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Nintendo Says NFC Functionality Is A Priority And Will Be Shown In The Near Future


Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that the company is set to reveal its NFC plans in the near future. Miyamoto believes that near field communication functionality is something that every Wii U owner can take advantage off, so that’s where they are putting their priorities right now. Here’s what Miyamoto had to say on the subject:

“With NFC, that’s a feature that everyone that owns a Wii U can take advantage of. So that’s what we’re putting our priorities right now. We’re hoping that in the near future we’ll be able to show you something that will take advantage of the NFC on Wii U and people will be able to enjoy that.”

133 thoughts on “Nintendo Says NFC Functionality Is A Priority And Will Be Shown In The Near Future”

  1. Make a simple Pokemon Battle arena style game that you have to buy cards or toys to put the pokemon onto your game…. done.

      1. Pokemon Wiiu NFC cards. 5 cards in a pack.

        You swipe you unlock that pokemon at a low preset level and have to train it up by fighting CPU or friends online.

        Best wiiu game ever!

        1. So its basically another form of dlc smh yet ya sony hater say this economy cant handle expenses like this rolleyes oh but since its shitendo moneys no issue hypocrates ,

      1. Hey, I had the same thought in mind. It would’ve been cool if you could use the NFC to swipe your credit/debit card for a purchase on the eshop. That would’ve been a great start to the NFC imo.

      1. In fact, there is a EB Games list with upcoming titles that leaked almost 3 weeks ago – unless I’m wrong. There we also can see May 1st as the Pikmin 3 release date.

    1. I’m guessin you are one of those people who hardly know how NFC works…
      Since the controller has an NFC chipset built inside the system it means that it will act just like the portal of power from that Skylanders game.

      1. Actually I understand perfectly how NFC works, but it seems ridiculous to focus on it and not just deliver games that already have that functionality I.e. sky landers portal not needed for Wii u version! Also NFC chips are not recyclable, I worked for a company that used large format thermal printers and we went through a lot of thermal ribbon and the cassettes for the ribbon had NFC chips built into them. It’s old tech that’s just now affordable for mainstream.

  2. Why not just make a Pokemon game for the Wii U!?!? NFC support would help the game, and dlc. Yeah, STILL sad that they didnt announce a pokemon rpg for the Wii U yet.

  3. The PlayStation 4 will utilize a semi-custom accelerated processing unit (APU) developed by AMD in coordination with Sony.[16] Its APU will be a single-chip solution that combines a CPU and GPU, as well as other components such as a memory controller and video decoder.[16] The central processing unit (CPU) consists of eight x86-64 cores based on the upcoming Jaguar CPU architecture from AMD.[16] This processor marks a change from the “powerful but difficult to develop for” Cell processor found in the PlayStation 3.[17] The graphics processing unit (GPU) consists of 18 compute units to produce a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 TFLOP/s.[11] This computing power can be used for graphics, physics simulation, or a combination of the two. Eurogamer calls the graphics technology in the PS4 “impressive” and an improvement from the difficulties developers experienced on the PlayStation 3.[18] The console also includes a secondary custom chip which handles tasks associated with downloading, uploading, and social gaming.

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    1. It has a Jaguar CPU because it will suffer the same fate as the Atari Jaguar. You expect people to pay almost 1000 for a system accessories and games in this bad economy when they have so many other cheaper gaming choices? Even big time first party sony developers like naughty dog know the ps4 will flop they said making the huge games with such complex graphics is impossible in this economy.

    2. Yes, but from the looks of it it will be ridiculously easy to emulate and therefore easy to pirate…

      …i remember another system which was very easy to pirate games to, what was it called again? Dream something and was made by SEGA before they left the hardware bussiness.

  4. Has Ubisoft moved forward on NFC utilization? There is a nice video elsewhere using this technology on Rayman Legends.

  5. Theory: Since Rayman Legends was pushed back untill fall 2013, ubisoft is going to add that cool nfc feature they showed off back at e3!

  6. I don’t believe you people are grasping all of the potential that this has. Screen mirroring is the first thing I thought people would think of but you guys aren’t experiencing your full imagination with the NFC. Plus some other things to think about is what if that 3rd device nintendo talked about somehow has to do with this or maybe even the whole holographic tech and 3D. Think about it. I feel that nintendo is purposely making things seem bleak for E3.

