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Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Coming To 3DS eShop This Week For $20


Capcom has announced via its blog that Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week for $20. The game will come to the North America 3DS eShop on Thursday, March 7th. Will you be downloading Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D?

35 thoughts on “Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Coming To 3DS eShop This Week For $20”

    1. Sony claims Japanese Vita sales have quadrupled since the company introduced a price cut for the handheld in its home nation last month.

      According to a Gematsu, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano said yesterday that the portable is now selling roughly four times the number of units it was achieving two weeks prior to the system’s price drop on February 28.
      Japanese Vita sales came in just shy of 9,000 units during the week ended February 10. Retail monitor Media Create will release the latest Japanese hardware sales data tomorrow, when we should get a clearer picture of the price cut’s impact.

      1. Doesn’t change the fact PS Vita is nothing but a dumping ground for watered-down console ports.

          1. In all honestly though , I want to see the PS vita do OK. Why would anyone want any console to fail ? actually I would like Xbox to fail…

            But anyway yeah. The PSP and DS destroyed the Sales of Wii and PS3 in Japan. So one would presume the Ps vita SHOULD outsell the Wiiu , PS4 in japan by 2:1 at least. ….

            That is ofcourse if the vita gets some real system selling games like Gran turismo , Metal gear , etc.

    1. you are sorta right and sorta wrong, it certainly wasn’t worth 40$ but that’s because it shouldn’t be it’s own game, the mercenaries mode used to be included in actual RE games which made releasing it on it’s own seem like a HUGE ripoff

  1. Not sure if I will download this game. Sadly, the thing which sucks about it is that you can’t delete your saved file if you want to start over from square 1.

    1. there is a thing called save dongle (yes it sounds funny but lets not get into the name) the lets you extract save files from ds, dsi and 3ds game cards. i own one, more specifically i got it free when a certain site were giving out like 300 free for those who emailed them saying what you will do with it and promising to upload saves. here is what it looks like

    2. You could probably delete the game and re-download it…maybe and that will delete the save file too possibly

  2. I have it, it sucks :/ the raid mode on revelations is better than this entire game, don’t waste your money people!

  3. No I won’t. For one I suck at this game plus this game doesn’t let you delete your save file so that is a sucky thing to do for a game which should not get supported.

    But I like to see more retail games getting special pricing like this.

  4. thekidnintendowiiman

    Comes out on my birthday! I’ll use the money I know I’ll win in a Smash Bros. Melee tournament in high school to buy an eShop card.

  5. Lowering the price will not make the game any better in my opinion. Considering Revalations is releasing soon.

  6. Who the hell cares about a save file on a downloadable title? People will diss Capcom on anything, it seems. The game isn’t entirely about unlocking, its more about scoring than anything. Regardless, you should be able to reset the game if you simply wipe Mercs off your SD card so this is a non-issue with this version.

    Anyways about the game. The game is awesome and works extremely well as a portable title. I love how much variety it had and coop is amazing. At $20, this is a good buy if you’re a fan of the gameplay of the later RE games. It is my most played 3DS title with over 40 hours logged into it.

  7. That’s actually a pretty good deal. I got the retail version and enjoyed it (then again that was during the 3DS software library drought). Maybe this means that more people will be online to play with.

  8. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Well, better than the $40 retail price it was going for. But I don’t know. Since mercenaries was a free mode in RE4, I kinda feel like $10 is a better price for this game. Or less. That’s just how I feel.

  9. The only thing the game lacks is a game update to use the Circle Pad Pro. It’s tough using the CPP controls in RE:Revelations and then going back into this game, even though I bought this game when it came out at the time here in Ireland. Great game, really recommend it! It’s great fun. Please Capcom release a game update for it!

  10. Um No?
    I still have physical copy since SOMEONE made it impossible to delete your save file… My gamestop wouldn’t take it, and I wasn’t motivated to find one that would take it.

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  12. It should be $10-$15 since it’s virtually an old game and it’s an extension of a mode available in other games. The game is fun and all, and there’s plenty of content to tie you in, but it’s still lacking for that price. Nano Assault EX will be $15, and that feels like a more complete game (played the retail version).

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