          1. Indeed. And Wiiu should get SOME advanced effects like textures and lighting which puts it ahead of last gen consoles.

          2. No dude you are misinformed. The Wii U is also capable of running games in native 1080p and @ 60fps and it will be capable of running next-gen engines like Unreal Engine 4, Unity 4, Luminous, Cry-Engine 3, Frostbyte 2 and maybe even the new Capcom engine. Games like MH3 Ultimate and Rayman Legends are already running in native 1080p so what the f**k are you talking about? LMFAO!!! And btw…Sony said that having games in native 1080p and running at 30ps will most likely be their focus.. .so 60fps??? dunno

            1. this is so true. correct me if i am wrong , but didn’t Micro$oft release a more powerful xbox 360 during the current generation?

            2. No , what Macarony 64 is saying is true. Of course the Wiiu can run Native 1080p , the ps3 can , but can it run complex games at native 1080p ? Will developers opt for native 720p so they can squeeze more out of the system ? probably yes.

              The Wiiu will average a resoloution of Native 720p , 30/60FPS with few games running at 1080p 30/60FPS. To me this doesn’t matter , if the Wiiu can run watchdogs at native 720p upscaled to 1080p , then who gives a shit if the PS4 version is native 1080p ? does it really matter ? the difference is unnoticable to the untrained eye.

              Pikmin 3 and wonderfull 101 are 720p 60FPS upscaled to 1080p on Wiiu , confirmed. for example

              1. This ^ is what i meant if we can get games that are coming to more powerful console whit just a bit less resolution and frames i will not mind.

                1. Exactly. Let’s be serious there is probably no way the Wiiu can run watch dogs at 1080p 60FS , Or at least the developers won’t be bothered to push the Wiiu that hard , they will just put a nice 720p , 30FPS job on there with some nice PC/ next gen assets,

                  1. true but it (Wii U) will probably run 720p in 60FPS and better lighting, textures and more traffic and people than last gen (ps360), it will par PS4 which will probably be 1080p in 60FPS .

              1. No it wont…. Sony already confirmed the PS4 will be priced corectly, you have the interview on IGN.

                I will predict 400-500 dollars.

                  1. Of course it won’t be as cheap as Wii U, PS4 has a crap load more power under the trunk and doesn’t have to worry about the second screen. They aren’t using Cell this time which makes it considerable less. My guess is 600-700 AUD. Not too bad really.

                    1. The thing that makes Wiiu $300 retail is the Gamepad. Nintendo have already stated to replace the Gamepad it will cost you $130 and to replace the console $170. The PS4 will probably cost about $399 for the most basic model .

                      So take away the Wiiu gamepad and the PS4 controller and you’re looking at about a $170 console vs a $370

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                    2. Oh, did I strike a nerve with you? ;) Such an angry fanboy.

                      Shit the fuck up? I have no idea how I would do that.

                    3. jellybean you are not really solving anything when you get into peoples arguements, just let the troll and the fanboy fight with whatever words he wants, im pretty sure you saw worse from this site.

    1. If the WIiu version has the same gameplay/world/ content and Gamepad features and some better graphics than the ps3 and 360 version , I dunno. You never know bro.

      Picture this – the police cars are storming down the street , you peer down at the gamepad , press the hack button , the bollards pop up and the police cars smash into the bollards as you’ve just looked back up at the tv. Then you switch to of screen play mode without the need of a vita to do so. Then you go on to draw a picture of watchdogs on miiverse.

      I’m getting the Wiiu version.

      1. it would be cool if you could hack security cameras and have the camera feed on the gamepad whilst you move on the tv glancing at the gamepad to see if anyone is coming. I actually think this is what the wii u needs to do more, start using the gamepad to show a different perspective rather than the extra space for soft buttons but im sure it will come and nintendo will maximise its potential after all they must have had something in mind when they decided to make a console with a second screen. my only concern is if the gamepad gets unique views etc i dont think offscreen play would be an option for that game anymore.

      2. That’s how I’m hoping they’ll develop it for the Wii U. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hope it’s not a lazy map/menu/inventory use that we get out of the gamepad for this game.

        1. cough Assassins creed 3 wiiu cough :)

          Yeah , it has to have at least a basic , generic hacking button on the touchscreen , if not a few minigames also like Batman.

          I loved the touchscreen functionality in Batman on Wiiu , some of it is genius.

