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Experiencing Problems With Your Nintendo 3DS After The Last System Update? Do These Steps

nintendo_3ds_light_blueApparently, some Nintendo 3DS owners are experiencing issues with their system after performing the latest system update. If you can no longer access the Nintendo eShop and System Settings due to the latest system update, Nintendo says to try these three steps:

  1. Power the system off.
  2. Press the power button, then immediately press and hold down the L button, R button, A button, and Up on the +Control Pad. Keep holding down the buttons until the system update screen is displayed.
  3. Tap OK on the system update screen.

If the situation remains unresolved, call Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700.

75 thoughts on “Experiencing Problems With Your Nintendo 3DS After The Last System Update? Do These Steps”

    1. The only problem I had after the update was with the SwapNote, it was bringing error messages. But that was only for about 30 minutes. Now it´s working perfectly.

    1. Update now, there has been another update to fix the previous update it seems. If you look at Nintendo’s solution, all it does is bring up the update screen to fix the previous update.

  1. Oh Nintendo, U and your hidden button codes no one knows about lol.
    Hopefully this works.
    They probably have a Button code for any situation! XP

    1. I know there’s one that brings up the touch screen calibration, and another that brings the restore factory default settings. And now, there’s this one too.

    1. I have never heard about that.

      It made me remember the classic Konami trick code to get 99 lives in some games during the NES time: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. :)

          1. Hahaha! You’re funny, Maca! :P

            I confess I first thought the bricking issue was a joke, indeed. But seems it’s not the case.

  2. I was holding to update it, but as soon as I heard that it solved the problems, I updated mine. I had no erros, I have a standard 3DS.

      1. I don’t know… my brother has an XL and that big screen is awesome, it also have a better grip. though I don’t like the XL’s speakers. I might get one, but I’m completelly satified with my aqua-blue ”day one” system. :)

        1. Fact. The 3DS XL has a much better grip. But I’m also happy with my regular 3DS so far.

          In time: it is funny Luigi’s using a DS to communicate to Professor E. Gadd. :) Nintendo should provide at least voice calls over the DS/3DS eventually.

          1. that would be fun, I also would love the 3DS to have more voice chat funcionality in-game like heroes of ruin. Some how Nintendo always find a work-around like the comunication system on luigi’s mansion 2 multiplayer.

  3. I updated my regular and XL 3DSs this morning. Had no problem updating on either system. And why would there be?

    1. some people in the US were having error during the update, and since then, they couldn’t acess the eShop or the System Settings to fix the problem. So this R+L+UP+A button code makes a shortcut to the update menu and it can be fixed. :)

  4. Did you know this update also changes the internet browsers load bar, moves the up-down scroll bar to the right and the scroll bars do not fade like they used to.

        1. You are honestly one of the dumbest people I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting. You need serious mental treatment.

            1. I’m not even saying that to be a troll or get a reaction. Revolution is honestly of the biggest morons ever. That Mii he has as his Gravatar makes even more annoying.

              1. I’m not surprise you hate me, you hate anyone who supports Nintendo, you even go as low as going to other Nintendo sites to bash on them.

                Face it fool, you’re not cool and people hate you more than me. The only people who supports you is the trolls who ALSO hates Nintendo.

        1. no im not, i was called one the other day, but i think it was a sony drone, because i stated the plenty of horrible facts about nintendo for there wii shitstem era, reggie is a joke and is killing them with his shitty catch phrases and bad decision making, like my body is ready, no, more like my body is ready for not bringing any of the few really good games to our shores, why is every fan of nintendo, or most have to be such a blind fanboy, its sad

  5. fuck nintendo im done with them the wii-u is a piece of shit. the update they released screwed my system up so i sent it out to nintendo to repair and these fags sent me a broken wii-u a paper weight wtf do not spend your money on this system the wii-u is a fail as soon as it comes back in the mail i will sell it to gamestop.

      1. does it matter when all the system does is errors, crashes and freezes this is the most unreliable ,unstable system Nintendo has ever made and updates that have a 50% chance of bricking your system make no sense that’s why its not selling.

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  9. I updated my 3ds and whenever i turn on the wireless, i get an error, the 3ds also does not pick up any wifi signals, i cannot download the fix, help!

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