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Harmoknight Is Coming To Europe This Month


Nintendo Europe has announced on Twitter that the rhythm platformer by Pokemon developer, Game Freak, will be released on March 28th. Nintendo Europe also promises that there will be a playable demo coming a week before the game is released. Nintendo of America announced yesterday that you can download the demo on the North American eShop.

HarmoKnight is coming to Nintendo 3DS eShop on March 28 – and a week earlier there’ll be a demo

35 thoughts on “Harmoknight Is Coming To Europe This Month”

      1. It was sarcasm lol :) . But I am happy I get to play this game this month , Rythm game with pokemon music in it ? sold!

  1. True gamers know this :

    1) Super Mario. Bros
    2) Super Hang On.
    3) Fire Ant
    4) treasure Island
    5) Docks dilemma
    6) Zelda
    7) Blood money

    1. Patience my young Padawans.

      You are nintendo gamers. All great machines of yesteryear morphed into nintendo. Thus games and legendaries live on.

      At nintendo commander would state you indeed are true warriors.

        1. Indeed I would my old padawan…

          A true gamer sees the joy and creativity of the game before anything else…

          But ofcourse the other 2 would not understand it as usual…

            1. I agree with you, WooferZ. These two Nintenfucks are clearly social outcasts so they take to the Internet and pretend they are video game Jedis.

    1. Beat the boss yesterday, it is kinda tricky tho, you gotta get the beats down definitely i can see this game being somewhat hard, cant wait to play the full game..

  2. Yet anothet baby game for the Weak U. When will you Nintenfags grow up and play some games for real men?
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. Hey, Billy-bob.
      Go back to your porch and rocking chair. You’ve still got moonshine left, your spittoon isn’t full yet, and your sister’s been waiting for you all day.

      1. Wii U games will look better in the mid of its life even though it’s not much stronger than the 7th gen systems.

        Wii was also not much stronger than 6th gen but look at the games from the beginning and from the end of its life. The graphics were much better as time progressed.

        This is the reason why Super Mario Galaxy 2 from the end of the Wii’s life LOOKS A LOT BETTER than Mario Galaxy 1 and why Other M destroys Prime 3 in terms of visuals!

        Wait Wut?


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