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Mercury Steam Would Love To Make Metroid For Nintendo 3DS


Enric Alvarez, the co-founder and owner of Mercury Steam, the developer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, has told Game Reactor that he would personally love to make a Metroid title for the Nintendo 3DS. Alvarez said he has contemplated the idea many times, but said he couldn’t say anymore.

Of course we’ve thought of making Metroid 3DS… and that’s all I can say (laughs).

143 thoughts on “Mercury Steam Would Love To Make Metroid For Nintendo 3DS”

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          I don’t get how people say they hated the gameplay. I thought it was cool and a fun game. The story was freaking stupid, though. And backtracking through every area three or four times was infuriating.

          1. It´s not that people hate the gameplay, it is that is Ninja Gaiden gameplay in a Metroid Game what people hate.

    1. I love Other M. It’s more “Metroid” than Prime is, actually. Other M goes back to the roots of Super Metroid! (I too like the Prime Trilogy better, but Other M is great!)

        1. Yes. I’m not saying it’s better than the Prime Trilogy, but it’s not a bad game. In my opinion at least.

          1. No, Other M was a disgrace to the Metroid lore.
            Reusing enemies from Super Metroid doesnt make it more Metroid, because the original enemies look fucking stupid like the giant tree turtles, or though lava dudes, everythibg just looks stupid. Then as story and presentation was jus so stupid, its unreal. It wasnt about the game being subtle, it was just a dumb scifi b-movie, with one of the worst butchering of a character ive ever seen.

            Having the dopey enemies that are just 2 legs and those green/blue giant wasps and Nightmare doesnt make it a Metroid game

          2. You’ve got to be lying. Prime 1 captured what Metroidvania was perfectly. Other M you constantly go in a straight line. Out of the 9(Not counting Metroid 1) Metroid Games The Prime games especially Prime 1 are some of the best in the series. Other M is just bad.. It shits on everything that was established. Other M is the second to last game in the series yet it acts like a prequel.

            1. Metroid. Not

              Thats like if a game copied Zeldas gameplay and was like “IM GONA BE THE GAMEPLAY STYLE TOO NOW”

              No, fuck that, its just “like Metroid”, not “Metroidvania.
              Not even hating on Castlevania, i love it, its just a stupid and non sensical name that fcking SOTN fanboys made up.

              1. You do realize SoTN wasn’t the only game in the Castlevania series to be open ended like Metroid right? People use the term Metroidvania because it fits. But series became know for its exploration and the term became a genre. I’ve never played a Castlevania game save LoS:MoF’s demo. It’s a term thats all it is. Get over yourself.

          3. No. What define a Metroid Game? Exploration. What did allow you to do Prime? Explore. What did allow you to do other m? Go in a straight until the end of the game.

            You could say it´s not bad game, you could say it´s better that Prime (as you said, it´s matter of opinions), but you could not say it´s more Metroid game that Prime in under no circumstance, because is not, even Fusion is more of a Metroid game that Other M, heck when a Castelvania game is more of a Metroid game that your, you should stop trying to do metroid games.

            1. You’re right on the exploration part. My bad. But I really like the “side scrolling” fights in the game, I kind of likes the story and the graphics are great for a Wii Game(don’t misunderstand, I’m not a graphics whore). But in terms of gameplay, the game actually can’t stand a chance against the Prime Trilogy.

              However, I do like Other M more… I don’t know why, maybe because it was my first Metroid game or something. I did the same with Zelda, everybody disliked Twilight Princess, but it’s my favorite game in the series, along with The Wind Waker and A Link to the Past ^^

      1. Other M is an abomination, and has been disowned as a Metroid game. How does it ever go back to the roots of Super Metroid? By the oddly colored enemy models? Because even Super Metroid had more menacing enemies [for the times]. Prime’s darker models are truer to the original concept [where in the original Metroid game had brightly colored enemies, that were greatly corrected in Super Metroid]. Or in the fact that they couldn’t even make a true side-scrolling experience? That they had to throw in random first person styles for shooting missiles? or the fact that you aren’t playing solo.

        I don’t think Other M is anything like Super Metroid. The fact that the game play focuses on Samus jumping around like a Ninja is unprecedented. They basically just tried to rip off Fusion and add appeal by throwing in old bosses without even thinking of why. We all know the story is trash, and the only thing Other M has going for it is the wasted visual cut scenes.

        The Bottle ship is an unoriginal setting.

