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Ashes Cricket 2013 Announced For Wii U


505 Games puts you in control of the ultimate rivalry in Test cricket with ASHES CRICKET 2013. To be released for the start of this unique double header Ashes Series, ASHES CRICKET 2013 offers unique and realistic features for cricket fans and gamers alike. The game is due to be released June 21 in Europe

Whether playing on X360, PS3, Wii U or PC, dynamic game play adds variety to each match. Players will have to adapt to varying and altering pitches; whether it’s a green seaming wicket or deteriorating fifth day pitch susceptible to spin and bounce. Weather forecasts will also change, altering the course of the match; overcast conditions will be more conducive to swing, while sunny days are a batsman’s paradise.

ASHES CRICKET 2013 includes a brand new game engine creating a truly authentic gaming experience. Batsmen have 360 degree control over shot placement, requiring impeccable placement and timing to build an innings. A new line and length bowling system gives bowlers the tools to set plans for batsmen throughout a day’s play and players have complete freedom to set a field of their choice. For those who prefer to be led however, there are options for intelligent automatic field placement.

Connoisseurs of the game will be able to play the complete Ashes Series, with official England and Australia teams, however those more interested in the short form of the game can take on the rest of the world in limited overs tournaments and leagues.

44 thoughts on “Ashes Cricket 2013 Announced For Wii U”

    1. This game is secretly a prequel to ZombiU. During the tournament’s final round, the crowd becomes zombies and the players defend themselves with the bats.

  1. … Well, there’s our sports franchise…
    Some people (I know at least 1) are really into cricket.
    But enough to justify a game?

    *It goes on to sell 8M* 8O

    1. You do realize that delusional psychosis is treatable? Lego city under cover released yesterday. Today Monster 3 Ultimate and Need for Speed most wanted PC edition released; these both appearing on the e-shop and in hard copy. Time for you to shed envious tears of the drone and xbot kind lol.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      I’ll leave you to take care of that insignificant CPU Soldier, Nintendo Drone Luigi…

      For the glory of the holy N!

      1. Well tiger wood’s is laughing at how wrong you are!?! You’re probably a fat virgin who trolls people on the internet anyways!

  2. Nintendo Commander

    Anything is better than the Geological Observing Latency Funball (Golf)…

    I can’t think of anything more boring than that…

    1. Amen commander. Golf a “sport” that spectators are not allowed to cheer. You’re better of watching both your grand mothers knit. Knitting has more skill and crazy stories than golf. Now that tiger woods is not it’s mainstay it’s BORINGGGGGGG!!!!!

      1. I love virtual golf. hot shot golf and Mario golf are my fave whit the ocasional tiger woods pga release.

  3. Okay! Cricket, Lacrosse, NASCAR………… One of these is a sport, while the other two are a transcription of Sony’s play station and microsoft’s exbox line.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      I wish they made sport games that not only does it played like it should but with a twist…

      Let nature interfiere or humans…

      Like a storm can suddenly appear and make it harder to play the sport and players might get killed by lightning, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, volcanic fireballs, meteorites and so on…

      Or why not crazy fans from the arena audience getting mad at your team for scoring and they come to you to pick up a fight, terrorists, some animal running over the field attacking you or any of the players and so on…

      Now that’s fun!

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  5. i have to agree with Bill(not about the console, about the game)

  6. Unofficial Ultimate ZombiU Training, become overqualified for bashing those zombi heads in! You will learn to take in wind direction and such in your calculation when you go berserk on those poor infected!

  7. OMG…. why ?… Even the classic NES game “Double Dribble” can deliver more fun than this shitty cricket game …. I don’t know what’s going on … but I need a killer app for my Wii U right now!…. I’m desperate to see what Retro Studios is cooking.. FUCK! can’t wait …

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  9. Awesome! There aren’t enough cricket games around. If people buy baseball games then people will surely buy this

  10. video-game cricket NO THANKS

    but i hope for the sake of videogaming and cricket fans the game makes deep use of both the wii remote plus and gamepad


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