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Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Has At Least Twice As Much Content On Nintendo 3DS

Digimon_LillymonDigimon World Re:Digitize Decode releases this year for the Nintendo 3DS. Compared to the original edition of the role-playing game, which was released in 2012 on the PlayStation Portable, the forthcoming updated version for Nintendo 3DS apparently contains at least twice as much content, including more Digimon, two new story arcs and all-new features.

83 thoughts on “Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Has At Least Twice As Much Content On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. This is supposedly a game based around the events of the first season of the anime right? If so, I’m hoping for an inevitable sequel based around the events of Tamers if this does well enough.

    1. No that was a separate game. Redigitize is a game with it’s own separate characters. The confusion is easily understandable though since it came out the same year as the Digimon Adventure game.

  2. I miss Digimon sooo much!
    Its probably nostalgia, but the seasons with agumon, veemon, and guilmon
    were the best back in grade school!.. Or as Izzy would say:

    1. I loved seasons 1 and 2, but 3 was my favorite. I only saw about half of season four – it was pretty cool and all, but it just didn’t feel like the same show.

      If Redigitize comes stateside, I might just go out and buy my first Digimon game.

        1. We’ll have to wait and see. Re: Digitize (PSP) never came and it doesn’t look like there are any plans for a Digimon Adventure localization. :/

          1. Rey Hardy has a hardy

            Thankfully. Digimon is a weak series only enjoyed by social outcasts. So naturally you enjoy Pokemon.

          2. The reason the PSP game didn’t come out is because Digimon has only just regained a new western owner – the original company Saban Brands reacquired if after 11 years. Digimon Fusion is on Nickelodeon globally this year, so the chances are now higher than ever. Not only that but you don’t seem to know that 3DS is an 8th Generation console unlike the PSP, which is a 7th Generation (in the same generation as DS/i – which isn’t the same as 3DS… Just looks the same.

            1. Incorrect, as the Digimon franchise is owned by Bandai Namco Saban just pick up the right to localized the dub of Digimon Xros Wars.

              Furthermore the PSP games didn’t get localized is because Digimon isn’t a big name seller plus the PSP doesn’t have a large Children market, which the game was aimed at.

        2. I doubt it since Digimon isn’t exactly a big name franchise as it once was, of with the dub of Digimon Xros Wars soon to air it might increase the chance but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t.

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  3. Some Guy On the Internet

    Played the hell out of World Dusk, although I still need to get my Lv91 Gigimon to Lv99. Also wish they didn’t have such a small Digimon cap since near the end Mega’s build up quickly and you run out of space.

    Really hoping this goes out of Japan, hell I’d buy both versions!

    Also if anyone has World Dusk/Dawn, I’ll gladly battle or help with eggs. (Hopefully the servers aren’t dead yet)

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    1. PC’s for dorks. If you hate nintendo so much then why the hell are you here? I bet it’s to start trouble, man up asswipe.

      1. Rey Hardy has a hardy

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      2. Thanks for getting that dirt on N-Dub. Believe me, I will use it to bash him to no end.Is there any way you could find out his occupation?

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  5. I don’t think anyone understands how much I want this game, after finally completing the PS1’s “Digimon World”, I can’t wait for another similar game <3

    1. How is it similar to the game you mentioned?
      As I said before, before a troll intervened, I don’t know much about the series, so I’m looking for impressions from those who’ve played it.

        1. HAH! I forgot all about the tamagotchi-like Digimon devices.
          Those things are so damned old.XD
          Still, kinda surprising, since I thought it’d play a bit more like Pokemon does.
          Maybe I’ll check this particular game out if it ever hits the states.

          1. It doesn’t play the same way as Pokemon dude, if you like Pokemon you’ll like this, sure, but they don’t play the same way at all thankfully :)
            I’m a Pokemon fan, don’t get me wrong, but it’d suck to have the same game, just with different guys, hence my “thankfully” above :)

              1. Nahh I can see what you mean xD
                After looking up the gameplay it looks pretty free roaming, unfortunately it’s turn based which is a letdown :(

                1. Wait! WHAT! This game is turn based? From the youtube videos I thought it was real-time with the digimon being indirectly controlled just like the old game.

                  1. The Digimon were only controlled in Digimon World X (4) – in other games it was turn-based or done by automated commands (as this game recreates). Digimon World Re:digitize is a direct sequel to the first Digimon World.

          2. Not sure if many know this but in 1993, Bandai released the Tamagochi for girls. In 1994/5, Bandai decided to release one for males – using monsters as it’s theme to get their attention… known as “Digimon”. This is why I cringe when people think Digimon is “tamagochi-like” or “a copy of a tamagochi”… Nope, it’s made by the same people who invented the tamagochi and part of the same family – that is how Digimon came to be.

      1. I’ve played a few of the digimon world games, the first of all of them I highly recommend to at least get a PS1 emulator dude, real time fighting with an alright-ish story line, I hope it’s more like that, but otherwise the digimon world games after (with turn based gameplay) aren’t actually that bad, so if it’s anything like those, I recommend this game :)
        The diversity of digimon and ways to get them to digivolve is what got me the most :)

  6. This games looks almost exactly like a modern version of the PSone game; Digimon World.

    For those of you who don’t know what that is, it was the first and best digimon game. Digimon World was made to be similar to the keychain Digimon Tamagatchi toys that Bandai was making at the time. So what you got was a 3d world with great pet raising elements with individual needs (just like tamagatchi) and stats as well as real-time battle. Its a fresh idea in the time when levels, linear evolutions, and turn based combat was the standard. I think the idea is still very original and fresh. There has not been a single pet raising game like it since 1999 that I can remember.

  7. The digimon series is actually very good despite what some people envision it as. The digimon games as a whole are of the same ninty-grade quality as the pokemon games, with a similar sized storyline and some of the most enjoyable gameplay elements of all the games i have played, including the battle system and the plot twists. I highly recommend it, especially since this one is on 3DS :)

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