      3. share you stuff on MiiVerse without pressing some stupid “share” and removing start and select buttons on your controller and hey that thing on the center of Ps4 controller looks like trapdoor for start/select. LOL hahhah

      4. Damn…pretty much summed up all the reasons why I’m getting Watchdogs for Wii U instead of the PC version. I’m eager to see how the devs use the gamepad in this case

        1. They would be insane not to have a basic big touch screen button that says HACK on it , you know ? :)

          I would say it’s all but guaranteed , it’s the only way they can make up for the Wiiu’s lack of PS4/720 grunt. Off screen play is nice aswell :)

                1. you’re the real jellybean for sure, I always remember those comments by others stating that your gravatar looks like a dick

                    1. Only to fanboys and idiots. You’re both of them in one. Also coming from a guy who accuses others of raping family members in a last ditch effort, you can’t say shit ;)

                    2. And you proved my point. Did you know the reason thanks australians pay more is to ensure that your country of thiefs dont steal everything at the docks?

                    3. Oh so fanboys are not only perverted, but racist? And people condone it? Tsk Tsk Tsk Nintendo fanboys are pretty pathetic.

                    4. Racist? In what way is a fact that your goverment steal from you but no you just have to damage controll everything and for your info i was using a simpson reference whit a bits of facts to attack you and just you.

          1. That’s already untrue. The Wii never got franchises such as Asassins creed , Watchdogs , Tekken , Ninja gaiden , Project cars etc. The Wiiu is already a big improvement over the wii on third party support , even though it isn’t yet on par with its rival in that respect.

            1. But the problem is do we want to have another PS2? Much third party games are nice but would you really want a version that might be downgraded?
              The PS2 was successful and everything but we alk know that that didn’t prevent it from the JAGGIE, BLURRY, SMUDGY, LAGGY, LOW DETAILED and UGLY Multiplats.

              It also didn’t make Resident Evil 4 better.

                1. It’s not the actual graphics it’s the fact that the a game might need to be downgraded but gets sold for the full price and it’s a bad feeling to know that someone plays a game while knowing that there is a cheaper and more advanced version out there.

                  By the way Resident Evil 4 on tue PS2 was a pain conpared to the Gamecube version.
                  GC was smooth – PS2 lagged a lot
                  GC had much detail – PS2 lacked a lot of the environment
                  GC had Anti Aliasing and a flicker free image – PS2 was the complete opposite.

                  1. This^ , dat gamecube version. The ps2 version came late for a reason – downscaling , lol. Sonyfans act like that shit never happened.

                  2. that’s the thing. Who knows. It’s a similar situation with the more than possible outcome of ps4 and wii u. If they take their time, fully tweak and fine-tune the game then there won’t be remotely as much of that if at all. We’re already hearing that the Wii U has fantastic hardware and easy to develop for so it’s really up to the Devs to actually put work into it rather than blaming it on the system’s hardware.

                  3. but would you mind if that version looked like an enhanced version of the best ps3 and 360 games? they may be able to lower the load by reducing the number of people in the background or the draw distance etc. The graphics shown on the ps4 looked impressive but that doesnt mean the benchmark for wii u games is all of a sudden shit. Everything I saw on the conference aswell looked for some reason like it was too glossy. I dont know whether it was just to showcase enhanced lighting but i didnt like how everything had a sheen to it. It made things look a bit un-natural to me

              1. It made resident evil 4 worse. The PS2 was about 50% wekaer than the Gamecube. Although it did have bigger disc space.

                  1. True. But Nintendo has created a nice little HD platform mainly for exclusives. Multiplats are important but not as important as games like Bayonetta 2 , Lego city , Wonderfull 101 etc….

      1. The horspower of the Wii U is NOT THE MAIN problem for future multiplats. You can bet all your money that the 720 will use PC parts aswell. That means we have THREE platforms that have the same x86 CPU architecture but the Wii U has a Power PC processor which is made for totally different things. We all know what happens to systems that are totally different in terms of architecture (*cough* PS3 *cough*) than the lead platform. The weaker hardware of the Wii U will start to be a problem one day…..but you don’t need to worry right now because that takes some years until the Wii U is maxed out So CPU & GPU aside we also have the problem with the RAM. PS4 has 4 times the amount of RAM the Wii U has and over 10 times the bandwith of the Wii U DDR3 RAM. So Open world games will LOOK AND RUN TERRIBLE on the Wii U. Also simce the PS4 has x86 architecture and off the shelf PF parts it will be easier to program for than the Wii U because developers can now use all of their PC experience AND the optimiziation experience they will learn.
        AGAIN the problem is NOT the Wii U’s power it’s the amount of RAM and the totally different system architecture.

          1. Yes I saw it and like I say Wii U games aswell as PS4,720 games will start to look better as time goes on. But I might happen faster with the PS4 since it has the well know PC tech insode of it.