        1. No, Metroid Other M is not an abomination (gameplay wise). People only say things like this because it wasn’t like Metroid Prime. Period.
          The gameplay is basicaly what a Metroid 2D should be if it was made in 3D, but it was not perfected, it was kinda lazy actually and too simple. But if you like the term “abomination”, that’s exaclty what a Metroid FPS is. The good thing about the prime series, as it was discussed above, it’s the good story and nice transition of game mechanics.

          1. “Lets made a game with a really crappy Metal Gear rip off story, with the combat system of Ninja Gaiden, with the protagonist acting like if it was pull out of a generic hentai japanese game or DOA, with the most dull voice acting we can get and put on him a paint job of the Metroid franchise but only that, a paint job, and nothing more; I will try to explain some really important plot points of the lore and continuity of the franchise here, but we will assume the entire world have read that obscure manga that only came out recently here in japan, o and we will completely ignore those 3 or 4 really successful western games that people have been playing this pass 10 or so years, I want to concentrate in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion alone.”

            Yoshio Sakamoto (He did not said it, but this is pretty much what was going on in his head)

            And that is WHY most people didn’t like Metroid: other M

      1. not because of this game, I mean, only IGN gave a very bad score:

        IGN Colin Moriarty review 4.7/10

        NWR review 8.5/10
        Eurogamer review 7/10
        EDGE review 7/10
        CVG review 8.4/10
        Nintendo Life 8/10
        Metacrict 73 out 100
        GamesRadar review 3stars/5stars
        EGM review 6.5/10
        Gameinformer review 8.5/10
        Kotaku “Should I play this game? yes…”

    2. I loved Other M! I loved the story and he gameplay and everything about it really. Not better than Prime 3, but a good game overall.

    3. I liked other m, sure it may not be as good as the prime series (which is why people hate it so much/controls) but it was pretty good to me.

  1. Im sure a lot of people want to make a metroid but i doubt nintendo will let anyone else make it other than retro since people didnt like other m

    1. Nintendo is more open-minded to let other companies manage their most valuable IP on handheld consoles rather than in home consoles, so who knows?

      1. Me too. And I played it before the Prime games, so it wasn’t even a little let-down. Me and my friend liked theorizing about “The Deleter”.

        To this day, he still think it’s James Pierce, even if he was killed by it…
        *spoiler end*

    1. Failed at Castlevania? They’ve done a splended job of bringing the old school formula into a modern perspective. The 3DS game is the perfect meld of new and old. If you are going off the IGN review you should know that Colin is a die hard old school Castlevania fan who refuses to take his nostalgia glasses off and see the game foor what it truly is. The only thing I agree with him on is the bosses being too easy.

      1. But he said that lord of shadows was good in wich everyone of the castlevania fans think it was a horrible castlevania game but a good god of war clone so his review is biased.

    2. MoF is awesome (for the demo)! awesome 3D effects, awesome scenario, great song, good attacks, who says otherwise is a piece of bat!

      I’m DMan, I’m Evil!

    1. I don’t think they would be too bad…but I think my first choice would definitely be WayForward…I would like to see what they could do with Metroid.

  2. Has long that is not a console metroid but i will support them on a 3ds metroid. Guess another xbox, ps3 developer falls in love whit Nintendo.

        1. I did not say that they got the best credential to do the game, just that they saw the potential in it, :)

  3. Nintendo Commander

    Other M had one of the best gameplay mechanics oon the Wii.
    I think what most didn’t like about the game (including me) was the overly done emotional Samus…
    I would so love to see a Metroid game on the 3DS but I prefer another company…

    Team Ninja had their chance…

    I would maybe suggest Namco Bandai with Nintendo as leader IF Smash Bros 4 turns out to be very good this E3.
    Even though it might only be some screenshots…

    1. “Lets made a game with a really crappy Metal Gear rip off story, with the combat system of Ninja Gaiden, with the protagonist acting like if it was pull out of a generic hentai japanese game or DOA, with the most dull voice acting we can get and put on him a paint job of the Metroid franchise but only that, a paint job, and nothing more; I will try to explain some really important plot points of the lore and continuity of the franchise here, but we will assume the entire world have read that obscure manga that only came out recently here in japan, o and we will completely ignore those 3 or 4 really successful western games that people have been playing this pass 10 or so years, I want to concentrate in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion alone.”

      Yoshio Sakamoto (He did not said it, but this is pretty much what was going on in his head)

      And that is WHY most people didn’t like Metroid: other M

      1. Pretty much this.

        Gameplay was the worst part in my opinion, everything was bland and enemies were just like “dodge our attacks, and do the same thing over and over”.

