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LEGO City Undercover Requires 22GB To Download From The Wii U eShop


The digital version of LEGO City Undercover requires a whopping 22GB of space, according to reports. Of course, if you own a Wii U Basic Set, which has approximately 3GB available for data storage and downloads, you need an external hard drive to download the game. If you are a Wii U Deluxe Set owner and want to download the game, you may also want to invest in an external hard drive, as that bundle has about 25GB for data storage and downloads, which means you’ll have approximately 3GB of memory after downloading LEGO City Undercover.

212 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Requires 22GB To Download From The Wii U eShop”

    1. funny, just had a dude at game stop tell me he is so disappointed that it isn’t multi plat. I asked why and he said “cause it’s like gta with lego, what is cooler then that?” then he added that he doesn’t have enough cash to pick up a wii u right now or he would just for this game.
      I sense jealousy in your statement. lol

    2. How can you judge a game when it’s not even out yet? It’s literally impossible!..Also I never usually read the comments since it’s infested with trolls with no lifes

    3. I love when people are mad. And they reply you like “i’m not Mad i am NOT MADDDD” yeah buddy, sure your’re not…. suuureee!

    4. I don’t get how someone can say it’s a shit game, but hasn’t even played said game, that just doesn’t makes any sense.

    5. lol, a 500 GB HDD costs less then a 60 dollar game idiot. also, it wasn’t so bad for Nintendo afterall, cause the prices for HDD#s were so big after the Tsunami last year.

    1. IKR. :D
      Thank god Nintendo didn’t add an expensive Internal hardrive, it would of been filled up in no time. xP
      I can choose to have a 1,2, or 3 TB External Hardrive for a fraction of the price. :P

  1. wtf nintendo, 32 gb is way to small….! They really need to get rid if the 8gb model, and replace it with a new premium console with 50-100 gb of storage.

    1. But something between 50 – 100 Gb of storage would raise considerably the manufacturing costs, increasing the retail price. So I’m ok with the way Wii U is. And another advantage of Wii U is that there is no need of purchasing a proprietary HDD. You just have to buy any HDD, plug and play.

    2. One clever way around things is this , and all you need it a bit of patience.

      You can just keep deleting your games and re-downloading them for free. You can redownload anything you have bought , it says ”purchased” in the eshop just like on 3DS.

      So you delete everything , download and finish lego city , then delete that and download it in the future when you want to play it again.

      1. True, it is a possibility. But if I wanted to stick to digital copies, I would prefer to buy a inexpensive HDD rather than downloading/deleting again and again.

        1. Yeah , I know. It’s much better to just have them all on a HDD . that being said , you can multitask (do anything) on Wiiu whilst you download your games which is cool.

            1. Then it’s clearly not turned off. This is what pisses me off about modern consoles. Continual internet is no good when you live in a country with high internet costs. The Wii did it, but made it easy to completely turn it off instead of a standby button.

            2. Think you mean in power saving mode like with most devices now days. If power actually was off (no power to the system) then it would be able to do nothing. That includes send and receive information aka be connected to the internet. The Wii used a similar technology as that to notify when there were updates (blue glow). Also the 3DS uses the same technology for street pass in sleep mode.

              1. After a while, I started to unplug my Wii after every use. That blue glow would wake me up at night. It got too bright for my room.

                *light sleeper* >.<

                1. You’re just like me.
                  I prefer silence and complete darkness when sleeping. Anything that could distract me from that, including snoring from room-mates, makes getting a full 8 hours a trial, at best.

            3. Wii also do that dude, so it is not special.and the wiiu gonna do that to when the big update is done i thoug

      2. Thats a lot of internet band width. Couldn’t do it regularly, I have canadian internet and I wouldn’t do that. Yikes. Would be cheaper to just go buy a hard drive.

    3. Flash memory is also a lot more reliable, a hard drive has moving parts and more likely for something to go wrong.

    4. I don’t think people understand why the storage is so low anymore. Nintendo said to us that if we wanted such amount of space, we could easily get a huge 1TB harddrive and connect it to the console. I think it is nice to be given a choice of how much space you want with it.

