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Select Nintendo 3DS eShop Games Going On Sale For A Limited Time

crashmo_characterNintendo has announced that every week until the end of March, select games will be on sale for a limited time in the North American Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. The sequel to Pushmo, Crashmo, originally priced at $8.99, is this week’s sale and currently costs $5.99. Below is a list of which games will go on sale in the Nintendo eShop within the period, along with their discounted prices in parenthesis. Which game(s) do you plan on grabbing during the sale?

  • February 28th – Fractured Soul ($7.99)
  • March 7th – Sakura Samurai ($4.99)
  • March 14th – Ketzal’s Corridors ($4.99)
  • March 21st – Mutant Mudds ($5.99)

18 thoughts on “Select Nintendo 3DS eShop Games Going On Sale For A Limited Time”

    1. Typical Nintendo fanboys getting mad. The eShop only has crappy casual games for unmanly losers. Anyone who thinks these games are good are profound retards.

  1. This makes me crazy mad! Why the shit would Nintendo focus so much on shutting out the 3 major regions from each other? Why can’t Europe get this sale? I see no reasons…

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