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PETA Are Not Happy With Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag


We found out yesterday that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will feature whaling missions. Now the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have issued a statement saying that they are truly outraged that the game would feature such a barbaric sport. Here’s what a spokesperson from the anti-animal cruelty organisation told Venture Beat.

“Whaling—that is, shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them to struggle for an hour or more before they die or are hacked apart while they are still alive—may seem like something out of the history books, but this bloody industry still goes on today in the face of international condemnation, and it’s disgraceful for any game to glorify it. PETA encourages video game companies to create games that celebrate animals—not games that promote hurting and killing them”

161 thoughts on “PETA Are Not Happy With Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag”

    1. My thoughts exactly haha, have they never seen Fable. The amount of chickens I’ve kicked up the wazoo on that game ought to annoy PETA! But it doesn’t cos they only do things to scale

      1. Do they have anything to do that’s actually good for animals, resuming and stuff. All they do is slack on their headquarters and that’s why I don’t donate to NGO or animal and environmental charities. Fuck these people, they should stop those poachers who hunt for horns and dogs for fur. Yeah like I’m gonna go hunt a 50 ton mammal with my rod after finishing the game.

    2. Because when i play this game I just want to go hunt a fucking whale! Why don’t they say something about cod, technically humans are animals too they should just all kill themselves to purify the gene pool

      1. Is not that i’m defending peta, but they “defend” animals that can’t defend for themselves.

        Not that they actually defend them but just pointing that out.

        1. *just jumping in for a sec* Well yeah,’it’s good that PETA is supporting animals. But sometimes, they go to certain extents where it’s just completely over dramatic lol. It’s a video game people! No one’s going to feel like killing whales after playing Black Flag, I can almost guarantee!

    1. I don’t know what’s so hilarious about it. They’re right. Whaling is a cruel act and I don’t like seeing it in a game to tell the truth. You guys are all idiots.

      1. You actually BELIEVE what PETA says? PETA is bunch of drug addict losers trying make their lives meaningful by condemning others. They’re the type of person that would step on a homeless man on thier way to throw red paint on a person wearing fur. They are 100% sh!t. Yeah, murdering people in a video game is fine, but killing a whale is terrible. This is PETA.

        I’m disappointed in sickr for giving them any credit.

        1. Not to mention they kill Thousands of Animals a year in the name of “Love” instead of giving them a home. PETA is run by Drug Addicts, Criminals and Hollywood. Funny you should mention the Homeless thing. Because they’ve done similar stunts. Ignore the Helpless and Attack people that wear fur! Still most progressive groups in America, are always trying to rewrite History and ignore things that actually happened during that time period.

      2. So cruel that they rather criticize a videogame instead do something to protect real whales and other animals in danger. Yeah, that sounds legit.

    1. Actually nobody said it was fine. It just isn’t PETA’s thing since they deal with Animal cruelty, but there’s a shit ton of people who complain on mass people killing on games, mainly causing mass shootings.

    2. There’s a difference,
      We aren’t supposed to kill people in real life
      Whaling is an actually think that still happen to this day, its a normal thing for some countries, even Japan.

      1. So instead of go out and defend the whales in real life, they focus on whales on a video games.

        Peta for the win?


  1. I think PETA seriously idol worship animals themselves. It’s really sad. I bet some eff their animals too.

  2. PETA, how about all the dogs and cats you kill? Seriously, not even 5% of animals that enter your care come out alive.

  3. Admitably, I understand where they are coming from, lets just hope that they don’t take things too far!

    1. PETA is an organisation consisting of several members (obviously) therefore when you speak on behalf of a name, you speak on behalf of all the members and therefore it would be correct to use ‘are’.

      1. incorrect, an organization is a separate entity and when you talk about it you act as if it is a sole person.

  4. Really? How about… IT’S A GAME! I killed a few cops in a game before. what about all the hunting games? I guess it’s ok to kill bears or deer. Hey PETA, when we leave the house and start hurting animals then you can have an opinion. You come off looking stupid when you cry about what Mario turns into or is wearing. Let me audit your life and see what you do wrong to the planet.

