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New Pokemon Movie Trailer Shows Off Pokemon X And Y’s Sylveon

The Pokemon Company has just released a new trailer for their forthcoming Pokemon movie which is titled Extremespeed Genesect Mewtwo’s Awakening. The movie will make its debut in Japan in July. The new trailer shows off Sylveon along with all Eevee’s evolutions. The trailer not only showcases Sylveon, but it also shows off Genesect, the 649th Pokemon who was unveiled last year and Meloetta, the 648th Pokemon. You can watch the trailer above.

63 thoughts on “New Pokemon Movie Trailer Shows Off Pokemon X And Y’s Sylveon”

    1. Yeah, he has not exactly been in 3 movies already where he had a big role in two of them…. :S Yeah, he is so on the line to be forgotten..

      1. I think what he means is that they haven’t really been using Mewtwo in much of anything in recent years.

      1. Yeah, Sylveon is lookin’ more and more Flying type to me.
        Haven’t looked forward to a Pokemon movie since… the 1st one (1999)!

        1. It’s a new type. They wouldn’t make a mystery out of it if it wasn’t a new type. All of it’s names alludes to fairies, so it could be a Fairy type or something like that.

          1. I don’t think they are adding a new type. If they do I’ll do a headspin while drinking water as I tightrope walk over a volcano… ahhemhhh.. an ERUPTING volcano.

  1. Nintendo is certainly milking this kiddy series to the max. They just want to take as much money as possible from the buyers’ mommie’s wallets. Truly pathetic.

    1. Sonysoft fag is upset that those companies have to scratch the bottom of the 3rd party barrel in order to fill their “all-star” games?

        1. Who do you like then. I recall you have said you do not like Microsoft eighter (can have been one of these pesky clones). Do you even play video games?

          1. Pretty much if you see the name Bill with a “fake” profile avatar, and/or they sign their posts with “~THE REAL Bill~”, they are fake. I use an e-mail and gravatar to distinguish myself from the clones.

    2. I love that they are milking Pokemon! I will buy every main series Pokemon game that comes out. They could come out with 2 a year with brand new Pokemon in each one and I’d buy them all. Pokemon is THAT good. Can’t get enough! Good job Nintendo keep on MILKING this franchise, it is working really well!!!!

      1. Did you NOT hear Meowth’s voice??? Most annoying piece of shit sounding voice I have ever heard in my life. -__-

    1. hey I happen to like pokemon so just because ur mad at them does not give you the right to go hating on my favorite game kay

  2. Bill…a loyal soldier of the PC realm…

    We are not interested in the cloning techniques you CPUs have created…

    I’m sure you are proud about your so called “Manly Weaponry” which frankly sounds like there is some serious dude-sweat going on in your grand Empire…

    However, our Nintendo Empire is immune to manly attacks and cloning devices…

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Seriously…ANOTHER Pokémon movie? I know this one has Mewtwo but come on. The movies are getting annoying now.

    1. We will expand our Pokemon division as much as we can while maintaining it fresh…

      I do feel however that F-Zero, Starfox and Earthbound need to be expanded…

  4. I sure hope this Pokemon movie is better than the last Black & White movie. That one was HORRIBLE!

    1. I dont know why, but I thought of Smash Bros. too with Mewtwo being featured in it and all. I was like, “Why feature Mewtwo(and old Pokemon) unless they are trying to bring about new hype for something else.” What would be better than him returning to Smash!!!?

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  7. Awesome, Mewtwo is coming back..Meaning that some of Ash’s past pokemon will come back and pikachu won’t be as weak as in the episodes. The movies help me believe Ash doesn’t forget his last journeys, all because he said “mew two” yay lol

  8. That looks so cool I can’t wait for it to come out but I couldn’t understand what they were saying in the trailer but this going to be awesome when it comes out

  9. Well… The only downside is that Sylveon is a Fairy type Pokémon. Seriously. How does a TINY, INSECT- WINGED, HUMANIOD FOREST CREATURE beat a GIANT, WINGED, SCALY FIRE-BREATHING REPTILE???? What the heck, Gamefreak and Nintendo. What the heck. (Note: I may hate her type, but I do like Sylveon. She’s cute. -^^-)

    Alright, about the movie itself. Mewtwo’s NOT exactly on the list of never-heard-about-for-15-years. I have to say that. I’m glad we have more of an old favorite of the Pokédom; but, again. What the heck, Gamefreak and Nintendo??? ;-; Why did you give him such a stupid, creepy-looking form? ;-; ;-; ;-;

    I do like Genesect, though. However, why won’t they show us a picture of what they looked like when they were in the FIRST LIFE?! I really, really, want to see one. Oh well, I’ll draw one myself. I’m good at that. Art FTW!

    My only request for this movie is MEW. Just a little peek, please? I love her (that’s the gender I think Mew is, you can have other opinions), and I would like a small appearance on her part.

    Thanks for reading this, reply if you agree with anything, especially the first paragraph. :3

  10. Mewtwo is cool and everything but I would like to see a movie with Groudon as the main pokemon. That last one that he was in (if you call it that) you only saw the real one once. Groudon is that dude.

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