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Miyamoto Says He’d Rather Create New Video Games Than Work On Remakes

zelda_windwaker_reborn_enviromentThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is being remade for Wii U, but does Nintendo plan on enhancing more older games to bring them to its latest console? In an interview, GameSpot asked Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto whether the company is considering remaking more games for Wii U. Miyamoto replied by saying he can’t talk about titles that Nintendo hasn’t announced to the public, and that he is more interested in creating new video games, rather than working on remakes.

On top of Luigi’s Mansion and Pkimin 3, Wind Waker for the Wii U is supplementing that lineup. Is Nintendo considering giving Wii U treatment to any other games, potentially older games like Metroid Prime?

Of course I can only talk about the titles we’ve announced publicly. We are thinking about the possibilities around that, but there’s nothing I can share today. I guess I can say from my perspective, I’m more interested in creating new titles.

100 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says He’d Rather Create New Video Games Than Work On Remakes”

    1. No, Miyamoto didn’t say anything about a Metroid remake. The interviewer asked about a Metroid remake, but Miyamoto didn’t give a response that would indicate that THAT was the case.

      1. Lmao you fail
        Of course I can only talk about the titles we’ve announced publicly. We are thinking about the possibilities around that, but there’s nothing I can share today.

        1. You should go and watch the particular Nintendo Direct that revealed this game, then come back and let me know what your thoughts are about it.

          1. I did, when it aired to be exact. And I didn’t say it won’t look good, I don’t think the game in motion will look that good.

    1. Nah! Virtual console is awesome no disputing that. BUT the past is full of amazing games begging to remade with modern graphics and features.
      Ocarina 3D with Masterquest just proves the potential of remakes. Those nasty ass HD collections are pathetic. FUCK THEM. Full on Remakes however are very welcome.

      Imagine Metroid prime with Cry engine graphics. or Super metroid with Trine 2 level graphics or any old Nintendo game with any modern graphical style.

      1. Personally I would like to see a new 2D mario series based off 16bit graphical Super Mario World and release it on the eshop and add tons of new features. Its time for the new smb series to sit on the sideline for awhile

  1. Well I do not think there are that many developers that have the dream of working only in remaking games.

  2. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work on something new? But I think he was simply stating, “No, don’t expect all these remakes just because we have Wind Waker HD coming. We’re Nintendo. We’re going to keep making new things”.

  3. I personally don’t mind using older powerful weapons and remake them…

    However I do want someone else taking care of remakes while General Miyamoto and his personal legion to focus on entirely new ones…

      1. Right now we are focusing on preparing the final adjustments for our bigger battle plan…

        Involving new weaponry like Super Mario U, Mario Kart U, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker and a secret weapon…

        While you guys continue to support our Empire and counter attack the graphics agenda…

  4. A possible string of new Ip’s from Miyamoto. I had better keep this quiet, I don’t want my other consoles to commit suicide.

  5. the most interesting point is that HE CAN’T DISCUSS GAMES THAT AREN´T ANNOUNCED YET, so they are working on other games, that’s nice!

    1. Nintendo is ALWAYS making new games. They never stop. Even when the Wii wasn’t getting nothing they were working on Wii U games. Nintendo constantly has games that aren’t revealed and they wont reveal them till they have new mystery games to replace them and then they won’t tell us those ones lol.

        1. yeah. Valve can’t have a secret project in the works without having to dispel Half-Life 3 rumors first.

  6. I’d love them to remake the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD, I’d buy that on day 1. I’d love to see some HD remakes of Nintendo’s games like the Mario Galaxy games, Twilight Princess, F-Zero GX, and more. They can be great filler games till Nintendo works on the new ones, kinda like WW HD is to help us wait till Zelda HD. But yeah new games are just as good, or even better.

    1. When you use Wii games on the Wii U it puts them automatically into HD, so they don’t have to go HD remake Galaxy, Twilight Princess or MPT.

    2. I’d love to see the Metroid Prime trilogy be released for the Wii U. Unfortunately I’ve yet to play it and I’m not willing to pay $200.- for the Wii version.

      Twlight Princess? Seems a little soon to be honest and frankly, it looks fantastic the way it is now. I don’t disagree with you however because that game would look awesome with tweaked graphics, but feels a little soon.

  7. Then why haven’t I seen a new game forever. Wii U launched with 2 Nintendo games, New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land, that’s it. I don’t like Pikmin. So I have to wait for Windwaker HD, then I want Super Mario Sunshine HD while I am waiting for new Super Mario.

    1. They’ve made a bunch of games on the 3DS. So, in reality, Nintendo has made a lot of new games recently. Wii U support may be down, bu as Gustaf said, makin’ games ain’t easy. Find another hobby to occupy your time maybe.

