Conception II Announced For Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita


The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals that a sequel to role-playing game Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!, which launched last year for the PlayStation Portable, is being developed for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Conception II is scheduled to launch in Japan this summer. We don’t know whether the upcoming title will eventually hit the West, but its predecessor was released only in Japan.


    1. PS4 and Xbox 720 suck! All the multiplats will look better, be cheaper on PC, plus I can just pirate the exclusives! PC AND NINTENDO 4 LIFE BITCHES!

      1. hmm, PC I think that they don’t have exclusives, but they have Emulators, Indie games, and multiplatform games, so yeah, if you have a Nintendo console and a gaming PC, you have 99% of all the games (guarantee).

      2. Does it cost a lot to be a PC gamer? That’s what I’m most concerned with updating specs all the time

      3. hmm, It depends of what PC you want to use. I use a Laptop with a GeForce GTX 560m and a core i7 and it works pretty decent in almost every game. If you don’t what to play on a PC, just switch to the Wii U and done, not a big deal, but the benefit of both will be the game library.

      4. How much was you PC? I want to just weighing costs seeing when a good time frame to get one would be

      5. hmm, my laptop cost me around 2800 bucks (because of the blue-ray reader, the CPU, the GPU, hard drive, RAM, and all that stuff.). but you can do your own gaming PC, without using so much money, search in youtube and you will find some good examples of what I’m talking about.

      6. There are plenty of PC-exclusive games…just Google it, IGN has a list of 50 for 2013. MMOs in particular are usually PC-only.

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      8. I don’t think Bill would show up here, seeing this game is also announced on the VITA, meaning he can’t say: ”gay anime game for unmanly consoles like the 3ds”

    2. Game synopsis, you get anime high school girls… pregnant… to make… anime babies… to save the world.

      You tell me.


      1. Um… Sickr, ban?
        I’ve seen people do this before. I have no idea if it does anything.

      2. He will never ban me because I always click on the ads on this site which gives Sickr money. Why would he ban a source of revenue?

      3. Because you’re blatant idiocy will deter people away from this site, therefore losing more revenue.

  1. What’s the Playstation Vita? Is that a new handheld? Never heard of it before ;D

      1. And you’re a worthless nintendrone that likes sucking on marios fat cock

      2. I play on PC too! Go play Gaylo or Nathan Drake’s Tranny Quest loser!

      3. You go play with your faggot wii sports and world of warcraft on your Pathetic Computer

      4. Just like they said about the 3DS? I hate how all the Nintendo fans are loving what you’re doing. Yet they hate it when trolls complain about Nintendo. I know we’re Nintendo fans here but if you don’t want people making fun of your interests then don’t make fun of theirs.

      5. But PS and Xbox are filled with a bunch of little pre-pubescent and high scholl CoD swagbros that are selfish and totally oblivious to how the world works.

      6. And what do you think you sound like right now? That’s right! You’re little CoD buddies!

      7. I woulen’t claim its awful, this was a joke. It is a hood system just has yet to live up to its potential, perhaps if it gets a price drop and some more games it can thrive. However, I as well see it is in a bad prediciment and needs something or else it will not be able to recover, which I sincerely hope doesn’t happen.

      1. Yes. I love Nintendo but I hate these kind of fans. They give us a bad rap.

      2. Give us a bad rap? No I would say the fuck Sony and Microsoft ones do, this was a simple joke. It was not meant to go out of hand. :P pleases read my lower reply.

      3. Not really, I was joking. You know a joke? J-o-k-e, joke. Its what people do when they’re bored. I love gaming period, I would own a Ps3 and a Vita, they’re just too expensive. I just bought myself a new laptop for college and I already have a family 360, a Wii, a 3ds, a Ps2, an N64, and I’ve owned both the original xbox, the ps, and the psp. I get around with consoles and handhelds. I’m a gaming slut lmfao, of course not literally. I was just joking because it seems as though the Vita is a lot less well known then it deserves, and it is quite overpriced.

