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Amazon Cuts Wii U Premium And Basic Pricing By £50


Amazon UK has followed other online retail outlets in cutting the pricing of Nintendo’s home console, Wii U. Amazon UK is now offering the 8GB Wii U Basic Pack for £199.99 and the 32GB Wii U Premium Pack with Nintendo Land for £250. Amazon UK is also offering very low trade in prices for both units. It will buy a Wii U Premium for just £68.50 and the Wii U Basic for £55.

35 thoughts on “Amazon Cuts Wii U Premium And Basic Pricing By £50”

  1. If people are responding well to these cuts, Nintendo should apply them.
    But only at the end of the year, or whenever the PS4 releases.

    1. I think you have a valid point. I do feel that when Sony /Microsoft launch their new consoles, Nintendo will cut the price. With a lot of new games and a small price cut, the Wii U could easily be the most sold console this holiday season.

      1. Once Nextbox and PS4 come out Nintendo will cut Wii U price and go HARD on advertisement. Watch, Nintendo is a genius.

      1. All we have are a couple of comments from developers and rumors of the 720 (?).
        Guess Microsoft is saving it all for E3. I’m actually excited to see what they’re
        bringing to the market… not to mention the Nintendo stock increase afterwards!

    2. These aren’t official price cuts. Do you know what this is ? this is UK retailers FINALY acknowledging that they set their prices too high ON PUPRPOUSE to take advantage of many people who bought a Wiiu during the launch rush.

      I wish we had fixed prices here like the US does. Even after this price cut , it still works out more expensive in UK than it does in USA.

      1. I didn’t know that. There are many countries that consoles prices are really high. In brazil you buy a WiiU for what is like 750USD.

    3. I believe, strongly, that this holiday season and the PS4/Xbox720 release will push Nintendo to officially lower the price of the Wii U. Why would they lower it mid-fiscal year? It makes more sense to offer some great first and 3rd party titles with a console that can perform almost as well as the soon to be released ones, going into the holidays when sales surge and you can undercut the competition. Nintendo has plenty of tricks up it’s sleeves and a price cut is definitely one of them for later this year. E3 and how they announce and deliver news of release dates will be the deciding factor in Wii U sales boost for later in the year, plus we don’t really know everything that’s in the works from Nintendo and 3rd parties for the Wii U… right now we just have to wait and see.

  2. Wii U is going to be like 3DS
    Once solid software is released that differenciates itself from Sony and MS it will sell hundreds of thousands of uits during peak game releases.

    1. I think the mistake with the Wii U is that it tried to overtake a niche that was never vacant; a niche full of rabid Sonysoft fantards.
      In the moment Wii U does what Wii and GameCube did (Going back to the core Nintendo demographic) it’ll once again sit comfortably in a good place for the rest of its life cycle.

  3. Nintendo Commander

    Unfair high prices in EU compared to NA and Japan is in my opinion partially a reason to why it doesn’t sell as well as it could…

    The average sales would probably be a few thousands more…

    1. There is more to the so called “higher prices” in other countries vs. America. Every country has different laws and taxes and markets. The U.S market is so easy to adapt to compared to say Brazil. So it is easier for Nintendo to sell the consoles for their prefered retail price in the United States. Even Europe’s market is not as “fee” as ours and that is probably why prices are not the same.

  4. The Virus that created Symbiote Sheik typed this on

    Nintendo’s probably doing 2 Wii U launches:
    The 1st has passed, 3rd parties were supported because Nintendo IPs weren’t
    all over the place, everyone made money!
    The 2nd is for when the competition launches. They lower the price, get the 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, 1st person Metroid, Starfox & Yoshi out, and streamline the OS.
    (Predictions/Wishful thinking)

    1. Valid predictions, but the OS will be better streamlined next month… when they release the full update. Hopefully it has Wii U menu parties with Voice Chat that you can take into games with you, something along the lines of how the 360’s online parties work, and major speed boosts for loading times! I would just like those 2 things added to the OS, I would like to be able to BS with my friends in a party no matter what game they are playing and no matter what game I am playing. Only having VC in-game is ridiculous and I’m not talking about Wii U Chat. Also would like support for bluetooth headsets, since the Wii U has bluetooth for use with Wii remotes this would not be a hard thing to add support for in the OS. Just some elaborations on your “predictions/wishful thinking”.

      1. The Virus that created Symbiote Sheik typed this on

        Cool- I hope Ninnnttteeeeennndo is listening!
        Why Nintendo looks like this^… Idk.

    2. I agree. The only reason for the so called “1st launch” was to get ahead of the game and astablish a foot hold. The “second launch” will be able to completely take over the competition being already astablished.

  5. Once they cut the price of the Wii U, it will finally sell better. Not to mention that it by the time they make that decision, the library of games would also have expended.

  6. when Sony / Microsoft launched their new consoles, the Nintendo Wii U will be offered for free just to get rid of stock!

    1. You do realize that since the PS4 and Xbox720 will be pratically the same machine, nintendo stock shall rise, more people shall buy a Wii U to play games with PC quality resources at a wonderful price. Let me see :

      Watchdogs being made with the disruptor engine for next generation consoles is releasing on the Wii U, a machine that easily handles upscale PC mechanics. Watchdogs shall then be down ported to the PS3 and Xbox360.

  7. Nintendo wont drop the price for 3 years or so. Reggie said himself. A price cut is not needed. Wii U is already going to be the cheapest of the 3.

        1. Good one commander, tell big players Pokemon is on the Wii U is releasing next month. Oh! better still next week Lego under cover arrives.

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