            P.S. All PC gamers can look forward to MUCH better looking games WITHOUT upgrading their hardware since console ports will benefit of the familiar instruction set, the familiar architecture, the use of more CPU cores and the high amount of RAM.

      2. Ok, so here’s another guy who has read the future, apparently (the Kevin Butler effect?)….because all companies will be able to afford the time, money and resources involved in making games for the PS4….and it will definitely have an install base to make that worthwhile…

      1. I love it. People on this site see a post they disagree with so they attack the poster instead of the post. Gamers are an embarrassment these days.

        1. The surface doesn’t even have analogs or dpad or buttons etc and im sure MS wouldn’t be to happy with you comparing a $600 tablet to a controller

            1. sorry, my bad. the gamepad is very comfortable thoug, if you havnt tried it you really should the screen is large but it kinda the perfect size

              1. I mean it about as seriously as the name “PS3 grill”. But honestly I’m not a big fan of the Gamepad IM they should have used a 5″ screen with qHD resolution, a capacitive-inductive touch (like on the drawing tablets) because of less pixelation, a smaller form and the capacitive-inductive touch tech can detect 1024 different strenghts of pressure.

  4. Sony fans, you know I bash drones and smash exbots, trolls, well trolls are left to self demise hilariously to our amusement. Sony fans for me as an individual the PS4 impressed me, the blueray player and the cross world help is innovation that if Sony used wisely could help re-establish them as a gaming mainstay for sony fans and multiple console owners.

  5. Wii U won’t be left behind when PS4 and.720.arrives. I can feel it. I also know 3rd party games will be new and fresh as the years go by

  6. Cool, i still think i’ll get it for the PS4 (if i have one by then), depends on what functionalities the WiiU version has, or the PS4 version has.

  7. * * * * *This is probably my most Anticipated Next-Gen 3rd-Party game this Year. I’m definetly buying this, Most Likely for the Wii U Since I’m pretty sure there’s No way in hell that i’m gonna Buy an Expensive PS4 Day 1, And i’m pretty sure it’ll utililize the Gamepad in Creative ways ^_^!

    1. i think it will do fine, the install base will be much larger by then and if gta v doesn’t show up on the wiiu i think that could really push the sales even higher

    2. Hard to say. Most Nintendo fans despise Ubisoft currently me included. This would have sold better if the Rayman disaster never happened.

      1. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about Rayman. This game looks awesome and I’m glad they’re bringing it over to the WiiU.

  8. This game could be, the better version on WiiU in terms of graphics and gameplay; i’m putting all my faith on this.
    I want to buy a WiiU in this year.

      1. Exactly, I’m with you guys. I’m planning to work too, so i can get a wiiU, only because this great wave of games that are coming.(first and third parties). I have faith this time around in Nintendo, it’s kinda different feeling from the Wii, i knew it’s gonna satisfied Nintendo fans only and casuals, but this time its a whole lot different. WiiU it’s a more open console, better graphics, and i think cost to develop good games with the same resources from this generation will let developers happy; another different take you’ll have with ps4/x720.
        I think at the end of the road, nintendo will be second or first this time around; at the end of 2013 even if they don’t have all that super horsepower that others have; WiiU will accomplished the objective. Bring us more, better games and Fun games.

  9. Correct if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Playstation 2 slightly weaker in comparison to the Gamecube and original Xbox. Then, the thing grew out to be a monster as the years went on with all the games it got.

    1. PS2 was roughly the same power as its competition. PS1 also was. Then Sony though they could blow everyone away after 2 successful systems under their belt lol.

  10. sonys outdated controller makes every game on ps bad. graphics means nothing. what good is a car with 1500hp when it cant turn for shit. sony is done.

  11. i will never understand why ppl think ps2 was the same gen as gc and xbox.. clearly ps2 was on par with dc as gc and xbox look twice as good as ps2 games.

    1. It was the same gen as they were out during the same console war. That is what decides the gen. Otherwise the PS1 would not even be close to the same gen as N64 :S

      1. snes and ps1 are the same gen. n64 was 100times better then ps2 as was snes over ps1… sony really fails at gaming.. when are they are see they have no ps market left? 360 won over ps2 gamers… whats ps3 done? besides a buch of unknown fps games that suffer from a controller from 1995

  12. Can’t wait to see graphics comparisons of this game.
    PS3 vs PS4 to see the difference.
    Also Wii U vs PS4 will be interesting.

    1. Who cares about graphics comparisons, pixels and extra shaders will not change the story of a videogame, damn this game looks epic.

      1. I agree 100% but some people will be like : “PS4 is teh best console ever! Look at these graphics! Derp.”
        Wii U has unique features that should make this version better, if used correctly.

      2. Actually it can. More detailed the graphics are could add new gameplay in. Reading there faces to see if they are lying for example.

