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Miyamoto Explains Why Pikmin 3 Works Best With Wii U


Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has sat down with GameSpot to talk about all things Nintendo related. One of the questions put to Shigeru Miyamoto was what’s one point of gameplay in Pikmin 3 that he can point to and say “that’s only possible because of what the Wii U can do?” Miyamoto replied to the question with the following answer:

“When I create a game, I don’t necessarily always try to approach it from the idea of leveraging every feature or every ability of that new piece of hardware. In the case of Pikmin in particular, the approach that we took was really less of an approach of how can we […] take advantage of what the Wii U is doing, per se, and instead how can we take what was that Pikmin experience and really make it a deeper experience for players.”

“So of course we’re taking advantage of the graphics and improving the play control and whatnot and I guess if you were to look at it more broadly, you might not necessarily say that it would be impossible to do it on another system. But I guess speaking plainly, the idea is really that Wii U is the best system to be able to achieve all of the different things that we’re trying to do with this new Pikmin game. One of the biggest features of Pikmin 3 is the fact that you have the map on the GamePad at all times and because Pikmin is a strategy game, it’s the type of game that you might play the same levels over and over again. Having that map–and the fact that you have the three different leaders that you switch between to command your Pikmin–and having the touchscreen on the map will allow you to change perspective or jump to a specific leader and quickly give orders.It makes it much more efficient for you to achieve the goals that you have strategically within the game.”

37 thoughts on “Miyamoto Explains Why Pikmin 3 Works Best With Wii U”

  1. “Having that map–and the fact that you have the THREE different leaders that you switch between to command your Pikmin” Who’s the third?

    1. The only thing surprising is that it’s three instead of four. If you look back at some of the earliest reveal stages (and E3 last year, I believe,) it is said that there were going to be four leaders. Olimar isn’t going to be one of them (at least at first.)

      As for who they are, nobody knows. I personally believe that they resemble Olimar’s family. (Based off of his drawings from the first game)

  2. I love Miyamotos ideas on making a game.
    Its not simply “lets slap on better graphics”, he actually think about every piece of the hardware to mold a game around it, in terms of visuals he was more concerned with having all the Pikmin plainly visable, and using detail to make the game PLAY better, not LOOK better.

    1. Also, anyone else here go MGR:Revengeance?
      How the fuck are you supposed to full S rank Revengeance difficulty? xD
      Just beat Monsoon on Hard with no damage though, that was fun :3

  3. I love pikmin, Really excited for this one. However, being a STRATEGY game w/o online – mp/co-op in 2013 is just not good enough. A 2.0 will be subtracted from my overall rating. Nintendo really needs to get with the times concerning online mp.

    1. Pikmin games are not meant to be online, rather a single player experience first…

      However if there is a co-op here in the main game then I can see some online play in Pikmin 4…

      1. Ive played pikmin a great many times I know what it is and what it isn’t. An online mp mode could be easily done and could be fantastic, it will have local Co-op only though and if it has local co-op it should have online Co-op, period. Who the heck plays local co-op anymore anyways?

        1. I do… And I can tell you that it’s a much better experience to play with friends in the same room, rather than strangers over the Internet. Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Trine 2, Nano Assault Neo… All great games that offers a fantastic experience when played with friends. NSMBU is somewhat good, but I don’t like how you can push each other away and things…

  4. Give us release dates, Nintendo. I’m sick of this DRY launch. At least give us Star Wars Boards for pinball or runner 2 in EU. Why does it have to take fucking months for Nintendo and all other developers (some of them don’t even wana think about doing it for Wii U (like EA DLCs)) to port/localize content? Nintendo eShop is a fucking joke. Something is seriously wrong in how nintendo proccess their digital content market.

  5. I just hope they focus more on the art style and framerate than just raw graphics. Nintendo shouldn’t focus on raw graphics with the wii u because it’s nothing people haven’t already seen before.

  6. My bet is that we won’t see a date for Pikmin 3 untill E3…

    But fear not, it will invade our hearts once it comes out!

    1. They said Spring 2013. I have no love for Pikmin because I have not played the series yet. I will get Pikmin 3 only because it’s like the only game that doesn’t seem to be complete shit (except for NFS and LEGO). Also, I’m boycotting rayman due to the riddicoulus delay. I can survive without it.

          1. i dont play trailers ,what you said states a lot about your inteligence levels and the effect DERK MARKETING has on people like you

            Dtrailer he says moron

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