        1. Oh no, man, the gameplay was mediocre at best, the story was way worse.
          First problem with Other M is that it pulls characters out of, well, character, universe and continuity.
          Samus goes from a deeply scarred, frankly vengeful bitch into something that a teenager would be ashamed to be, complete with an out-of-nowhere Electra Complex, never-before-addressed traumas and a complete lack of intelligence. Her lack of personal resolve, overall weakness and the way the game systematically denies her of any significant achievement (Avenging Anthony, stopping the Deleter, killing Ridley, killing MB), coupled with the BS motherhood theme and her oversexualization effectively places her in sexist territory by transforming her into a useless victim. The only thing that detracts from this is the moments when you control her and thus she suddenly becomes competent, which is also a problem of consistency.
          The other returning character, Adam, instead gets a Mary Sue treatment. He’s pretty much the definition of the male Mary Sue, an incredibly flawed character, whose flaws are not addressed by the story (In the best of cases) or actually glorified (In the worst cases, including Twilight and Other M). Adam, a simple human with a retarded ray gun, copycat of Samus’ is now suddenly capable of shutting up what arguably is now the most powerful being of the universe with a fucking stare, and can disable an armor not even the Metroid Prime could with a single shot. This man, who in the past was referenced as having a rather respectful behavior towards Aran, has suddenly become capable of overpowering her emotionally and physically, what a blatant SELF INSERT.
          The other women intensify the sexism up to eleven by being equally as ineffectual as Samus despite both holding charges of power in the story. That Madeline, being the leader of the complete facility, couldn’t stop the taking away of Melissa with a simple order is jarring to say the least, and the fact that Melissa is a Mother Brain and even so cannot even confront Samus directly is also diminishing of her position, especially when it is previously shown she possesses the strength to fight the hunter.
          The other men in the story are simple Red Shirts except for Anthony, who basically EMBODIES the male side of sexism in the worst way possible. He’s supposed to be Aran’s fellow soldier and obviously knows about her past exploits, and even then he can’t treat her like an equal, a professional, he needs to demean her through physical and emotional intimidation, even more so than Adam.
          The story itself is filled with plot holes and inconsistencies with the overall timeline. Other M insists that Samus loved the thing she gave up to an experimentation facility in Ceres, that she found a father figure (And an Electra Complex) in Malkovich and not in Old Bird and Grey Voice; AKA her TRUE surrogate parents that she has been shown to have loved very much. Other M denies the existence of the Prime series through Ridley and Samus’ reaction to his rebirth, purposefully rewrites the beginning, the ending and much of the lore of Super Metroid to make it’s own story and themes plausible, damages Nightmare’s portrayal in Fusion by both association and referencing; hurts the way Samus’ relationship to Adam was conveyed in said game and also makes Samus seem like an idiot for continually trusting a corrupt organization, making something that was THE BIG REVELATION of Fusion just the second mistake of Aran.
          All of this, and many more technical and scripting problems make the storyline and characters of Other M inconsistent with the franchise, with the universe they’re portrayed in, the point of the timeline they’re portrayed in, and even themselves.

          1. Have you ever read “Mother, May I See Metroid: Other M” by Korval or “Metroid: Other M – The Elephant in the Room” by Tuvia Dulin and MenTaLguY?

            1. I think I read bits of that Mother one a while back when looking for reviews of the game, but I can’t say I recall most of what it said. I do remember some points of it were simmilar to my thoughts on the game, though.
              I may look for it and read it again, that and the other one.

  4. I liked he Castlevania MOF demo on 3DS , don’t know why the fuck IGN gave that game a 4.7/10 :S . Just from playing the Demo , it blatantly seems no worse than say 7.5/10 .

    Anyway . I would want a Metroid prime Hunters sequel for 3DS , loved that game! But would also like a sidescroller game aswell.

    1. What did you spect from the guy that say the vita was going to murder the 3ds? He is a cryin bitch thats is whining cause his horse lost the race.

    2. I like very much the of demo, so much that I’ll get it first and then Luigi’s Mansion, I’m a big fan of Castlevania and for me, LoS: MoF is awesome.

    1. I think Merio would be a better fit for that engine. Metroid isn’t the kind of series that would work well with cartoon visuals.

      1. Doesn’t have to be cartoonish. Watch the demo reel for Ubiart, you can make realistic and gritty pieces with it as well.

  5. how about all the developers that are interested in making 2D Metroid games make them at the same time and we the fans choose who’s the best one :D ehh, EHH??