          1. I would prefer something ala mass effect that by seeing there emotions you decide what desitions you would make and if you are realy building trust or they are just using you for there plans.

        1. the gamepad will change the gameplay aspect leaps and bounds more than a few added shaders.

          I mean how much fucking better graphics do you whores want?? Gamecube is enough for me! Everything else is just gravy. Heck WarioWare is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME and most the time the graphics look like Atari 2600 lol!!

    2. This game will look probably better ( a little bit ) on PS4 … but the Wii U will have the gamepad. And imagine all the possibilities with the touch screen and this game can bring … if Ubisoft use their brains.

  13. Can’t we enjoy either only graphics or only gameplay? (Or both) I like my games that look beautiful aswell as great gameplay. Like seriously, It’s all down to personal preference. As long as you don’t use graphics to criticize the entire game then fine! Jeez, i’m sick of seeing the “graphic whore” insult. Both gameplay and graphics play a part in making games.

    1. You have a point BUT what we’ll see this gen is ps4 with a little better graphics and Wii U with gamepad gameplay.

      I personally prefer slightly lower graphics with gamepad input. But the ps4 fanboys are like “Graphicks a tiny bit better than Wii U so it will be betterrr!!”

  14. Ps4 7.6 stronger then ps3. Wii u 4 or 5 times stronger then ps3, that means that the ps4 is at most 3.6 stronger then the wii u. But nintendo games always looks better then the ps3 games, so you don’t gonna see a lot of differents.

    8 gig of the ps4, maybe 2 or 3 gig for games, and do you all know why?? cause the features the ps4 have need a lots of ram!

    1. 8GB of DDR5 memory…….UNIFIED!

      Wii U is not that much more powerful, especially not CPU wise…. GPU wise probably. Nintendo games are looking always better than PS3 games? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? in terms of art style games, maybe some games but in terms realistic looking games the PS3 games and especially PS3 exclusives are looking much much better than Nintendo games.

      1. Yes that is what i thinking, come on dude mario galaxy is not hd, but it looks awsome that’s what i mean. the way nintendo makes there games it looks better. Cpu wise the ps4 is also not stronger then the ps3,1,6 ghz cpu and it is a laptop cpu in the ps4. The *gb ddr memory will most use for the features believe me. I like what i saw, but i have seen to much tech demos on that show, i am not yet blowing away, the techdemo from the wii u is also nice, and that was with early devkits. so i think i will be not that much leap against the wii u!

        1. Mario Galaxy seems to be a favorite among visual droolers. So just IMAGINE what they’re whipping up for Mario 3D on Wii U!!

          My prediction is that 3D Mario will be the best looking game at E3 2013. This doesn’t mean the Wii U is more powerful, just using history as a foreshadower.

      2. What if Nintendo releases some kind of ram extender like the n64 one ,, I don’t know if its possible or not but a man can dream right ?? ;)

        1. Nintendo doesn’t need it. They have the best graphic developers in the Industry. Just wait until Retro Studios’ project and “Mario Galaxy 3” are shown.

  15. Can’t wait for this game!

    Guys stop this fight over specs, it doesn’t matter! We’ll be playing this, Zelda, Mario games, Metroid, Star fox what ever comes from Nintendo.

  16. I’m a little skeptical that they might not try too hard to impress with this on the wii u. I say this from the point of view that they showed this on stage alongside Sony at the ps4 debut and I think Sony are going to want them to say the ps4 version is the definitive version. I think Sony would be pretty pissed if this released at launch for ps4 (which seems likely) and ubisoft were saying the were loads of features unique to wii u (which will be about a year old come Xmas) It would be a kick in the teeth for ps4. I hope I am wrong though and they give it as much love but I just think they won’t want to jeopardize their relationship with Sony. 

    1. I don’t think they would mind. There have been other meetings and conferences (such as E3) where devs have featured a game only to have exclusive features for another company. They’re not that cut-throat.

      1. Yeah I hope your right. Was just reading this though. Seems its coming out on PS4 first and they are saying all versions will be pretty much the same.

  17. I have had it with this site. Sickr, you obviously don’t care about your followers. The site has been overrun with trolls for weeks now, and you haven’t done znything at all to stop it. I’ve even been accused of trolling just because I don’t enter my e-mail adress in. It’s a shame, because this is a very good news site, but you have literary killed it. Goodbye.

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  19. Guys, wake the fuk up and dont let haters get under your skin!! just ignore them..haters will hate..Wii U rocks !

  20. Watch Dogs on Wii U will be the best version if you ask me…and it’s obvious why ! Gamepad baby! just imagine using it as the smartphone!

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