Here’s the First Trailer For Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life For Nintendo 3DS

Namco Bandai has announced today via Famitsu that its been busy developing Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is due to be released on the 11th of July in Japan and will also see a special Nintendo 3DS XL limited edition design released. Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life allows gamers to play as their Mii character and we will also allow you to meet all your favourite Disney characters. More than 80 Disney characters are set to appear within the game and it will features around 1000 different items.



  1. Looks like a mix between Disney and Animal Crossing. It’ll be nice for the kids and if marketed right could be a huge seller.

    It’s not aimed anywhere near us normal gamers. You can tell that from the title.


  2. It looks like Disney’s trying to cash-in on Animal Crossings success. I mean, they have an actual good developer making it too and everything. Not saying is WILL be good, but I think the inspiration from Animal Crossing is pretty clear. But, whatever, we’ll see.


  3. This new weaponry is good to increase loyalty from our Nintendo Younglings and might have the power to pull in some newcomers to our Empire with it’s magnetizing childish appeal…


  4. another 3DS special edition eh? well, too bad that that design are a bit “meh” …
    nothing beats the Zelda edition so far .__.


      1. When I was a child I spent my days playing mario, donkey kong, sonic and mortal kombat. what’s wrong with people these days? ‘-‘


      2. They have been infected by the Microsoft virtual-biological warfare, codenames “Hardcore” and “Adult”…

        The Microsoft Realm does not understand the true value of games and so many old and new gamers are infected by it…

        Our mission is to cure them…but they do not seem to respond to our treatment…

        And so our strategy is to attack them with high quality weapons and stealth attacks…


  5. First they copy Skylanders, now Animal Crossing. Is there nothing Disney does that isn’t a quick cash in? It’s not the same company from my childhood ;(


    1. My comrade, yes it is very dissapointing watching the former golden age of the Disney Realm behave the way they are in this bad age…

      Clearly the Disneyans no longer have the same faith in their weapons as we have in ours…

      My statistical report suggest that Disney clearly have been partially infected by Microsoft’s B.O.Ws but at the same time by the high powered systems that Sony have launched in recent years…


    1. Huh? It is a childrens game my friend(unless you consider that the casual market), only “special” folks over the age of 10 will want to play this game.


  6. Unless you can understand Japanese you shouldn’t judge it. It seems like a chill, relaxing game. Personally, I think it looks great. I’m curious to see what exactly the game is about. It does seem like a similar concept to Animal Crossing though, but that doesn’t make it a bad game.


  7. So…
    Disney is an American franchise, yet the only Disney video game I’m slightly interested in (besides Kingdom Hearts) is, as of right now, only being released in Japan.


  8. Well, I’m not “special”, but I am a 59 yr old Disney fan who loves animal crossing, and can’t wait for a mixture of two favorite worlds.


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