  6. Metroid series going full western developed and out of the hands of Sakamoto? I like it. The series did always have more fans in America so it makes sense that western devs make it.

    1. Whoever is in charge of the next Metroid game has a hell of a job to do if want to make most people forget the damage that other M do to the franchise and make them feel attracted to Metroid again.

      1. Virus, the Sequence Breaker

        I’d be shocked if they didn’t hand it back over to Retro Studios. Other M was a mistake.

        1. I’d be shocked if that ultra secret Retro Studios proyect is not a 1080p 60FPS Metroid Prime 4 game.

  7. HELL


    The Castlevania bastardization is enough garbage already.
    Also, nope, IGN has never been relevant, Mirror of Fate IS garbage and will sell like so.

    1. I wouldn’t say it looks horrible , but it has a 25FPS framerate and does look like it’s lacking a bit of character and polish. But far from a bad looking 3DS game…

      1. No, it look like shit. Character models are retarded, and enviroments are bland as fuck.
        I’d prefer vibrant and high polished sprite game, that a pixelated mess of ugly characters and backgrounds

            1. NAH!!! I can think of 15+ 3DS games which look better than Castlevania MOF , not to mention most PS vita games aswell.

                1. Ok , here I go , I bet I can write more than 15 3DS games that look better than Castlevania mof

                  Mario 3D land , Mario Kart 7 , Paper Mario sticker star , Mario tennis open , Kingdom hearts , Kid icarus uprising , Resident evil revelations , Ocarina 3D remake , Starfox 3D remake , PES 2012/2013 , Nintendogs , Pilotwings , Fire emblem , Street fighter 4 , Dead or alive dimensions and more.

                  Castlevania MOF is a great looking 3DS game , but it’s not an amazing looking 3DS game in my opinion :)

                  The 3DS has a lot of awesome looking games. And of course some shitty looking ones too.

                  1. agree with almost everything, but, Pilotwings and PES? I’ll have to disagree, MoF has a much better look (and better 3D effects).

                    Here is some reviews:

                    NWR review 8.5/10
                    Eurogamer review 7/10
                    EDGE review 7/10
                    CVG review 8.4/10
                    Nintendo Life 8/10
                    Metacrict 73 out 100
                    GamesRadar review 3stars/5stars
                    EGM review 6.5/10
                    Gameinformer review 8.5/10
                    IGN Colin Moriarty review 4.7/10
                    Kotaku “Should I play this game? yes…”

                    1. Pilot wings and PES both have better graphics than MOF that was my point , which they do !

    2. I don’t think so…I’m playing it right now and I think it looks fine…so far I’m still a bigger fan of Dawn of Sorrow, but this seems more like a throwback to the Castlevania’s of old with whip combat and secondary weapons, with the nice 3d. Is it great visuals? No. Is it bad? No. We will see though. I have only so far played the demo and am about ten minutes into the actual game. If it keeps adding elements then it looks like it will be a very solid game as the whip mechanics are good. I’d say when said it will probably be a solid 7.5-8.

  8. Personally I’m somewhat ok with this. Although I’d prefer to see WayForward take a shot at it first. By using Shantae as an example as definitely one of their better series. I’ll give Mercury Steam the benefit of the doubt right now since I’ve played the demo and enjoyed it, I’d like to anybody that isn’t Yoshio Sakamoto take a try at the Metroid series. Could be good.

    1. If im honest, Sakamoto is actually a really good designer.
      Super, Fusion and Zero Mission are fucking amazing.
      He’s just a shit writer, that wants to sexualy portray Samus thats insulting to the fans, especially when i doesnt even match her psychological profile.

      1. He’s a good designer no doubt but he’s lost his edge making Other M incredibly linear, and not Metroid at all. Even Prime Hunters is more Metroid than Other M and that was made by NoA and not even Retro Studios.

        1. Yeah but that was Team Ninja, not Sakamoto.
          If it was Sakamoto, then fuck, the guy needs to stay away from Metroid from now on.

          1. It was Sakamoto. Team Ninja tried to save that game. Team Ninja only handle the aesthetics and the gameplay. That’s it. Sakamoto was everything else.

  9. Well in terms of a Home console Metroid, I don’t want anyone but RETRO to make one just to be on the safe Side. :P They’ve done a fantastic job on the first 3 Prime games, why let somebody else make Prime 4? (;

    1. I think there are many developers who can make a decent Metroid game, just keep Sakamoto away from it.
      Sakamoto is fucking senile now, he admittedly tried to appeal to japanese male audiences with Other M, but he did so going by his own fucking warped views on what a desirable woman is; which is basically a washing machine.
      Not even in Japan are young people that retrograde nowadays, he’s just a fucking old man with a stupid way of thinking that needs to drop dead now, before his sexism spreads to other Metroid games.
      Oh, and also keep it away from Team Ninja, script is only a fraction of what makes Other M incredibly sexist, and considering Team Ninja’s history with DoA, I can guess who was responsible for the rest.

