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Minecraft On Wii U Is “Very Unlikely” PlayStation Being Considered


Mojang’s Jens Bergensten who is lead designer of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, says that when console exclusivity for Xbox 360 runs out the team are considering bringing the game to PlayStation. But he says that a Wii U version is very unlikely. Here’s what he had to say.

“Microsoft has an exclusivity deal for consoles. When it runs out we’ll consider Minecraft for PlayStation, but Wii U is very unlikely.”

178 thoughts on “Minecraft On Wii U Is “Very Unlikely” PlayStation Being Considered”

    1. What Mojang really wanted to say it was that WiiU is the last Nintendo’s console and he doesn’t want Maincraft on a fuckin’ console already dead.

        1. So it sold over 20 million copies world wide and its considered a kiddies games? Oh yes, its a stupid game (he lied)

          You are just angry its not coming to the Wii U… stop bitching

      1. LIES. PS4 is Sony’s last console, New Xbox is third-to-last console, Wii U is twenty-sixth-to-last Nintendo Console.

        1. Maybe, but it’s not selling very well right now. I think the reason for that is because there aren’t really any games that people want to buy a Wii U for. Nintendo really needs a new Metroid or Zelda game, they probably should have thought about that beforehand.


    1. IKR! i dont play MC very much but its very popular and theyre just being assholes just cuz wii u isnt selling well YET.

      1. I really doubt it was because the guy is being “asshole”.

        Another comment that belongs on Neogaf, home of the very stupid.

    1. It’s quite possibly because they know the Playstation 3 has a larger consumer fan base, whereas the Wii U does not. They’re after sales, it seems, and they know that with the Wii U, they probably won’t achieve that much sales, at least not as much as with the PS3 or 360. I wouldn’t say they’re just after the money though, because it takes time and money to port the game to the Wii U, so they want a guarantee that they can make their money back, and that the time they spent would have been worth it.

      1. you are absolutely right. Also, most of wii u sales right now is nintendo’s fan base. so I think all third party games will have a better attach rate on the future. It happens on all platforms.

          1. It would hardly make them lose money however. I’m sure there’s some profit to be made there. Indie games have been flourishing on the platform.

      2. Mm…k, so……why not bring it to both the Playstation AND Wii U? It’s not like porting a game of that stature is much of a chore or expensive. There is no guarantee that the Sony fan base will adapt to a game like Minecraft. Microsoft and Nintendo have more casual-friendly business models where-as Sony is almost strictly for the core. I would THINK that the Nintendo fan-base would warm up to Minecraft faster than the Sony fans thus having faster returns on the investment.

        It’s their money and their franchise and they can do what ever they want with it. To me it just seems like another company buying into the Nintendoom-hype rather than using common-sense and in the long run it will cost them money as some other small studio will take their place and take advantage of having that roster spot on the Wii U once games like SMG3, MarioKart8, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Wii Sports U, Wii Fit U, Lego City: Undercover, Windwaker HD, Yoshi’s Yarn, Xenosaga, and many other games have been released and Wii U’s are selling like hotcakes.

        1. People may see your comment has fanboys damage controll but is not. Look at castlecrashers the game got released on xbox when almost no 1 had 1 and it slowly grew at the same pace has the console. A few Nintendo examples are mutant mudds on 3ds and trine 2 on wiiu.

          1. Well, as I said in a post in another thread when people use the term ‘damage control’ is basically a popular way of conceding defeat by concealing their ineptitude of intelligently rebutting a statement and instead use an ad-hominem. They can’t prove what you are saying is wrong (nor wish to) so they attack you personally to discredit you. In there eyes, if you are not credible, then nothing you say or have said is either.

            Whenever you see words like ‘fanboy’ and ‘damage control’ it is basically people shouting “NO MAS” or “I QUIT!”

            Back to the topic, you have to have some meat in a hamburger in order to get people to buy it. It would be like a meat vendor getting mad at McDonald’s because the sales of their hamburgers went down after the meat vendor chose to withhold exports of their beef to McDonald’s. Well, gee. What did you THINK was gonna happen? That’s what a lot of these 3rd party companies are shamelessly doing. They are either too lazy or buying into the hype. Like I said before, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are TONS of independent developers out there now that are willing and able to take the place of those carelessly turn aside the Wii U or any other platform. It’s not just Nintendo. Developers do this all the time to make excuses as to why they don’t or won’t bring their games to a platform. Sometime it is just that they don’t have enough money, resources or staff to go around. That is perfectly understandable. Especially in the current economic climate. However I would vouch that in more cases than it should be it is because of people withholding support from other consoles for the previously mentioned nefarious purposes.

