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Pandora’s Tower Confirmed For April In North America, Plus New Trailer

XSEED, the North American publishers behind Pandora’s Tower, have announced that the game will be coming out sometime in April. We reported yesterday that Amazon has apparently been informing customers that the game is due to be dispatched between April 22, 2013 – April 26, 2013. XSEED has also released a new trailer for the game to accompany the news. You can watch it above.

16 thoughts on “Pandora’s Tower Confirmed For April In North America, Plus New Trailer”

    1. Ikr? I’m just glad i’m not into these kinds of games cause I would have to wait so long to get them lol.

    2. Except it wasn’t released in the US, so technically no.
      People want this game, i have it, it’s very good. No need to be cynical just because YOU don’t want it. Just saying.

  1. Please buy this game to show support! Not only is it a really great game but we need to let nintendo know that they need to localize more games!

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