  5. PETA is not even happy with their own existence
    they should all buy an island and move there, then we nuke them

    1. efbbbfI almost never cmoemnt, but i did some searching and wound up here Sustainable Stylist Lula Land. And I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind. Is it only me or does it give the impression like a few of the responses come across like written by brain dead visitors? And, if you are writing on other sites, I would like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Could you make a list of all of all your public sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  6. thumbs up for PETA… thumbs down for Ubisoft
    They are right about it. Its unrespectful and also this games are played by paranoid kids mostly in US. This generation is paranoid, growing up with wrong ways. They will end up canibals in point.

    A month ago, I saw an american kid, made the effort to rasp nintendo liflets, because nintendo decided NOT to include biffy manuals, for enviromental reasons… And you could see on that video, a fat american troll, screaming ” who fucks nature, who fucks nature…” well…. who fucks u.

    1. I kill Animals in Skyrim
      Killing Koopas(Turtles) too
      i think im just an animal murde…SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    2. So again, Killing Humans in a video game is good but killing digital animals in a VIDEO GAME is bad?

      You and PETA have some mixed morals… you need to get sorted

    3. Kindly don’t generalise when regarding a generation you’re not a part of. It’s disgustingly ignorant and self-righteous.

  7. Assassin’s Creed doesn’t promote any form of hunting or killing. It’s mostly about history and if history proves that there once were pirates who killed whales, then Ubisoft isn’t gonna change a fact like that.

    1. Agreed. That’s like trying to take the racism out of that Tom Sawyer book. It’s relevant to that time period, we have no business changing it. That’s history. You can’t change history. I could possibly see PETA’s point if I were able to look past their attention-craving idiocy.

    1. Please don’t call PETA members hippies. They’re definitely not hippies. Hippies are way better than anyone in PETA.

      1. Not all hippies are PETA members.
        Not all stoners are PETA members.
        Not all stoners are hippies.
        Not all hippies are stoners.
        All PETA members are stoner hippies.

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  9. shut the fuck up, whaling was common in back the day, the game takes place in the past, then again they were right bout mario ripping those animals to shreds right? peta is running out of ideas, unless they can prevent the past

    1. Because they’re stupid attention whore idiot retards who want attention and money. Did I mention they were retards, yeah, they’re retarded.

  10. PETA does NOT speak for the hippies of the world. PETA is to Al Quida as hippies are to Muslims. I’m all for the violence. It’s a VIDEO GAME PETA. Have you guys seen the PETA episode of Southpark?

  11. Pay them no attention, it’s what they want.
    Really, just exit away from this page, don’t get outraged, nobody cares, they know as well as anyone else does that it’s just a video game, grand theft auto has people running over people and people have tried complaining about that and see where that’s got all those dumb assholes, PETA just wants attention and money, don’t give them either, just drop this, forget about it, and let them jerk themselves to sleep because in the end that’s all they can do about anything.

  12. Aren’t there something called freedom of speech in USA? Here in Sweden, we have something which I believe is similar. Here every person may express themselves in whatever way they desire. Assuming it’s the same kind of freedom in USA, then it is democratically impossible for Ubisoft to get sued or receive any form of legal penalty from this. The only negative effect that can be expected from this is that hardcore PETA members will boycott this game, and I don’t think that PETA members play video games containing any kind of realistic violence, as they are certainly not the group of interest.

    1. I don’t think anyone is worried about Ubisoft getting in trouble over it. Animals have been dying in video games since Oregon Trail. I’ve got 100 pounds of meat! But I can only carry 10 :(

  13. I hope there is an option to smear whale blood all over my face in the game, because if not then I’m going to have to go kill a whale and do it for real. Get on it Ubisoft!

  14. Although I agree with some of their dilemas.
    Criticizing the whale hunting aspect in this game is kinda ridiculous.
    These things wer enormal back then and it’s just a part of that history.
    Sure it’s really a useless feature in the game but…yeh…
    They really should focus more on real life events than games…

  15. “omg donut kill the virtual whales” -PETA
    Seriously, PETA?
    The game’s setting makes sense that you could go whaling, and it’s not like playing AS4 is going to make us want to kill whales. PETA’s a dumb organization, I swear.

  16. Whaling was used as a method of survival for fuck sakes. The oil was used to light the lanterns of that day. Obviously we don’t do that anymore because we have electricity and other methods to create light these days. Maybe the pirates should just magically have flashlights in the game? No, this was what went on in those days. PETA needs to just go suck a bag of animal dicks.

  17. Like he said, it’s history. Historical stories will feature things that historically happened.

    The whales are a bunch of pixels. Live with it.