    1. it’s becoming bigger and bigger in smartphones and someday it could very well be huge, but for consoles?
      not sure, as of right now i just want great games! ^^

  7. NFC has no potential towards improving gameplay, it’s just a reason for you to buy overpriced plastic mario dolls. Don’t even try trolling me or Ill start calling you nintendorks from now on or maybe nintendrones which do you prefer?

        1. I know., but hey, I at least I don’t troll people with weak facts, or call everyone “Nintenfags” “Virgins”, “Sonydrones” or “Microshiters” just because I like one company over the other, or because this “A” company is “superior” than this “B” company. I just put this kids in reality. “NFC has no potential towards improving gameplay?”, that statement is retarded, did you ever seen this functionally in a real life test? no. this kind of people just with the fact that is Nintendo, they just talk shit about it, without knowing how this functionally will change the gamer experience in the near future.

            1. Oy!
              First you put forth YOUR OPINION as if it’s a god-given fact, when it is obvious that you’ve given very little thought to the possible functions.
              THEN, you say “Don’t troll me or I’ll start calling you stuff”, which is basically the same thing as saying “Don’t contest my opinion in any negative fashion or I’ll consider you a troll!”, then you give us a choice of which label we’d prefer you to use.

              And on top of that, you chose a less-than-complimentary screen name that practically screams “I’m here to troll!”.

              At this point, I don’t think you have the right to request not being messed with, when you demand we don’t troll you yet you troll us in the exact same message.

              You want to be taken seriously?
              Start with fleshing out your opinions with some substantial, debate-worthy reasons backing them.
              A name change would help, too.

          1. now that i read your “paragraph” you call me retarded when you can’t even talk properly way to make fun of people with handicaps asshole! And on top of that you call me a troll for stating my opinion yet you give no argument or points to argue back except by calling me retarded.

            1. hmm no, did I call you retarded?, the statement is retarded, not you. we don’t know who this will work, simple as that. you and me and us have not even tried that functionality yet… Saying “NFC has no improvement to gameplay” is not a real fact, or did you have tried any NFC “dolls”? I guess not.

                  1. Sorry for my grammar, nobody is perfect in this world. I’m not even American or European to write in perfect English. But I try my best to correct any wrong spelling, sorry.

                    1. why dont you try not being an annoying troll. the reason there is a comment section is so people can talk, make friends or debate, not to be a troll

                    2. True, ok then, I will try to stop doing this, and been more “normal”, but, If I see another Troller accusing, offending others with no reason, and talking shit about any videogame company, I will not stop… but yeah… you got your points… peace?

                    3. I am sorry for sounding like a jerk.. But with that username I can hardly take what you just said about trolling seriously. That combined with your statement about that NFC can not improve gameplay makes you seem like a troll yourself.

                      NFC has potentional to improve gameplay in the long run just as the Wii has done already (I know Eye toy came out before it and the power glove even longer before, but the Wii took it into the mainstream). Now it is standard to have some kind of motion control on home consoles and I think NFC can lead to the same thing. It might not appeal to the core gamers, but I can easily see how it might have a strong appeaval to the casual market which after all is a majority of the market. I can also see how this could make room for a great tcg like game that could both be played online and irl with the same cards. Your imagination seems to be the limit with this one.

                      1. Fire, you picked the wrong one, I was saying that the NFC functionality CAN improve gameplay to the gamers in the future…. (read again my comment). and yeah, hmm my nickname is another history…

                      2. @firespin
                        Wow a non troll comment yea your right about the playing cards but did that work for PS eye of judgement? No it didnt cause no one cared. And my name doesnt make me a troll only a comment can. And peace to everyone i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings but you have to accept my opinion even if it pisses you off and if you disagree dont troll me try to make a reasonable argument.

                1. Bro, just ignore the kid. He’s not even understanding what NFC can do. It can be used for more than just payments, figurines and such. So, for you to claim that their is nothing to benefit from gamewise is purely subjective and therefore an opinion which is just that, and opinion, not a fact. Especially considering you’re lack of knowledge on NFC use as well as the open mind required to figure out what’s possible. Limited thinking stops creativity man. I already have ideas on what it’s gonna be used for.