            In this particular case it is puzzling as to what advantage they would have of NOT bringing a game as such to the Wii U. The Nintendo audience is casual-heavy which means a lot of them probably have played Minecraft before or games similar to it. It’s seems like a no-brainer to me. Obviously the PS3 has a large fanbase, but the Wii has a larger fanbase because it has sold 25% MORE than the PS3. So you would think that would come into their minds that eventually at least half of all Wii owners will have a Wii U. 50 million units playing your game. I wouldn’t kick that out of the bed for eating crackers.

  1. Fine, don’t accept my money then! And I plan to get a PS4 at some point too but would rather have Minecrat for Wii U.

  2. You know something is horribly wrong when a game that makes perfect sense for this platform can’t inspire a developer enough to do it.

    1. Sounds like they’ve got a reason, though, doesn’t it?
      If they’d have the courtesy to tell the people who matter what that reason is, maybe something could work out.

      1. I would say I probably already know what the reason is based on past situations like this, but with a title like Minecraft, even that would make absolutely no sense.

        Something is up with third parties and Nintendo beyond just “we don’t think it would make money”.

        1. They’re frightened of the currently small installed base and have no faith in the platform ? Their loss , Minecraft is the sort of game Nintendo fans would lap up in droves.
          If they released it now , obviously it can only sell so much with 3M+ Wiiu’s out there. But if they put it on say this time next year , it would sell a Million on Wiiu.

          Oh well , no sweat off my back I’ll play it on my laptop , PC or even that shitty version on Iphone.

          1. Let’s face it though, it’s Nintendo’s fault. Not only will the system struggle to compete in years ahead, it doesn’t even have many big first party games annouced, which is what usually gets nintendo consoles started even without 3rd party support. It costs a lot because of the gamepad tech, that while brilliant, nobody asked for, and is harder to demonstrate with marketing. Speaking of which, has sucked ever since they announced the console, calling it Wii U, without even an interesting new console unit design. I have hardly seen it advertised either. At least with the Gamecube I knew there was Luigi’s mansion, smash bros, mario sunshine, starfox, metroid prime coming up. They have been so disorganised with this launch, they only have themselves to blame this time.

            1. Doesn’t have any big first party games announced ?

              Wii fit U , Game and Wario , Pikmin 3 , Smash bros , Monolith’s X , 3D mario , Mario Kart , Yoshi Yarn , WiiU party , New super Luigi U DLC , Windwaker HD , New Zelda Wiiu

              It doesn’t get much bigger than all of that.

              I am excited for Lego City , Monster Hunter Ultimate , NFSMW U , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 in the immediate future.

                1. I was highlighting firtst party efforts.

                  There is also a good amount of third party games announced so far.

              1. neither mario 3D nor zelda HD or smash bros were really announced tho… we’ve known these games would be coming for ages… since before the announcement of the console really because each one of these titles is pretty much a given when introducing a new console
                but we have no idea *when*..not even an ETA
                that’s not really an announcement.. they merely hinted at them and that’s of no real use to anyone on the fence over buying a wii u

              2. At E3 and up until launch some of those weren’t announced, plus they’re just word of mouth annoucements – no logos, no artwork, no screenshot, no gameplay. Pikmin 3 is the only bigish first party title there that we’ve (the gaming public) have known about for a while and have seen something of. We know there’s A zelda title, A mario title, coming up, well that’s just stating the obvious. We have no other news. That does not give the gaming public much confidence or reason to want the console. E3 is their last shot at rectifying this. Plus even you must concede that their marketing and promotion has been awful so far. I am a fan of nintendo, and it’s for precisely that reason why I am being critical highlighting these faults. I am looking forward to E3, but their first year n a half since the initial announcement has been poor.

            2. It’s not going to struggle to compete, because it’s not competing in the same areas as the other consoles.
              It’s not built to rival the others in terms of power, it’s made to give people a different way to play from the others.
              People don’t have to ask for it; the fact is that it’s a great peripheral that should have been used ages ago.
              It isn’t hard to demonstrate with marketing, Nintendo just went about it all wrong.
              Final point, there has never, not once, been a system that had a spectacular launch.
              All of them, without question, took a while to get the ball rolling as far as games and dev efficiency goes.
              Expecting them to break that is expecting the impossible.

    2. i know right? you would think that actual game developers would have an easier time thinking of ways to use the controller than gamers themselves. i mean they have years of ds games to look at for inspiration lol. and on a side note, am i the only one that thought that the fact that the watchdogs devs couldn’t think of what to do with the gamepad was stupid? i mean, the way the main character hacks anything is with a TOUCH SCREEN phone. and the game pad has a TOUCH SCREEN. so why not put whats on the phone on the controller?

  3. Is Minecraft a system seller?
    I mean is this a huge loss?
    I’ve never seen anyone buy, play or talk about Minecraft… outside the internet.

    1. Is anything of this nature a “system seller” nowadays?

      Uhm, third party support is already shitty; everything is a loss.

