Grasshopper And Level 5’s Liberation Maiden Comes To iOS


Liberation Maiden which originally released on 3DS in Japan as part of the Guild01 set of games is now heading to iOS. The game was part of a collaboration between Level 5 and Grasshopper which saw the player control the teenage president of Japan in her flying mech. Level 5 has yet to announce whether the rest of the games will be gracing the iOS platform.



  1. I remember the teaser video for liberation maiden. Where they made a point of saying that it was an exclusive that wasn’t available on iOS. Oh well. It’ll probably be cheaper on iOS too.


    1. It was short, but I agree, it was VERY fun.
      I wish it would have been the prequel to a full-production game.

      I’d but it in a heartbeat.


      1. How the hell would you controll this game on IOS ? can’t imagine multi touch getting you very far in this game…


  2. It wasn’t very good. Dirty graphics. Questionable feedback from hits. Rushed/abrupt tutorials. Super short. Aero Porter was much better.


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