                    1. Don’t insult others if you don’t wanna be treated the same. As for the NFC use….I can’t say for now because I’m wanting to implement my ideas onto a game. I will however give you an example out there that shows it can be used for more than what you previously thought. NFC screen mirroring. Do your research on it.

                1. You already made me cry because I am saddened at your hypocrisy and rudeness. I am not afraid to admit I cry I am not a robot.

        2. “NFC has no potential towards improving gameplay”

          Yeah, no crap. DVD players don’t improve gameplay either, but consoles have them.

        3. No,were just stating opinions on why we think your opinion is wrong.Only idiots will say something like that and not except negative comments and to be able to shoved it as “your a troll” and leave off with some stupid comeback.

        4. Wow, yes, I would be so sad and upset and my life would be ruined if some random guy on the internet started calling me a Nintendork. Aw, boo hoo. This is horrible.

          You don’t know a lick about what NFC will do for games. Your just some guy, dude.

            1. I don’t think I’m the troll here, but that’s fine. Ignore what I just said and act like nothing happens, that usually makes you look more clever.

              1. “You don’t know a lick about what NFC will do for games. Your just some guy, dude.”
                You want me to reply to this ass drivel? Your a fucking troll get it though your head .

                1. But you don’t know anything about how they’re going to use NFC. Look man, I don’t care what you say from here on out, you don’t. know. anything. about. how. Nintendo. will use. NFC. Get that through your head. Curse words makes you seem so big and strong wow

      1. Can you imagine sports cards companies working on a deal with nintendo. Make a sports game we incorporate a special collectors set with old school stars like Jordan, wilkens, bird , thomas or baseball or any other sport. You buy a pack of cards get a nfc card that’s gangsta.

          1. Disagree. Core gamers love sports games for thier competitive nature, the competition they can supply trumps all genres in this respect ‘cept maybe some strategy games. You would be hard-pressed to find an actual core gamer that doesn’t have a favorite sports franchise in his/her library.

          2. Can we stop with these false sweeping statements?
            I’m not even a fan of sports games, but the huge sales that these games get already proves your statement wrong.

      2. Virus (make us some Morph Ball yoyos Nintendo!)

        ‘Soon’ as in before E3?
        This would be cool for Pokemon and games like Baten Kaitos (where in-game characters know about/interact with the player in a cool 4th wall-breaking way).
        Its one of those ideas that get you brainstorming possible applications…

      3. The Game Informer cover reveil is a reboot of the franchise: “Thief” Planned for PS4 and PC, but not sure yet about “next gen consoleS.” So still possibility of it coming to both Xbox 720 AND the Wii U.

        1. I stoped caring if it will come to wiiu i already make my mind to get a wiiu and support only those who support Nintendo. Heck i wont even sign petitions no more because a petition is just helping lazy developers.


        Am I trying too hard?

      5. NFC is a priority because Nintendo wants to return to profitability ASAP. the shareholders, they be restless.

      6. I could see a Pokemon or Yugioh game highly benefiting from this technology. It might also help with Activision’s Skylanders and Disney’s Infinity. Who know’s what Miyamoto might do with it and how about that mysterious thing at the bottom of the Wii U Gampad? I wonder what’s that all about?

      7. Omg omg! Imagine smash bros. U! Please Nintendo make it happen. Place figurines to get an assistant? Ftw! I want a lil landmaster!

        1. More Proof myamoto steals from smartphones btw 30 yr old ninty fags want this but cant afford shit till ninty lower price on their garbage consoles lol dumbfucks ninty nfc is capcom dlc jap nostalgia zombie fags ninty gréedy chinks

          Fu bitch asshole pricks when shitendo suffer u same assclowns wanted them to increase price but when sony does it the economy is bad fu nfc is bad cüz economy nfc is dlc same gimmick die ya killing gaming ninty suckasses

      8. I am hoping for Pokemon and some really awesome action adventure platformer RPG that involves all Nintendo franchise characters with really awesome figures, I would be first in line, as long as there is a large amount of gameplay to justify it. They only thing wrong with Skylanders is there isn’t enough gameplay content to justify getting all the figures.

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