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Eternal Darkness Fifth Extension Trademark Granted


Eternal Darkness, the survival horror video game released for the Nintendo GameCube, has had its fifth extension trademark granted. The applicant owner is Nintendo of America. The sequel to the Gamecube game was originally thought to be canceled as the original developer, Silicon Knights, were faced with a number of layoffs. Judging from the trademark extension the project could well be back on track. Who would you like to see develop the sequel to Eternal Darkness?

146 thoughts on “Eternal Darkness Fifth Extension Trademark Granted”

    1. Yeh but the first Eternal darkness was pretty much a Masterpiece. The sequel should be good. And good things can be done with any genre.

      Look at ZombiU , it’s completely unique and refreshing even though you could label it as another shooty survival horror.

  1. Might not necessarily mean it’s a new game. Could be a HD version or even just a E-shop version of the first one perhaps?

      1. IKR? It never crossed me mind that this might be the game Retro are working on , or maybe it’s one of the games Retro is working on *mind blown*

        1. I would venture to say that Retro Studios is working on more than one game which is why they have been in lock-down mode in terms of press. It also could be why they have expanded their studios and hired new employees as well.

          1. Exactly. I bet they expanded because they were working on 2-3 games and they want to release them in quick succession rather than one every few years.

            I hope Retro turns into a bigger studio who put a game out every year or so.

            1. there offices did get bigger and they picked up some employees from virgil when they bite the dust. So they have gotten bigger. Man I can’t wit to see what they make since the wait has been since last e3. Eternal darkness , spirit camera f-zero or Metroid, I hope to see a box with one of yours and retros name on the front of it on store shelves soon!

        2. I don’t know……Retro is very talented but their developing skills aren’t godlike. And I don’t think that the “secret thing” is an Eternal darkness game.

          1. Their development skills are totaly godlike. Man ….. have you played Metroid prime trilogy ? each game is a masterpiece and Donkey kong country returns was awesome too.

            They certainly are godlike so far.

            1. Retro Studios is so good because they develop games with the same philosophy as Nintendo EAD with a mix of western style. It’s a recipe for perfection.

              1. EXACTLY. It’s like a bunch of awesome Americans aspiring to be like Nintendo and it just works emphatically.

            2. RETRO SUCKS only 4 games in 10 years. fuckin retro is cowshit. RARE make more great games in short time but everybody knows its history. FUCKIN’ RETRO

              1. You must remember Rare had to deal with an N64, which was really only expected to have about 50 surfaces per asset.

              2. 4 games in 10 years isn’t very slow when you make huge games like retro does. The only reason naughty dog and other studios can make more in less time is because they have way more of sony or microsofts money, and half of the games studios like rare and 343 make don’t come close to retros quality of game design

          2. There isn’t a developer out there whom has that ability anyway so that neither here nor there. However, I agree that the “secret thing” they are working on isn’t Eternal Darkness. They’ve kept it under wraps this long, it wouldn’t make since to do something this obvious now.

            I think what Retro Studios is working on could be a new IP. Possibly either a shooter, or a fighting game. Remember, after Rare finished with Donkey Kong Country the next project was ‘Killer Instinct.’ Since Nintendo can’t get back the KI franchise we could see a brand-new fighter coming from Retro Studios. It would throw everyone for a loop.

            1. Lets not get to hyped it could also mean nothing has Nintendo xtreme care of his trade marked ips just to protect them from ip snipers.

              1. That’s possible too. I think the reason why Microsoft tried to renew the rights to ‘Killer Instinct’ last year is because Nintendo was interested in buying it back. The fact that some doofus judge denied the junction could turn out to be something GOOD if Nintendo really was serious and will go after the franchise as soon as the current Microsoft patent runs out.

                1. lets hope Nintendo takes back rare. Microsoft has been sloly killing them since 2003 and their nearly dead…

    1. No doubt that they could do it. But Eternal Darkness isnt a Nintendo made game is it? It was a 2nd party game wasnt it? Cause Retro is all about reviving Nintendo’s games that got swept under the rug.

      1. Nintendo owns the rights for the original game I believe so I think that counts as a Nintendo franchise that got swept under the rug. the rights for a sequel could be either silicon knights or nintendos, not quite sure how that legal action works out.

