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Platinum Games Says If You Want Okami 2 Then Ask Capcom


Outspoken Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has told a fan on Twitter that if people really want Okami 2 then they need to speak to Capcom about it. Whether or not Platinum Games have an interest in developing the game remains to be seen. But if you want the game, then it’s probably best to let Capcom know via social media sites.

Ask Capcom. RT @ZeldaPrime: WiiU is to good for Okami 2! HD console and big touchscreen controller! Get on making Okami 2, Kamyia-san

Thanks, Jamie

54 thoughts on “Platinum Games Says If You Want Okami 2 Then Ask Capcom”

    1. How is it that so few people don’t get it’s a serious suggestion? He’s in no position to say anything about Okami, and it just seems he’s trying to keep it that way by sending everybody as soon as possible to Capcom now.

      1. Capcom publishes games, and it’s their decision what ideas to follow through on or not. Just because Hideki designed Okami doesn’t mean he has the publishing rights or funding to do so.

    1. Some would say that was more of a handheld spinoff than an actual console-oriented sequal.
      { Which is what folks wanted more than they ever did Okamiden! }

  1. Capcom huh? Oh man I’m worried then.. Since Capcom is known to be one of those heart breaking fan companies.. I hope capcom isn’t the “owner” of the Copyright and Trademark though.

      1. I was that pic before but instead it was EA leading Mass Effect to a pile of Dead Space, Dragon Age and Kingdom of Amalaur xD

  2. Based on what Capcom has done in the last few years, i don’t want they destroy the amazing franchises they create under their seal, they don’t deserve it.(megaman, okami, viewtiful joe,etc). This game could be amazing behind Nintendo wings, it suited for them; and of course development could be awesome if PG do the second part.

  3. Okami 2 would be pretty great. Seeing as both the Wii U and PS4 has touch functions, it would work very well!

    1. Thank you for being one that sees the beautiful combo of the Wii U and PS4. As much as I bash sony drones, I love Sony’s game division and true Sony fans. The move can finally have use, not going to say much for we already know the Wii U’s brilliance with the Wii motion plus technology, plus all other optional control schemes alã Wii Pad { I repeat optional here }.

    1. Oh man, Clock Tower. But it won’t happen because apparently horror or survival horror isnt “too niche”, pfft -.-

      Thats the issue with the industry, think how many people have been made into gamers because of COD, or Minecraft ect ect….but nobody encourages those people to play OTHER games. Its publishers and evs job to do that, but even us as gamers, we need to put other games in front of people and some them more than just what 1 game offers

  4. Wait…, we have to rely upon CAPCOM for this?
    Well, fuck, just throw the chances to the wolves, Platinum.
    If Capcom can’t even rescue Dash from the moon when the opportunity is right there in front of them, there’s no way they’ll do THIS……

    1. Eric Sellers look at all the good that Capcom has and is doing recently. The brought Okami to the Wii and gave us the best version of the game. We have Okamiden on the 3DS. With monster hunter ultimate they are bringing along with the game these features and counting :

      1) 1080P visuals as complementary
      2) 80 boss monsters + 400 or more sub-bosses
      3) Off TV play
      4) inter-regional play PAL + NTSC areas
      5) Free! DLC on launch day
      6) added on free DLC events every week or day
      7) inter-play between :

      a – Four 3DS systems offline
      b- Four Wii Us online
      c -Wii U 3DS interplay
      d – Future 3DS online play with Wii Us

      8) Monster hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Wii U box bundles

      This shows that Capcom to a vast chasm are leaps and bounds ahead onto being forgiven lol.

      1. Yeah but are those MH3U features there because Capcom wanted them to be, or because Nintendo forced them?
        As stupid as this is going to sound xD ive been victim of Capcoms bullshit for years, from MVC3U being announced a month after i bought MVC3, to the state of Resident Evil, and all their on disk DLC bullshit.