    2. He meant that he’s not willing to make any more remakes, not that he’s gonna asspull new games tomorrow.

  8. I Believe he shall make more new tittles. later on his retirement they can remake the best games on Nintendo history for a Miyamoto’s tribute

  9. I agree with Miyamoto.
    An HD remake for a game like Metroid Prime would be great, But I would MUCH rather see a Brand NEW Metroid Prime type game built from the ground up for Wii U. :P
    (I just prefer more New games rather than remakes).

  10. Sheesh. Just the meer mention of Metroid Prime and suddenly everyone’s jumping off the walls like schoolboys/girls.

  11. i say no to a metroid prime remake. We already got a remake of sorts on the wii, no need for another. I would rather they just work on new titles. If and when wii and or gamecube games make it to the eshop or wiiware. They should be output in 720p with AA and with solid frame rates.

    Wind waker is a true remake. Everything is being recreated from scratch.

    That shouldnt be the approach everytime. Some games should just get uprez’d with some good anti aliasing to make sure they look proper at 720p and add gamepad functionality. This way we get games quicker, less resources away from Wiiu games being built from the ground up.

    1. Metroid Prime Trilogy HD remake bundled with the new Metroid game for Wii U would be the ultimate backup for my Nintendo Space Division!

      Other than that, I would want Mystical Ninja 64 HD remake on Wii U…

      1. Yes ! Mystical ninja 64 is 1 of the n64 greatest titles i would also like a turok hd and body harvest hd.

        1. Yes I agree, and obviously its sequel should be amongst those big weapons…
          Just imagine how well it would be fighting the bosses with the U-pad when you fight them with Impact…

          Just that idea alone should be enough to consider a remake for those 2 games…

        2. They made Turok HD… It came out on te 360 like 3 years ago! Turok was not that great a game, don’t see any new remakes on that one in the pipeline.

  12. Personally, I’m hoping for a Super Mario Sunshine remake. Even a Luigi’s Mansion remake would be cool.

    1. No! Neither of those games deserve a remake. Sunshine was so boring after 20 minutes and Luigi should NEVER be put in a starring role, he’s always portrayed as a little scared bitch, how can he be the main character?!

      1. What are you smoking? Super Mario Sunshine AND Luigi’s Mansion are 2 of the greatest games on Gamecube, and VERY worthy of remakes. Only a complete and total IDIOT with the brain size of a pea could hate those games!

        1. I will gladly be considered an idiot, but I will not waver on this opinion!! Those games made me want to puke! I actually sold my GameCube after playing both if those games… Only to regret it and buy another one for ssbm and metriod prime. I’m glad someone liked those games but I personally would not even flinch at them being rereleased.

  13. So I got a fucking 2 week ban AGAIN on Miiverse cause I said “Calm down admins, its not bullying to call people silly” Fucking retards. Nintendo, why have you hired the most brain cell lacking human pieces of shit to be admins?

    1. It’s really not the admins. It’s usually some little brat that feels butthurt reporting your post as a violation. The admins seem out of line banning you for 2 weeks because of that post though!

    2. There could be just as well a policy on addressing admins or talking about private messages publicly. You did obviously break the off-topic rule they recently introduced.

      As much as I agree with you, making that post on Miiverse wasn’t the best idea. The support forum might have been more productive and probably would have gotten your message back. I’ve seen plenty of people have their messages reinstated.

      1. Support Forum? I havent seen any such one. Evenmy 2nd account got banned cause they didnt like my Mii nickname of Retro. Seriously bunch of baboons are the admins.

    1. Depends. Sometime, Ocarina of Time will need a HD remake. As long as games isn’t remade to often, I’m fine ^^

  14. Then by all means create new titles! I would love to see miyamoto make a game that goes outside his “comfort zone”, something that isn’t Mario, pikmin, or any other of the numerous established Nintendo franchises. Something totally new and in a direction that would take everyone by surprise!

    1. Our Supreme General is working on a totally new weapon for us to use in the near future…

      Please standby and wait for its arrival…

    1. I also add this to my wishes…

      MM is a must remake weapon that would probably even blow away the new Zelda…

  15. It’s understandable why people want a Prime remake with Wii controls. Since Prime Trilogy is really hard to find for an acceptable price. I was never into the Metroid series, but if that does happen, I’ll try it out. I hear Prime 1’s the best in the trilogy anyway.

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  18. I’m gonna step outside the box of the obvious and think of some HD remakes of games people wouldn’t think about.

    Wave Race
    Eternal Darkness
    Mystical Ninja (I know it is a Komami game. Just sayin’ they could collaborate.)

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