      1. But USB 2.0 is going to have a lot lower read speeds than the internak.flash storage or an internal HDD woul have. One feture I want the Wii U to get is the possibility to install the games.

        1. usb 2.0 generally has only slightly slower read/write speeds then a portable hd. using an internal hd most have about a 100mbs read/write speed on large files as opposed to 60 for the prior mentioned. ssd/flash of course is a different story but it gets very expensive.
          These of course are generalizations and averages as each piece of hardware is different especially between different quality and manufacturers.

    5. Dude. For a 100gb solid state hard drive of good quality is minimum 100 bucks canadian. You are better off getting a 1TB HD for 100 bucks. SS HD are pricy and that is what the wii u uses. It’w not like with the xbox 360 where they use conventional HD’s.

    6. It wouldn’t work anyway when you consider each game is around 20GB, you would fill that up with three to six games anyway.
      I don’t think Nintendo should elevate the production costs for such reason, only to have us buy an external drive anyway. That’s one of the reasons I don’t buy games digitally, you end up losing memory you could use on other things and not having the physical copy makes it impossible to resell the game if you don’t like it or don’t play it anymore for a small profit that can then go to another game.

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                    There’s a link to your old high school’s website. I bet looking at it will bring back memories of lonely Friday nights, social rejection, and getting beaten up.

                  7. You really must be screwed up in the head

                    with somebody who can access your personal info with ease and do whatever I so please with it, you would think you would humble yourself before shit hits the fan.

                  8. Guys, seriously. For the sake of God, please realize that everything here has passed the limits. We are in a place that is supposed to be all about video games, and that’s it. Everyone here has the right of speech but, please, let’s stop the clutter. >.<

        1. But it lacks missions and enviromental divercity also the textures have pop up and the field of vision is greatly reduced.

          1. Won’t happen on the superior PC version which will have greatly decreased loading times, a buttery smooth framerate, anti aliasing and a much cheaper RETAIL price (my local store 50€ PS3/360/WiiU vs 30-40€ PC).

            1. You seem to be forgetting something. Not all PCs can do that. Only expensive ones.
              And a PC version of GTA V hasn’t even been announced, only Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

      1. Seems a little odd though… Skyrim takes up less than 6 Gb, on PC at least, and I can’t imagine that this game is three or four times as big

        1. The problem is also that because is a day 1 release they havent done the preparations to reduce the space for digital dl.

    1. Yeah , from what I see on YT the game might have some Jagged face shadows but that’s because you can’t see them when the game is zoomed out. the textures are nice on the mountains and everywhere and the game has lots of vehicles and content and hidden items and shit , and I mean TONS. The story takes 15-20 hours and accounts for 30% completion.

      Maybe it has something to do with the way it’s compressed aswell ? for example PS3 games are usualy not compressed due to having more disc space.

    1. Shut up, idiot. You are sold on anything with a Nintendo logo on the front. If this game was a PS or Xbox exclusive, you would be bashing it.

        1. Shut up, fanboy trash. You are a blind nerd who hates any game not coming to a Nintendo console. Wake up and realize PS, Xbox, and PC have good games aswell, you prick.

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            1. You need to calm down. I now you love defending Nintendo, but seriously show some maturity. The childish insults you have are pathetic.

            2. I ama disgrace to gaming because I acknowledge all platforms even Nintendo’s have good games? Solid logic, N-Dub.

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                1. Cool story, N-Dub Nation in disguise.

                  1. I am not a troll or graphics prostitute, I just have a diffrent opinion then you.

                  2. My Nintendo News is a open website I’ll come if I want.

                  3. Sony and Microsoft consoles would have ceased to exist? Did Nintendo do something to save Sony and Microsoft’s consoles? I don’t think so.

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            3. And you are a blind nerd who hates any game not coming to a non Nintendo console, so take your own advice; Wake up and realize that Nintendo have good games as well. Derp.