      Then go outside and talk to more people for once?

      1. and I know I sound like an ass here, but seriously seeing shit like this is becoming annoying. Just look at how well the 360’s version of Minecraft turned out to be. People also seem to be clamoring about this series alot on Miiverse too.

        1. How do you know people are clamouring about this on Miiverse.

          *puts 1 and 1 together* Aeolus has a Wiiu!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH EXPOSED

              1. aaa can’t seem to let go of that can’t you, and as much as i hate giving him attention he doesn’t deserve, he already did say he’s a big Nintendo fan.

                1. No he didn’t. You must be thinking of a fake Aeolus. The real Aeolus expresses nothing but hatred towards Nintendo. He does have the rare , semi-positive thing to say about maybe some of Nintendo’s Retro content. But comes across as a hater.

                  At least a hater who is actually coherent unlike the other retarded trolls.

            1. You are probably new arpund here. The “true” Aeolus would rather burn to death than support a Nintendo Product.

              I would bet my neighbors life that this was not the real Aeolus.

              1. Lets face it, anyone can be anybody on this site, the “real” aeolus is dead, this Aeolus is mocking it’s death

  4. This is most likely due to how easy the game would be to port over from PC, seeing as how the PS4 is designed to be quite like a PC.

    1. They didn’t say it would come to PS4, but more likely to PS3 as it is on 360 too.
      And it is easy to port from PC to Wii U too, according to Collin van Ginkel (from Two Tribes).

      Most likely they’re after sales. 70+ million potential buyers is quite different than several million.

  5. America VS Wii U, what else is new? Fuck western developers. I notice that those that developers for Xbox only or first hates Nintendo, i.e. this guy and that Cliffy Bitchfitsky awhile back.

    1. Actually, Cliffy B grew up playing Nintendo games and cites Miyamoto as his biggest influence / inspiration for developing games. Yes, he did eventually “betray” Nintendo so to speak by developing for Xbox exclusively, but I think that has more to do with the fact that they are worlds apart.

      1. We can say their both guilty of trying to tell another company on another hemisphere what to do. Xbox devs does it to nintendo and vice versa.

    2. The Western developers V.S. Nintendo

      Bingo !! You just hit the nail on the head !!
      Its because its a Nintendo console. That is the only reason why it won’t come to Wii U.
      The Wii outsold all systems yet they never considered putting it on Wii. This isn’t even a graphic heavy game, why wasn’t there a Wii version then?? Hmmmmmmmmm

      1. I respect japan as they have always had quality standards with their games, over here though its greed and power and biasness. With the exception of capcom and square enix somewhat. Its almost racism im a way. Westeners greed, the need for power hungry consoles and pc, and being afraid of change will lead to their demise

  6. Cant u see whats going on. Nintendo is so blinded by their greed and past success they won’t allow any game on their system unless they get almost all the profits; or the game sucks so bad it won’t take away sales from first party titles. Nintendo like most other major companies are blinded by their greed and previous success they are so arrogant.

      1. I think he meant Microsoft as they have that silly DRM and yes their greedy, charging for Xbox Live, charge to change your avatar,etc.

    1. honestly my brother plays MC on xbox and i’m not really into it, but if it were to come to wiiu i’ll definitely give it a try..

  7. Nintendo Commander

    We do not need the most overrated game this decade at all.
    And most already have it for PC anyway.

  8. It would be cool to have Minecraft on the Wii U, but the PC version has so many mods and multiplayer modes that for most people a console version is more or less redundant. To be honest it baffles me how it has done so well on the 360…

  9. Sigh… The comments on here range from “WTF Mojang, y u no make good business decisions?” to “Minecraft sux anyways.” Both fuelled by fanboyism. I accept Mojang’s decision not to develop for the Wii U, I mean, sure, it would be awesome and that, but I’d rather see further advances in new games or ones already released rather than them making a huge loss on a Wii U version of Minecraft. Still, if the Wii U picks up to the point that it would be profitable (I’d say 10-15m consoles sold at minimum) then I’d love to see Minecraft Wii U.

  10. Is it just me or does that robot look like Bender from Futurama? Anyway on topic, there’s plenty of other indie games to choose from. I’m just finishing up with Trine and next ill get Runner2. Might get the 90’s arcade racer too.

  11. Okay, but what about the Xbox 720?
    And you ARE talking about the Playstation 4 RIGHT?
    And why not the Wii U? It has better specs than the average PC people have today, and since it’s a console then it uses all its resources for the game, unlike a PC.

    As long as Minecraft doesn’t die along with this gen of game consoles then I’ll be fine, whether it’s ported to PS4, Wii U, or Xbox 720.

  12. The Nintendo Reviewer

    They should reconsider that statement after the Wii U sells a lot more, which it will. Because from what I know about Minecraft, the gamepad would be a perfect fit for the game. So if it’s not sales related it doesn’t make sense for them to say Wii U version unlikely.