  10. “That is all we can say.”

    Well sir, you have said much more than you originally planned. Mercury Steam, you have admitted that you are or are planning to make a 3DS Metroid.

  11. Well, hehe, that means there’s a possibility something they’re doing with Nintendo right now, if they cannot say something.

  12. Virus, the Sequence Breaker

    If Retro has given Metroid the best success its had in years (and I think they have), it makes sense to let them handle Metroid.
    Playing Corruption should make that clear to anyone… I just missed Beam-switching :/

  13. With the whole Other M controversy (even though I liked the game to an extent), I really do think Nintendo or a second-party developer needs to make the next game. In fact, Nintendo themselves haven’t developed a Metroid title themselves since Hunters, and that was almost seven years ago. So Nintendo, work yo magic! :)

    1. Virus, the Sequence Breaker

      To each his own…

      …*don’t say it*…
      (Sigh) Ok!

    2. Yes, the mediocre length, the funneling, completely linear gameplay, the stupid power up mechanics, the elimination of basic staples of the series, the arbitrary modifying of lore and history, the rampant sexism, the Mary Sue commander, the imprecise, abysmal control scheme, the plots that go nowhere, the lack of transcendental achievements, the turning a soldier and mass murderer into a bitchy, immature crybaby, the shitty voice acting, the lack of interesting music.
      Oh yeah, you got quite the gem there.

  14. As long as it’s not fucking Team Ninja, I’ll take what I can get.
    Also, NINTENDO, please moderate Sakamoto’s rampant sexism.

  15. Reports like this make me wonder……how many other devs would love to make an entry in a Nintendo franchise?
    And how many of those same devs who want to make said game, are ones that are currently shirking supporting Nintendo at all?
    I’d put money on at least a quarter of all the shirkers secretly wishing they had a shot.

    1. You mean we could get a Kirby from Crytek? XD
      The recent months have been putting a magnifying glass on the video game
      industry and its developers. With all this shady garbage going on,
      I think you’re on to something :/

  16. I’d rather the next Metroid game to be on Wii U. Wouldn’t mind if Mercury Steam decided to take up the challenge.

  17. Let Platinum make a 3D Metroid for Wii U and Mercury Steam do a 2D Metroid for 3DS. Retro can either do Starfox or a new IP.

    Also, I think that Nintendo should buy Platinum.

  18. This would be interesting. Dawn of Sorrow was a lot like Metroid (not sure if this team worked on it), so I would welcome a Castlevania developer.

    Yes, Team Ninja screwed Other M, but that’s one company. Do you really think Nintendo will give up the idea of a different company handling Metroid simply because of one bad game? I doubt it. In reality, I would love to see the old Deerforce and R&D1 teams reunite for another romp more than anyone else.

    Retro can do the Prime games, and Mercury Steam can handle the side-scrollers.

  19. Why don’t they make Lords of Shadow 2 for WiiU instead? They want to make a Nintendo game? Go ask for a job there

  20. I don’t mind whomever makes the next Metroid, as long as it’s not first-person.

    As long as I can shoot things in 3rd-person, I’ll take anything.

  21. How about no. Let’s just outsource Metroid to Retro and Retro only for the time being……..unless Bungie wanted to help. Having Bungie co-develop with Retro would be pretty cool because Bungie could handle the online and offline multi-player and Retro could handle the single player mode.

  22. thenintendoreviewer

    I’m actually more interested in what a Wii U Metroid Prime game would be like. If one ever gets made it should have a local multiplayer mode like Echoes did except with bots. And compatibility with the Wii U Pro controller and the Wii remote and nunchuk. And the single player mode should the gamepad in some cool ways. Stop me before my imagination runs wild again as it tends to. lol

  23. They did ok with Castlevania, but they have to do better than that for Metroid, especially after Other M.

  24. Nintendo Commander

    Can people stop saying “Metroid Prime 4”?
    The story ended, if by some chance they made a distant sequel concerning the ending it had, it will still not be called “PRIME”

    I would want to see something along with Sylux as her nemesis, while a faction of Space Pirates have succesfully made a metroid army and are at war with the Kriken Empire…

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