    2. oh god i beg u dont toy with me, i LOVE RETRO, an the metroid prime games, an EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TOUCHED IN GAMING! an i so badly want the secret retro game in development to be prime 4,or metroid dread aka like prime, but new story, but if there is one game i wouldn’t mind them making instead it would be a eternal darkness game, to this day the way the sanity meter use to fuk with me,i remember the fly that would annoyingly appear every few minutes on the corner of the screen, an it was rendered so well it looked real, an made me get up to splat it over the screen more then a few times, till i realised it was the game toying with me, so much epicness, an so unique too, when i heard silicon knights were over i was so bummed, i have always wanted a sequel on next gen, just think of the sanity meter an how many new ways they could screw with us,using wiimotes, the gamepad, an bump in power with the wii u, man it will be so awesome,regardless of who finishes the game,iam just ecstatic its on the way,even if its a hd remake, i am down with that,that game alone,with a new metroid prime game, for me, is reason enough to own my wii u, an makes the £450 total i payed for it at launch well worth it!!! i just prey it isnt dumbed down like all other horror franchises!

    1. That’s not true. The correct answer is ‘anyone’. I’d like to see anyone develop the sequel. Loved this game back in the day..

  2. If Nintendo were to create a brand new Eternal Darkness for the Wii U, this will bring new life to the already released console. IMO, Retro Studios, PlatinumGames, MonolithSoft, and Crytek would be perfect candidates in making an M-rated game from the Big N.

    1. I don’t need a graphics obsessed tribe (Crytek) making this game for Nintendo…

      However I do agree on the rest…

      1. What is it with Nintendo fanboys and graphics ? People like you don’t play Nintendo because you love their games you play Nintendo because you need something to treat like a god. What did people like you say in the PS2 vs Gamecube time? The exact opposite of what you say now. Now you hate graphics and praise a game for gameplay but earlier you praised every game that looked better than PS2 stuff.

        1. While their is a measure of hypocrisy from fanboys, it not about disliking great graphics.

          Crysis is a franchise known for having one thin-layer of cake and 5 thick-layers of frosting. The point is that their games look gorgeous, but have very little substance and that does not fit Nintendo’s model. Nintendo either has a game that has decent graphics and great gameplay, or great graphics and great gameplay.

          Crytek did confirm that there are developers making Wii U game that use CryEngine 3 though.

        2. To be fair, its a valid point against Crytek.

          They’re basically just a tech demo benchmarking company, that masks its products as games. They’re absolutely beautiful, but they’re so damn boring.

          That said, it would nice if everyone realised that graphics are nice, and everyone would obviously love graphics to be as good as possible, but in the end, they are secondary to the gameplay, always.

        3. 1. The Nintendo Community as a whole has never promoted graphics over gameplay and fun in any system…

          2. I play Nintendo games because I think it’s fun to play their games, not because I need something to worship which is really what the Xboxes are all about anyway…

          3. The reason to why I prefer Nintendo games over anything the other 2 offers is because they have more fantasy in their genes, creativity and so on, most things the Microsoft Realm and Sony Dominion have are stereotypical american soldiers triumphing over anything they encounter in the games, mainly the FPS ones and that’s boring and plain simple just propaganda to fuel the western hatred against non western people…

          And Crytek themselves said that graphics is the most important thing in games so no thank you…

          1. ” stereotypical american soldiers triumphing over anything they encounter in the games. ”

            Explain how Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo, Sly Cooper, Infamous, Shadow of Coloussus, God of War, Jak & Dakter, fit into that description.

            “just propaganda to fuel the western hatred against non western people.

            … Sony is a Japanese company.

            1. Doesn’t mean their games aren’t more western now.

              And most of those you listed involve over the shoulder shooting. Shadow of the colossus is of course a last gen game, but you conveniently overlooked that.

              1. Only two of those game I listed involve shooting and one Ratchet & Clank is a cartoon game. Get real, social reject.

            2. Uncharted – although it doesn’t literally fit into that point, it still has the typical Hollywood american cliché which is almost the same…

              GT – Not a shooter but there is nothing creative about it even though I’m not against it, it’s just not what games are for me…

              Infamous – Atleast somewhat creative but still falls short because of the Hollywood feel…

              The rest are good though…

        4. Leave me out of your little label session.
          I owned both a PS2 and Gamecube and I didn’t care about graphics from either one.
          I cared about the gameplay, first, foremost, and always.

        5. Windwaker is an example of what I said back in Gamecube days. Nobody gave a shit about graphics back in the gamecube days. Artstyle and gameplay was what matters.