  13. Who gives a shit? This game is for 9 year olds and it has no purpose whatsoever. The real life equivalent would be building stuff with lego. Big fucking deal.

  14. Nintendo Commander

    Exactly, I don’t know why people love it so much.
    It’s like the top game for non gamers.

    1. You should, it would greatly boost respect people would have for Nintendo’s Wii U. Minecraft is HIGHLY regarded. If Wii U misses out and PS3 gets it how do you think other people view the Wii U? They will call it a failure. In reality getting Minecraft on the Wii U would be tremendous!

  15. As much as i would hate to say this but minecraft on Wii U would be boring without being able to mod the game, IC2, thaumcraft 2, Red Power 2, Build Craft, is what makes the game last. Keep it off the Wii U unless there is PC mod support

  16. To bad its up to Notch. He already said at one point he would like a 3DS version. A wii U version would fit perfectly. Why put it on the PS3? PS4 maybe but not PS3. Wii U version, make it happen.

    1. Well the contract will end in a long time, so hopefully Wii U sales pick up over time and prove to Notch that te Wii U is a worthy system for Minecraft!

      1. I believe this too, the Wii U has to show it “is worthy.” Right now it doesn’t show that. Hopefully over time it will, once sale increase.

  17. My only issue is I bought the PC and Xbox Version already. If it came to Wii U make it FREE if you have a payed account PC version. Just log in, download, play lol.

    1. I have it for my iPod, my PC and my Xbox.. I don’t mind paying for it over and over because it is prettycheap as is and Mojang deserves the money. The game is fantastic! I would certainly buy Minecraft on Wii U no questions asked if it came.

    1. There is a petition, but it is not well known. Only a little more then 200 people signed it or something. Sad really. I bet we could get tens of thousands to sign it if people took the initiative.

  18. Wii U is extremely disappointing so far, and that’s coming from a huge Nintendo fanboy. I’m also not nearly as interested in Minecraft as I used to be, which leaves me doubly unfazed by this news.

    Of course, if Minecraft did come to Wii U, Wii U would have at least one good game.

    1. Minecraft is a great game. Most origional game by a long shot. Origional art style. Great longevity. Just fantastic overall. No one can deny it.

    1. Nobody plays Minecraft for the graphics. It’s a game that has near infinite replay value, so long as you don’t get tired of it. It is a game that is better with more people playing though, in my opinion.

  19. Huh. I don’t even care for Minecraft, yet I know it’d work great with the Gamepad. Why not? Put it on the three next gen consoles, and everyone’s happy.

    INB4 “wiiu is nut nex gen iz ded”

  20. While it is disappointing to here such news, I guess I could see why they would rather not release it for Wii U. They probably already have the port completed and are just waiting for the exclusive period, for lack of a better term, to end.

    Minecraft is a perfect fit for the Wii U, players could post their creations via Miiverse and I can think of a number of different uses for the Gamepad. They probably thought it would sell as well as on the PS3, which is sad. I would have happily shelled out another 20$ for the game as I no longer have a 360 anymore.

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  23. minecraft and dualshock ok il go put trangle wheels on my car and drive down the street

    il ignore fact,truth,reality and instead join a religen called the games industry and talk shit do shit and hype it as amazing

    il eat with my arsehole and shit out my mouth

    il have sex with children or murder a old lady



  24. Every time I even look at Minecraft, it just looks so retarded that I have no interest in even watching videos about it.

  25. Fuckin Minecraft pish…….keep it in social media for brain dead assholes with their square asses and shit…..

  26. Aw… Oh well once they hack the wiiu controller to steam from pc ill just play minecraft from there. Hopefully they will be finish with that hack soo (its in the works?

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  28. DarklordNintendoFan

    What’s with this bullshit biased that these companies have against the Wii U? The Wii U could easily handle Minecraft! The 360 can barely handle half of Minecraft… we all know that the PS3 can barely handle much more than that… we all know that the Wii U could handle a lot more than that. Listen, morons… if you moronic game companies don’t fucking put your games on the Wii U, then the system won’t sell. The morons are skeptical about putting games on the Wii U because it’s not selling as well as the 360 and PS3 (which have been out for several years, now) but you know… a system cannot sell in the first place, without the fucking games to back it up. God dammit, these people are stupid.

  29. To be honest, I don’t really give a damn about whether it comes out on the Wii U or not. The game is a PC game and is far superior on it’s original platform than on the 360.

  30. Minecraft is a first person game? Now I hate it even more than I already thought I did. It also confirms just how incredibly boring my nephew really is.

    1. You can change the view to third person. Also, you should play a game before judging it. Minecraft is a fantastic game that would feel right at home on the Wii U.

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