      1. Yeah, I seriously wondered if that game was a joke. Sometimes PETA will take it so far, I just laugh about it! They’re making complete fools out of themselves! It’s like watching a drunk girl in high heels walk home.
        “We… we gotta save… the animals! *falls over*

  18. Not that I’m saying I’m with them on this or anything but idk, I don’t think ill be doing too much whale killing in this game, due to my own morals. “If it doesn’t attack you in a non defensive way, why kill it?” I couldn’t own up to killing the herbivore dinosaurs and cat people in the monster hunter demo either lol guess I’m too much of a good guy

      1. Then I will kill, wipe my swords and harpoon clean, bow and say a little bible passage-something cool that an assassin would say after killing one of mother earth’s creatures

  19. Peta prevents virtual hunting for the pixel beings meanwhile China hunt all fucking whales in the world, yesh peta yesh!

  20. It’s a frikkin’ video game! What the hell are their thoughts on the Grand Theft Auto series? Last time I checked humans fall under the “animal” category. People are always making a big deal about nothing. I love animals and I would never, could never hurt one, but I play some badass whaling missions on a video game, because it truly does no harm. Again, in real life, I wouldn’t even scratch a whale. I think they’re beautiful creatures.

    1. They don’t give a crap about violence towards humans, but if someone kicks a puppy, all bets are off.

  21. Hmm, I can see why they would not like the hunting of whales as they kind of are endangered or close to it, and yet some countries still have it. But at the same time the Assassins Creed series takes place in history and pretty much all countries that could of hunted whales did at one point in time.

    Perhaps they could make it so your character doesn’t like to kill whales but does it because he must and he doesn’t enjoy it. At the same time talk to other NPCs and tells them why he dislikes it.

    1. That’s daft. Sorry but it really is. Whaling was extremely common in this time period, and in the same way a farmer wouldn’t feel bad about killing a cow for meat, no one in this era would feel bad for whaling to get blubber or meat.

  22. Dear Peta, That’s exactly why videogames are fun, you can do things you couldn’t in your real life. Mario doens’t stomp on turtles, he stomps on virtual turtles, and they don’t suffer! When you say ”shooting whales with harpoons and leaving them to struggle for an hour or more before they die or are hacked apart while they are still alive” it looks like the whales on AC will suffer, and they don’t! you guys are totally out of this world, you should worry about REAL animals, not Virtual Lifes, Geez!

  23. This is obviously another publicity stunt, remember when PETA pretended that they didn’t approve of Super Mario 3D Land, and then later said it was a joke?
    This is obviously some more of that bullshit.

  24. Whaling is historically accurate, however wrong it may be. PETA is making a sink to make themselves seem relevant… remember they also had an issue with Super Meat Boy.

  25. They say this, as the entire game is focused on MURDER. If it’s a CGI whale it’s the end of the world, but if you kill people it’s ok. Right?

    1. Not defending PETA, but I think the reason they’re staying quiet about the people murder is because they work to protect animals, and yes I do know a human is an animal, but I guess they’re putting us aside

  26. Why don’t they throw out some slander for Moby Dick while their at it? I swear, every nut job and ass hole in the world is willing to target our industry for everything it’s innocent of because it’s publicity and blame redirection without any consequences. PETA, NRA, the “Christian” church, stupid old rich people with too much time, politicians who need something to yell about for votes, news media. I hope they all get what’s coming.

  27. Why don’t PETA f**k off. Ubisoft is just showing what happened during those ages and it isn’t like every person who will play will suddenly have a lust for hunting whales.
    What are PETA going to do next, complain to Capcom about Monster Hunter as it’s like hurting animals.

  28. People from that era hunted whales.
    Assassin’s Creed is supposed to follow history.
    Dear PETA: get over it.

  29. It wouldn’t be fucking accurate to be a pirate in the 18th century and you didn’t hunt whales. They bag a LOT of money, which is what pirates want.

  30. PETA: the anti-animal cruelty pro cruelty organization – an oxymoron at its finest!
    They should actually play the game, they might like it.

  31. Whaling happened in history. No sense in acting like it didn’t. Though considering dishonored also had whaling, yet never actually showed any of it, I guess I can kinda see their point.

    Of course they’re probably just having the bambi complex too.

