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Capcom Announce Infernal Mode For Resident Evil Revelations (Video)

Capcom has announced the immensely difficult Infernal Mode for those players looking for a tougher challenge on Resident Evil: Revelations on Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The mode will see players have their skills tested with remixed items and different enemy placements. Resident Evil Revelations launches in North America on May 21st and in Europe on May 24th. Will you be tackling Infernal Mode?

Thanks, Nick

24 thoughts on “Capcom Announce Infernal Mode For Resident Evil Revelations (Video)”

  1. Looks like Dead Space 3 default difficulty.
    Troll enemies and cluster fucks.
    “So you know how you loved Necromorph? how about A MILLION NECROMORPHS?! And ones that always run, always grab you, and spawn BEHIND YOU”
    Yeah, good game design Visceral -___-

    This mode isn’t “hard”, its just cheap.
    You build a hard mode based around things that actually challenge the players skill, like damage taken, or ammo consumption, not overloading them with bullshit, and troll enemies.

    1. Making a game thats just a cluster fuck highlights the constraints of the game.
      Jill isn’t a gun toting meat head, shes a girl with a pistol and shotgun with limited ammo.

    2. It looks awful from that trailer , barely seems changed. And the enemies allready take about 40 bullets each to kill on normal mode which is a pain in the ass.

      Revelations is an amazing handheld game , but I don’t think it can have the same impact on consoles that it did on DS.

    3. Come on, the game is for the 360, the home for the modern casual gamer. Do you expect it to be actually hard and scare the customers from getting it? These guys are used to the actionized REs.

      1. Well fuck those guys.
        The whole point is that people play those games and get better.
        Encouraging stupidity just breeds stupidity. More games need to be like “no, fuck you, put in the effort”. Rather than “duuuuurrrrr follow da waypoint, mother fucker, hit these careboard steel enemies with your 1000 bullets”

  2. lulz
    i never really played resident evil… so a few days ago i downloaded the demo and i always die (well.. twice) at that huge ass mothafking gay ass zombie with claws
    i mean… i’ll shoot dat motherfucker in it’s head like 1 million times and it just won’t stop raping me

    and appearantly it’s impossible to run away in this game.. i can only move like a fkin 90 year old and those zombies easily catch up to me
    frustrating 8[

    1. oh yea and i obviously run out of ammo.. so i have to fkin use the kitchen knife and stab that motherfucker in the chest
      a million times.. again! nothing happening though aside from be getting eaten alive

  3. first time i didn’t read the text and had no clue how to use my grenade
    second time i accidently used it + ran out of shotgun ammo

    just lol :D
    but thank you! ^^

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