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Development Of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Started Over A Year Before Nintendo 3DS Launched


Development of upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon started over a year before Nintendo’s latest handheld was released. According to director Bryce Holliday of Next Level Games, the developer behind Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, he and his team started working on the game in 2009. Interestingly, Bryce claims that Next Level Games did not know about the Nintendo 3DS, which was announced in 2010 and released in 2011, when they first started developing the game.

“Nintendo usually keeps a lot of secrets. Even being the developer, after learning about the project, we didn’t know what we were building it for or on. We had to kind of envision what system this would be for. So we just started writing paper designs, researching the old game and coming up with new ideas. We pitched a detective game, and then we were working on a little Gauntlet-style paper design to kind of shift the series and then eventually we started getting more details from Nintendo about where they wanted to go with the framework.”

-Next Level Games director Bryce Holliday

Thanks, Mike.

36 thoughts on “Development Of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Started Over A Year Before Nintendo 3DS Launched”

  1. That adticle was a great read. From the way it sounds, luigis mansion will be an incredible game. Im so happy for online multiplayer

  2. This is wonderful, this shows why Nintendo games have their deep feel about everything because they do not rush their games untill they are satisfied…

  3. Next Level Games has a lot of talent and develope very solid games.
    I predict an average score of 8.5-9/10
    The only downside I can see is the lack of Exploration in the game for a more Mission-based structure and I pray that it’s At least 15 hours long. (;

  4. Here is looking at you THQ. Those developers at THQ should have asked level 5 how you work with nintendo, patience and uh! Patience would have helped THQ.

      1. The based their assumptions on the Wii U on the first development kits the got. Thus they made ridiculous statements about the Wii U, even not porting metro last light onto the system. They then recanted their earlier statement and said indeed the Wii U was a next generation system; this after developers like Criterion received the latest development kits released last September 2012. Now THQ exists not, nintendo would have helped fund a project or two of theirs to help them stay as a game producer, THQ that is.

        1. I wasn’t aware about that THQ declaration regarding Wii U. But, unfortunately that kind of blatant and hasty statement has not been only done by THQ. By the way, let’s see how Sega and Ubisoft will handle the THQ franchises they acquired.

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    1. If High Commamd unveiled all our secrets, the first ones to copy our weaponry would be the Sony Dominion and we can’t have that…

      Besides, things tend to get alot more exciting when things stay begind the curtain untill reveal…

  6. Whoever is running this site or posting stories to it really needs to start citing their sources & linking to the articles where the stories are pulled from. This is just a snippet from a much longer piece on Kotaku. Now I see that this post is being reblogged & sourced to Mynintendonews.

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