      2. Monster Hunter and Okami are two entirely different animals.
        Monster Hunter is already established as a gigantic name in Japan and sells particularly well.
        It’s a series with more entries in it, too, so it’s more established.
        Okami, by comparison, has a smaller fan base and fewer games to its name.
        I don’t think Capcom would take the risk with it regardless of what we want.
        After all, we WANTED to see MML3 happen, but it never did, for very BS reasons.

  5. This game was build and is destined for the marvelous and great Wii U, plus the wonderful and smooth PS4. Fellow gamers we the fans of monster hunter from nintendo and Sony’s fan base need to buy monster hunter 3 Ultimate in droves to show Capcom our support. Though being dodgy as can be, Capcom coders still make some of the best games ever.

    1. Yeah, Crapcom is still one of my favorites. I don’t buy any of their DLCs because if I don’t support something I simply ignore it, if people wants to show a companie they don’t want something, like those ridiculous discs DLCs they shouldn’t buy it. it doens’t matter if you complain about it on forums, and buy it anyway, for the company it’s a ”yes i liked your decision”. I love capcom games :) I hope they remake Mega Man Legends 3 for WiiU eshop :)

      1. Mega Man Legends 3 for WiiU Eshop, that’s a really nice idea! Hope Capcom reunite again all the Legends teams that were working on it. :) Legends 3, its a Must for WiiU.

        1. that would be awesome. they might be like ‘Let’s see how monster hunter ultimate will do on west” first before announce anything else for WiiU. I hope it does well, I’m getting that game next month for sure :)

      2. Klautrec, read my response about what Capcom is doing for the wonderful monster hunter 3 Ultimate. By the way, I insist you download the demo so as the plesioth kicks you a few times, then the built up frustration will lead you to buy the full game on march 18 or 22; leading to an online team onslaught on the beasty. Capcom has faults yes, but if they ever do release megaman 3 it’s all smiles from me.

        1. Yep, I’ve downloaded it, I’m playing de demo a lot! LOL I’m trying a lot to beat the Plesioth, but I’m not very used to Monster Hunter series since the PSP, so I suck. I also think that I won’t be able to beat that monster in 20 Min, since the first monster witch is easy to beat, I still kill it with less than 5 min to end the quest. Did you kill the plesioth on the demo?

  6. Clover’s talent has long since left Capcom. Okami is my favorite game but I sadly don’t want capcom to touch it anymore

    1. Thanks to you guys I now know that Clover is the wonder 101’s creators platinum games. Imagine the project being overseen by Nintendo and Capcom as publishers, while Platinum aka ‘Clover’ games in disguise produce and make it. Nintendo shall muzzle Capcom so as they don’t DLC everything but provide their talent, plus nintendo’s EAD teams. That sounds good does it not?

      1. Sounds Excellent.
        But the future of that franchise in hands of Capcom is not that good, i don’t want they do infinite Okami’s with 987098734023… DLC packs. =/
        Like i said, this kind of franchises suit best Nintendo; and on WiiU damn.. could be awesome thinking about it; the wiiU gamepad could provide really nice features.

  7. I would love to have an Okami 2 for Wii U developed by Platinum. That would be a great killer app for Wii U.

  8. Stop reporting tweets by Hideki Kamiya as news. He literally tweets bullshit just to get people to shut up when people ask him the same questions over and over, in this case, whenever someone tweets him about his old projects like Viewtiful Joe and DmC he says “ask capcom” because they own the rights to the IP, and if you were to tweet him asking about Bayonetta 2 he’d respond “News coming next week” and that’s always his answer. This isn’t news. Hideki Kamiya is literally a troll.

  9. Can i ask one thing? Good.

    Why the HELL does people think, that games on handhelds are not as important, as console games. Why?! Like in Kingdom Hearts!

    It’s pretty offtopic, but still.

  10. I hope Nintendo and Platinum Games are working on a game like Okami together for the Wii U. The Wii U needs a partner like Platinum Games producing creative games that are action oriented.

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