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Update Released For New Super Mario Bros U


Nintendo has released an update for New Super Mario Bros U. The update now sends in-game posts that you and others create to a dedicated New Super Mario Bros. U community. Nintendo has now created two Miiverse communities for New Super Mario Bros U. The new community is designated specifically for in-game posts, while the other is designed for general talk about New Super Mario Bros U. The update changes the game’s version to v1.2.0.

24 thoughts on “Update Released For New Super Mario Bros U”

  1. The update probably did something behind-the-scenes as well so they can support DLC. I don’t see them updating just for MiiVerse alone.

  2. Actually, there are 3 Super Mario Communities:
    1) The official community
    2) The In Game Posts
    3) The Devs Announcements Room

  3. Unfortunately not useful to me considering I already 100% every aspect of the game other than co-op time attacks. =c I’m still awaiting the luigi mode DLC.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      In other words, it might still be useful considering the Luigi version will be quite different…

  4. They separated the Chatbox from the Message Board, basically. I don’t use the MiiVerse because I don’t want to, but I’m sure its users are pleased.

    1. Simeon Yialeloglou

      Part of the fun of the multiplayer is being able to curse at and hit your friends when they kill you by accident or steal a power up, and communicating is important. Not all multiplayer translates well to online, and I don’t think it would here.

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