      1. Oh come off it, it was a joke, I at least respect the handheld. I don’tbgo around bashing it and saying its shit, I’m not even close to these Sony drones you guys claim I embody. No, it was just me being bored and getting a quick laugh. I like the Vita, I respect it, but sometimes you make fun of things or people you respect because you know they can be a lot better. I am not solely a nintendo fan, I am a gaming fan. I attempt to buy as many consoles as I can, with what limited budget I have. However, right now with college, lack of a job, and with the expense I will not buy any consoles/handhelds. Even if I could Vita needs a price drop and needs more games, so I would still hold back.

  2. Wouldn’t get it even if it came to the West. So many anime games come out of Japan. I have never heard of this one just like the rest of them.

    1. The game is about getting high school girls pregnant so they can save the world… Does that sound like it’ll ever make it to the west?

      1. Okay.. It’s official. If the game came to the West I would NOT purchase it. WTF is this game ? XD

  3. It’s pretty sad when people called gamers bash on other systems just because of sales(which are staring to pick up). I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but where is all this hate for the Vita coming from? I think it’s a pretty cool system and is better than the 3DS in someways(power), and the 3DS is better than it in others(the current line up of awesome games). Sony people bashed the 3DS so much because of the horrible sales in the beginning, now Nintendo fans are bashing Sony with a vengeance. Don’t be a hypocrite and just appreciate the cool new things that each system brings to the table.
    :) Sorry, just had to get that rant out

    1. Thank you, Common Sense! I’m so happy when a game is released for every system, because that means more people have the opportunity to play, and more people are working. In my book, that’s a win win situation!

    2. yeah! you’re right Vita is a good damn device,even the NintyFAGS want a Vita but they just want the sames games of MarioSucks,Pokédrug and so on.

      1. hahahaha! Baby swagbro Nova can’t afford a gaming PC! I would rather play Mario than Nathan Drake’s Tranny Quest on Vita!

      2. Aw, baby is taking off his diapers to play on PC with the MEN while also playing baby nintendo games

      3. Awwwww! Poor little CoD swagbro mad cause he can’t buy a gaming computer or anything other than a $1 bag of candy for that matter? Don’t worry when you turn 16 you will be able to work a job, Anon.

      4. I’d honestly put you in the same category as those Cod Swagbro’s. You’re a disgrace of a gamer.

      5. Its called life but you wouldn’t know that cause your fat ass is always on the computer playing skyrim and WOW. Come back when you decide to have a family to take care of and yes I have a PC but I don’t play on it much cause I have a life unlike you lol

      6. It’s not that. Reasonable people like me want more games that interest us. Once they do that and possibly lower the price of the memory cards I may even buy one.

    3. Thanks for saying this so I didn’t need to. These people are acting just like the Sony trolls that they were complaining about several months ago.

    4. Hey hey hey I was just joking. I respect the Vita, I just think its overpriced and needs some more games, if I had the money I would buy one. I honestly didn’t think that post would get that much attention.

      1. Agree. Japan is a leader in perversion and strange, which is strange in itself considering the small size of thier manhood. It really makes you think about the kids that will be playing this game (or games like it) in Japan, is it all a conspiracy? A conspiracy to keep the perversion prevalent in Japan by introducing it into the minds of young japenese children so that they too can one day justify thier culture’s dedication to thier continuing degradation of woman?

      2. This is why I want to go to Japan. Because they’re f*cking crazy. And I love that.

      3. You wish to visit/relocate to Japan because you are a perverted womanizer who want’s to join a culture that generally makes light of pedophile-ism and rape. Not exactly a noble reason to “go to” Japan.

  4. What ? why the hell would you make a game about Condoms ?

    (yeh , it was a joke. Sorry)

      1. I imagined it being said by Peter Griffin and it made me laugh XD

    1. Actually, the game is about the lack of condoms.

      Not entirely joking. It is about making babies.

      1. I know , I know :P , I just felt the need to make an immature joke.

        Game sounds wierd.

  5. By the sound of it, this is not my type of game. I’ll just leave it to the otakus in Japan to play this one. lol XD

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