  32. Okay, I hate PETA (I love animals, but these guys are insane), the game doesn’t PROMOTE people to go out and Whale hunt. It was just what was part of that history. Jesus. However, I will say this: I really didn’t care for hunting in ACIII, at least, I didn’t care as much as they wanted me to. They put such a great emphasis on it, but it really seemed kind of out of the way.

  33. thenintendoreviewer

    It’s always something with PETA. Though this makes a lot more sense than the whole Mario Tanooki suit BS about a year ago. PETA still needs to lighten up and not take things so seriously. It’s a video game and people hunted whales for food and other resources back then. Chill out.

      1. Oh. I didn’t know that. More reason why PETA shouldn’t be freaking out so much about this. Thanks for sharing.

  34. PETA is mad about animal cruelty? Boo-hoo. It’s not like thousands of animals aren’t killed and eaten in nature or anything.

  35. I don’t remember them jumping down the throat of the devs for Dishonored… Did they? Because that whole game is based on the whaling industry in a parallel universe, and you get to watch them being gutted on whaling ships! This is ridiculous BS meant for publicity to make PETA feel relevant!

  36. Ok they can be mad at this game design but not far cry 3, that clearly promotes the killing of animals in the hunting sports to furnish their hides after you kill them to make your own upgraded equipment?! How odd PETA….

  37. Stupid. It is historically accurate that whales were hunted. I am sure Ubisoft is not promoting the hunting of whales they are just trying to make the game as accurate as possible. No REAL whale will be harmed from the playing of the game. Grow a brain PETA.

    1. Exactly, it’s just a game. It’s not like after playing it I’m going to go out and start killing whales.

        1. Cool, you’re a Creature fan too? I’m just using his logo because all the profile pictures reminded me of it. I wasn’t sure how if anyone would actually notice it.

          1. Why yes sir I am. Favorite would be probably be Seamus, first one I discovered, or nova. I love them all and others such as immortal, diction, and Kevin.

  38. Yet no complaints from them on the hunting side missions from previous games? Shut your filthy mouth off PETA! Puck FETA!!

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  40. PETA does have a point. Assassin’s Creed did fine without the “whaling missions”, i don’t see a reason for the developers to use this idea, especially when it’s sparks controversy. I’m not taking sides, I’m just saying it should be thought carefully about.

  41. JESUS H CHRIST………….THEY ARE NOT FUCKING REAL GET A GRIP! I gaurantee that NO ONE will go kill a whale after playing it. FFS man!

  42. At least this time it is something that makes some sort of sense.
    remember when they beat on Mario 3D, and Pokemon Black and White

    PETA Sucks, but Whaling is actually a very cruel thing to see. Humans sure know how to pick on lesser beings

  43. Yes, because whenever I play Assassin’s Creed, it makes me want to go outside with a harpoon and hunt a fucking whale.

    1. Yup, and when I play Pokémon, I feel like keeping an animal inside a spherical ball, and taking it out to fight other animals. Oh hey, whenever I play Mario 3D Land, I feel like tearing off a raccoon’s skin to use it as my combat suit. PETA is freaking crazy, lol.

  44. I disagree that Assassin’s Creed will encourage kids to run out and kill some whales, but I do agree that the issue of whaling shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    1. I agree. I honestly don’t know which side to take with this one. Normally I wouldn’t side with PETA, but for once they have a point.

  45. PETA is a joke. Killing whales in the game they disapprove, but killing people is okay! And it’s not like it’s real anyway! Come on people, it’s a GAME!!! Not real.

  46. Well I think they should focus on real people killing real whales first, because those are, um, real whales?

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  48. The PETA should be shut down. They kill most of the animals they “save” and spend all the money, they should be spending on treating animals, on making shitty games to make games that involve supposedly harming animals look bad. The PETA criticised Pokemon before… What a joke… There is honestly no reason to attack AC for such insolent reasons. I’m all for the well being of animals, I hate the idea of killing animals… Well, I eat meat but you get my point, killing animals in game has no effect on real life. AT ALL. I love animals, but when stuff is in a game it’s ok to do in the game, just don’t be a prick and do it in real life. The PETA are not a trustworthy society, things like WWF are, as they don’t make shit up about media which has no effect on the deaths of real animals.

  49. Damn
    So last night a the pub I didn’t see one PETA representative shutting down “Buck Hunter” cause it glorifies drunken fun while blasting away animals!

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  55. Ridiculous. This is just a game for crying out loud. Hell, back then whaling was a way of life, the game is just being historically factual.

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