    2. are you stupid monilith does nothing but rpgs and crytek whatever, but the other two sound pretty good, maybe grasshopper since they did fatal frame 4

        1. This. Their next Nintendo related projects as mentioned on Twitter last year would be either a Star Fox or Nazo no Murasame-jo (Mysterious Murasame Castle) reboot.

      1. If only Nintendo listened or gave us more games to be released so we know out faith in the WiiU isn’t for nothing ..

  3. Nintendo should finally go 3rd party. And because of the much more powerful and more modern hardware of the PS3 (6*Wii U), the Xbox 360(3*Wii U) or the PS4 (18*Wii U) the games will be a lot better.

    1. Where are you getting your numbers exactly? I’d be interested to see the hard data behind those statistics.
      Also, powerful and modern hardware does not equate to better games. See basically every Nintendo 64 title, all of which are still brilliant games despite being on hardware that is now over 15 years old.
      Nintendo knows their own hardware inside out, and they can create amazing games for it, regardless of the power of the console.

    2. I highly doubt that Nintendo would ever go 3rd party. Furthermore, they have bigger plans for the Wii U in 2013. Games like Lego City: Undercover, EA’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, their first NFC-enable eShop game Pokemon Rumble U, Yarn Yoshi, The Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Reborn, Activision’s new Call of Duty title, Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and Watch_Dogs, and Nintendo/PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta 2. Nintendo will forever remain first party and can never go third party. Guaranteed.

      1. Anyone who brings up that 3rd party nonsense from now on, just don’t even respond to them. They are either idiots or trolls.

        1. I agree just because the wii u isn’t selling like hotcakes doesn’t make it doomed. look at the ps3 sony would have prayed to be doing that well in the first few months of sales. or for A more recent example the 3ds looked doomed and nintendo picked it up dusted it off and made it sell like no tomarrow.

      2. Guys he/she/it is trolling.

        But seriously right now there is no Wii U game available that I am intersted and before I get a Wii U there are several things to be done.

        They need to release Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, X, Mario Kart, 3D Mario and five more games I want.

        Also they need to improve the OS, make sure Wii U gets a lot of 3rd party games and launch the full virtual console with Gamecube games.

      3. Shut up, Tony Lane, graduate of Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School, almost 40 year virgin with a foot fetish.

        1. PS Prime… why don’t you just mind your goddamn business? Leave N-Dub Nation alone and quit sucking on Aeolus’ tiniest pecker. That’s the problem with you and every Nintendo haters giving video games a bad name. You’re nothing but a child and a fucking bully. N-Dub Nation haven’t done any harm to you except your hatred on Nintendo and its innovation. Face it wanker, you don’t belong here at My Nintendo News and neither is your boyfriend Aeolus Amir Stuart.

            1. You’re still in denial, Prime. I’m the Troll Patrol, not Tony so you need to stop getting anal and get cancer.

                    1. Maybe some humility would help or would you like Aeolus to spill more of your information?

                    1. Woof… leave Troll Patrol alone. He’s only here to right wrongs.. and the Nintendo haters like PS Prime and Aeolus are nothing but statistics and their hatred for Nintendo is like joining the KKK. Focus on the topic at hand… not flaming members who love and support Nintendo OK? Let’s move on and forget about it.

                    2. For a 39 year old. You really are Pathetic N-Dub.

                      “their hatred for Nintendo is like joining the KKK”

                      I don’t like the constant hate either, but comparing them to that is just sad. Grow up.

      4. lol , shut the fuck up. The Wiiu is much more capable than PS3 and 360 , solid proof in the shape of Need for speed most wanted U is about to launch.
        And no , Nintendo are 10 times more secure than Sony are , so oes down Sony will be the one who goes down before Nintendo

            1. Two words, iceazeama… NOT HAPPENING! With Nintendo’s bank account at over $10 billion, they can invest in making more video game systems and prints even more money.

            2. Asshole. If you don’t likke Nintendo , there is two other consoles and other websites not related to Nintendo you go and spread your shit on.

          1. Exactly. It is quite funny how the people who want Nintendo to go 3rd party are the same ones who say Nintendo fans buy only Nintendo games.

      5. No.
        No, they really would not.
        Nintendo uses unique architecture when developing their games, alongside their own mindset when making them.
        Force them to obey the commands of the owners of a console when making a game, and you put a strangle-hold on their creativity.
        It happened to Rare, it would definitely happen to Nintendo, so fuck no.