    2. 360ps3fake pc gamers

      buy a memory stick assholes 100gb wiiu would make it cost more nintendo is helping you save money by not forcing a big hdd on you like xbox1 had a hhd it was pointless and made it cost more.. now they make you buy them because of all the dlc and other bullshit.

    3. Rather curious, how many people honestly want to buy the retail games online rather than have a physical copy?

      I only see a need to download the small games only available on the eshop, so there’s little point in getting a massive drive. One cheap flash drive will last me forever.

          1. I don’t know if there’s any sort of option for this, but if it were me, I’d stick to downloading all the games to removable cards.
            That way it’s just like having the physical media, only there’s more than one game crammed onto the “disk”.
            Or, if games ever become too large, just one card per game would do. Not that much different from the old cartridge days, at that point.XD

    4. Fuck this kiddy shit. I will save my money I would have spent on this awful game and use it to buy Bayonetta 2 instead.

        1. I’m not afraid of doing police work, I am afraid of buying shitty games. I will wait for Bayonetta 2, X, and Wind Waker HD.

              1. How the fuck do you know? It hasn’t been released YET! It’s not shovelware… it’s a game suitable for everyone. You’re nothing but a Lego hater. Give it a rest, wil ya?

              1. Xbox and PS3 have plently of lego games in them, not to mention the Kinect and move. kinectimals anyone?

              2. The clip from Blackb0nd is irrelevant and invalid. Comparing Lego City: Undercover to an unreleased Grand Theft Auto Five is irrelevant and ludicrous. Nintendo WILL deliver games suitable for everyone including mature gamers, and I’m sure you already know that. Bayonetta 2 is one perfect example.

                1. The only thing that gets mentioned in that video is “Lets you feel like a KID.” and because of thiy poeple will start to think the Wii U is a kiddie toy just like they think the PS3/360 only have brainless Shooters or like they think about he PC as difficult to play on.

                  Don’t underestimate the “power” of “telling it to others”.

      1. Don’t judge on looks, my friend.
        If we judged on looks, we’d have missed out on great games like Ni No Kuni, Okami, and Xenoblade Chronicles.
        At the very least, give the game a rent on down the road?
        A chance for a day may change your mind.

    5. Or even better. Buy it physically so you don’t need to wait if you internet connection is slow, don’t need to worry about storage being limited or needing to buy an external hard drive.

      1. If Wii U is really only capable of reading single layer disc then I think there will be some serious space issues in the future. :-S

        1. The Wii U can read dual-layer which means at the very least it can hold games that are 50GB. However, even if it couldn’t it wouldn’t be a problem. Companies have had multi-disc games since the PS1 days. The only Wii game that I would think may need two dual-layer discs would be the HD Zelda HD and that is many years away.

          1. Do not take what I’m about to say to heart, since this is coming from a fairly new source that I don’t fully trust quite yet……
            I recently spoke to one of the managers from a local Game Stop, and he informed me that, during E3, they would be announcing a Holiday[or a few months before Holiday] release date for Wind Waker Reborn, alongside Smash Bros and their new main-line Mario game,[3D platforming] and that the brand new, build-specifically-for-Wii-U Zelda would follow not long after that point.

            Additional details he let me in on, are that they’re stream-lining the sailing in Reborn so that if you’re heading to a specific island, and not just looking for stuff on the sea, you can set the boat to auto-pilot and get there faster this time.
            New Islands will also be added to give more content than the first one had.

            Again, take all this with a grain of salt, as not even I fully trust the source, but keep these things in mind as the months roll on by.

            1. Based on what Sakurai and his team have stated it is unlikely Smash Bros will release in 2013 since they just started working on it last summer. It’s not impossible, but highly improbable. I would say that at the every earliest 2014 for HD Zelda, but more probable 2015. I know they have been working on it since last year but it usually takes at least 3 years to make a Zelda game. With this being the biggest Zelda game they have done it’s only logical to guess that it make take even longer. Especially if multiplayer functionality is being added. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me at all if we did see the HD Zelda until near the end of the Wii U’s life cycle as that traditionally when you see Zelda games released is at the end of a Nintendo console’s life-cycle as sort of a ‘swan-song.’ With the scale of this particular game I would venture to guess this will probably be the only Zelda game we see on the Wii U

              3D Mario, definitely this year. Mario Kart U as well. I also expect Wii Sports U to be announced. I’ve played Wii Fit U at the Chicago Wii U Experience and it sort of has a Wii Sports feel to it which is great, but I think it would be wise for Nintendo to get Wii Sports U out there as well. Those too games alone could start a new craze and sell Wii Us like crazy.

