Nintendo Asked About Minecraft’s Absence From Wii U, 3DS


Nintendo’s business development manager Dan Adelman and Nintendo senior manager of marketing for licensing Damon Baker were recently queried by GameSpot regarding why the immensely popular Minecraft isn’t available on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Neither would give a satisfactory answer as to why it isn’t available on these platforms. However, Mojang developer Jens Bergensten said in March that a version of Minecraft for the Wii U would be “very unlikely.”

“What can we say on that front? [laughs].”

“We’re big fans. We have a continuing relationship with Mojang, and respect all the work that they’re doing, but no announcements at this time.”

96 thoughts on “Nintendo Asked About Minecraft’s Absence From Wii U, 3DS”

      1. And if thats the case, we wouldn’t be seeing any third party game at this point. Hold on. I see Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, Injustice, Mass Effect, Rayman, Sonic, shall I continue to prove how retarded your fanboy “Youtube” comment sounds?

    1. I’m pretty sure an 8-bit sandbox can run on 3DS just fine. If the iOS (Apple) version can run on an iPhone 3G like butter, then 3DS will have no problem either.

      As for Smash Bros., you see the game is running on there right? So I guess Smash Bros. is doing okay too.

  1. I would actually start playing Minecraft again if it became available on Wii U, because I don’t have a good PC anymore.

    1. You could even move the game-pad around while using the your tools for more precise digging, attack, and more. I guess they don’t like making more money…

  2. OFF TOPIC for a moment. I just read that Xbox One was struggling to get 60fps on KI. In fact they had to sacrifice some shit just so it wouldn’t get any lower than 60fps 720p. How can something that uses 1gig, and 1 core (2 remaining idle) have games that can achieve 1080p 60fps with 1gig for gaming, yet an 8 core console with 4.5 gigs for gaming struggles? I don’t get it!!! Pikmin 3 is a platformer and gets 720p 60fps and Ki gets that and its just a 2D fighting game struggling with it.

    1. jtz you were on neogaf with me, I was also thinking the same thing. People on the gaf are in shock that the WiiU is delivering 1080P, 60fps locked on the regular. With and not to forget the Amazing Pikmin 3 also locked at 60fps 720P. People shall be buying the WiiU in droves.

    2. We haven’t seen any gameplay of games running off the Xbox One yet, its all on the PC lol. There is some kind of problem I’m guessing.

    1. Although I don’t like Minecraft, I think it would be a very good choice for Nintendo to bring it to Wii U, not only would it sell a lot, it would bring more potential customers’ attention to the Wii U, thus more Wii U sales.

    2. Dude, just stop right there and shut up. If it happens on Wii U/3DS and you don’t like it, then simply don’t buy it jackass.

      1. And that’s what got people bitching over Wii U in the first place. Its the greedy developers wanting something more than what Nintendo offered and since Nintendo didnt deliver what they’re whoring over, they began shooting down the Wii U’s potential. But no worry. They’ll regret it soon enough.

  3. I kinda believe that Mojang doesn’t really care about Nintendo. If they would, at least they would announce Minecraft for the Wii U or 3DS, even if it comes out next year. Just announce it or Mojang doesn’t care about Nintendo. The Wii U could be saved with Minecraft, as the Wii U is struggling. Come on, Mojang, care about Nintendo for a bit.

  4. I think Minecraft would be an excellent addition to the Wii U’s library, but the problem is Mojang (rather Notch) doesn’t like Nintendo, irrespective of any exclusivity contracts/deals. The chances of a Wii U version of Minecraft happening are about as slim as myself winning a substantial fortune on the lottery.

    Shame, because if they were to seriously consider it, I’d back it.

      1. So because Notch said “at one point”, anon’s point is disproven? Where is this illustrious 3DS version then? Where’s the proof?

        The Anon is right as it stands.

  5. I’d consider getting it for Wii U but from what it sounds like, they just don’t like Nintendo. A Wii U version would clearly be the definitive version, which Mojang may not want.

  6. Why don’t you get on that Nintendo. PS4 is getting Minecraft, Xbox One is getting Minecraft. Minecraft was recently number 1 in the UK…AGAIN! It’s safe to say Minecraft is a system seller and could really help the struggling sales of the Wii U. 💋

  7. I have the Xbox 360 version, but I would definitely buy it again if it was on Wii U, especially if it had off-tv play and online play. A 3DS version would be great, too. I believe both the Wii U and 3DS can handle minecraft, they would just have to be modified. I still believe there is a chance for it to happen, even if it is unlikely.

  8. I would really love a WiiU version as my pc cant handle this piece of buggy, laggy junk. All those updates destroy it even more, so a fixed version like the 360 one at a good framerate would be fantastic. Dat original minecraft spirit.

  9. Bought used X360 and Minecraft this summer for my kid so he could play Minecraft on TV, as he requested it so much. Android version is just too limited. Sorry to say, he left all other games, including Pikmin 3 just to play this. All his neighbours are also playing it. One crap is that I bought physical copy and it keeps drive always on and makes huge noise (not possible to install on HD, plain stupid). Just sad there is no Minecraft on Nintendo – with Mario skins, Mario galaxy-like maps, offscreen play, that would be great. Would buy it with full retail title price. Just sad, because it is creative game, not stupid shooter.

  10. Basically, this is how the conversation went.

    Nintendo: “Do you guy want to put Minecraft on the WiiU?”

    Mojang: “Will you give us $X,000,000?”

    Nintendo: “No, bye”

  11. It’s cause of the Microsoft exclusivity deal. And Mojang never said unlikly to come to Wii U. They said its as likley to come to Wii U as Playstation. Notch even said at one point he wanted to put it on the 3DS.

  12. perfect game for nintendo, shovelware. its the most extreme packed shovelare ever, wii (luaghs) need this on the wii u. wii u (laughs again while sniffing) picture the gimmickpad. the items i kid you not could be on the screen!!!!!! groundbreaking (smiles while shaking head retardedly) just great for us shovelware infested nintendrones!!!!!!

  13. Even though I tried this game and wasn’t interested, I gotta respect the fanbase asking for the Wii U version to happen since the demand is great and the sense of utilizing Wii U’s Gamepad for inventory and even off-screen play will be fantastic for Minecraft plus this will benefit Wii U sales and library even further. My little sister would probably be interested in playing this on my Wii U if I would agree to buy it..again and if this game launches in eShop.

  14. I really think it should be on the Wii U. The only other reason I haven’t bought the Wii U is that it doesn’t have a pokemon game from the main series. but if they get Minecraft on the Wii U, I’ll buy both in a heartbeat.
    Btw, keep an eye out for my on the minecraft servers, I’m not on much

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