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    4. I don’t care who develops it as long as it happens!! The first eternal darkness is by far my favorite survival horror game and I would love to see silicon knights make the sequel, but almost anyone would be fine! Just thought of this, what if Retro is working on this sequel… That would freaking rock!!!

      1. I wouldn’t say though that Eternal Darkness is retro just yet…

        However I do agree that if it was to be revived in a good way, very few like Retro Studios would make it so…

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    5. Retro Studios should develop this. They are the only ones with the skill set within Nintendo to make this an EPIC next gen game.

      1. I think we see a connection here. We all know that Retro Studios had revived the Metroid franchise as well as the Donkey Kong Country franchise. Imagine if the development studios deep in the heart of Texas were to revive the Eternal Darkness and shed some dark in a Wii U title? Just think about it.

      2. I would rather have a third-party dev handle this game. Give it to Visceral Games and have it use Frostbite 2, with EA co-publishing the game with Nintendo.

          1. Oh! See I would not have known because. Well, I have never heard of Eternal Darkness. I didn’t know Nintendo had a horror franchise. (Luigi’s Mansion doesn’t count)

            1. im actually playing it right now, but im stuck, again, there is a part where your guy goes crazy an insanity part where i was going to save my game, so i did and then it said are you sure you want to delete your game, and i said you fucking bitch i said save, so i pressed b and it said deleting file, it was have way there of deleting, so i got up knee slided to the system and turned of the power before it deleted, haha, then fifteen minutes later im like it better of not deleted OR WAS IT JUST A DAMN SANITY EFFECT!!!! i turned on the file and it was at the point i was, haha the fucking game was driving me crazy

              1. HAHAHAHAHA, that part got me at first, too! Glad I’m not the only one!
                But yeah, it’s just a Sanity Effect. The game would flash white and go back to normal right as it says all data was erased.XD

                1. The Bluetooth screen of death and controll disconnected when a big monster appears are the best of the worst.

              2. ah screw it, i have it on my gamecube, an after all this talk about it, am throwing it on my wii an playing through it again, man i love this game,what a totally unique experience! sanity meter on wii u would be awesome!

                1. yea i have a really nice sound system, for the most part, shit the base when your in the mansion is so loud and the noises so much better, it makes the game pretty creepy late at night, its cool

              3. The very root of your writing wsihlt appearing reasonable originally, did not really settle properly with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I still have a problem with your jumps in assumptions and one might do nicely to fill in those breaks. When you can accomplish that, I could certainly be fascinated.

    6. I hope it really arrives. Ubi, konami, suda.51, monolith and even.capcom.can be good choices. As for the i hopw its vc.version has full support of game pad for spells.

      1. I wish the Konami Region would either make a remake of Mystical Ninja 64 for the Wii U or just a new Mystical Ninja…

        Ubisoft should concentrate on ZombiU 2 and make it even better…

        1. ZombiU2 I would expect to be great if they change the controls (making the in-game character feel less cumbersome) and really use the Wii U’s graphical power to it’s full potential. Those were ZombiU’s gretest drawbacks. I expect the ZombiU franchise to go far!

        2. Konami needs to fork over Bomber Man to Nintendo since they don’t really deserve him. I mean, he hasn’t had a new game in a good 4 years.

    7. yeah eternal darkness was great on gamecube best game on system how about a wiiu update as well??

      Please update and release on WiiU

    8. oh ya im so excited for another potential 3ds game bcuz we all know they wont put it on the Wii U, thanks a bunch Mynintendonews!!

      1. How so? Eternal Darkness sequel would feel right at home on the Wii U console. We all know it needs more games to generate sales!! 3DS has enough to last a long, long time already.

        1. Ya we know the Wii U needs more sales but obviously Nintendo doesn’t. Whens the last time there was a post here on MNN about a Wii U game. Never. its 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds 3ds so FUCK Nintendo for making me waste $350 of my hard earned money for them to put everygame in existence on the shitty piece of crap hardware that is the garbage 3ds FUCK the 3ds.

      1. We already won…

        Mario U, Mario Kart U and SMBU being shown in some way is already a victory for us…

      1. Good video. Agreed with all of this. It’s time for Nintendo to stop being so passive and get back the ‘killer instinct.’

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