      2. Generation is determined by the placement of the product in a launch chronology, this is Nintendo’s official 8th home console and thus it is an 8th generation product, anything else is just retarded pseudo-gamers using terms arbitrarily.

        1. 1) Nintendo Color TV Game
          2) NES
          3) SNES
          4) Nintendo 64
          5) GameCube
          6) Wii
          7) Wii U

          So Wii U is the 7th Nintendo home console, but it belongs to the 8th generation of home consoles.

          1. Wait, I thought the *looks left**looks right* Virtual boy counted as an official home console as well. :/

            1. That’s a tough call…….
              I guess it would. Can’t imagine someone taking a battery pack and that clunky thing out on the streets to play with it, after all. Besides being a hazard when walking around, it’s just too goofy-looking to wear an over-sized visor like that when walking around in public.XD

              1. I lol’ed now! But, yes… Tough call, although you’re right about going out through the streets playing it, lol. But if Virtual Boy is a home console, which generation does it belong to? 4th, alongside SNES?

        2. Yeah, I know. I was just playing around (;
          I’ve told plenty of people the same thing but U know how it is. :/

      1. Not to mention the poor account system and slow OS. Though 8 and 32 isn’t that bad as you can use many different types of storage, USB and such.

    6. My two fist Lego games was Clone Wars and Pirates on the 3DS .. I suppause its the same concept but in a huge city. With more cinematics and dialogs. I hope there is Boss fights sometimes because there was no rreal boss fights in the two 3DS games.

      1. The only Lego games I really like are the Batman ones. I’m definitely picking this up. It looks like tons of fun (although I still wish there was a MP mode).

        Next Lego game I want after this is Lego Marvel Super Heroes. :3

    7. It will buy it on the box, love those blue shining wiiu boxes :)

      Also, since I want to take advantages of WiiU eshop, I bought an external hard drive for my wiiu, it wouldn’t be a problem. I bought the WiiU + a 80USD 2TB external hard drive. I’m sure if the console would have 1TB we would pay for at least +150USD. Smart move Nintendo.

      1. Your spelling grammer sucks balls, loser. You know who’s GONNA download a 22GB game known as Lego City: Undercover? The answer is: Consumers who owns the Wii U and an external hard drive. Get with the program, doofus!!!!!

            1. I understand you love Nintendo, but seriously settle down. If you’re going to argue at least do it in a mature fashion. How you have been acting is disgraceful for a man almost 40 years of age. Calm down and just enjoy the games you love.

              1. Incredible but true

                I don’t think age has anything to do with this, but regardless, you’re right.
                Also, smart move, not directing this at the real trolls. You’d never get through to them.

    8. What the fuck is wrong with this site? It’s like 80% trolls. IGN, Gamespot, Nintendo Life, VgChartz, hell, even Youtube does not have this amount of trolls. How about a MOD system. You can never talk about games on this website, it’s a shame too, because the home page is aesthetically pleasing.
      P.S. This game look awesome, I could care less about load times, I’m picking this up Monday.

      1. Incredible but true

        Blame Sickr and his coworkers for not being more vigilant, or for not implementing a better posting system.
        There’s a few out there that would use a voting system to hide troll comments after enough down-votes that would be really beneficial, but they don’t want to use those for some odd reason.

          1. Because it was exploited as it should be and only served to present a circle-jerking situation. Even against non-trolls.

    9. Well, I only wished they would have used USB 3.0 or eSATA.
      USB 2.0 throttles the speed of the fastest drives, especially SSD drives.

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