Ubisoft Releases New Watch Dogs Trailer

Ubisoft has just uploaded trailer for its long-awaited Watch Dogs. This new trailer mirrors the demo shown at Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference, but this time through the eyes of the ctOS, which is the central mainframe that controls the city of Chicago. Watch Dogs is coming to all consoles this holiday season.


  1. Nintendo is having great news since the tease of the Wii U. Even with no games in January the Wii U managed to sell well. In february after PS 4 is announced the Wii U sold two times the consoles it sold in January. It also saw two rises in nintendo stock. Now watch dogs is a game am pre-ordering at Amazon.

      1. Maybe he mean it did because of the fact that there were no new games in these two months

      2. Read my comment again. I am stating the strength of the Nintendo, the weathered the storm beautifully :).

  2. I pre-ordered it on Wii U even before they confirmed a Wii U version!
    Can’t wait for this game!

  3. I like what I see, and i think it’s obvious that the cameras were being controlled by another player.

    1. come on. its on current gen consoles u dummy head. u stupid n shit.

  4. I’m getting this for PS4 but I might consider getting this on Wii U as well just for my older brother since he isn’t much of a Sony fan, plus, I would love to see what they can do with the gamepad :3

  5. even tho there are a PS3 and PC version of this game, I will play this game only on Wii U, hopefully the Wii U gamepad can give lots of advantages that other consoles cant

    1. This is a day one purchase for me. And yes the Wii U version will be graphically better than the current gen consoles versions and somewhere in between the PS4 & next Xbox versions but innovation wise I have no doubt that the Wii U version will be miles beyond all of the other versions. Damn Autumn is too damn long, I want it now lol

      1. Plus it gets a head start in front the PS4 version so it means the Wii U version will be out longer :3

      2. Wii u version would be close to ps4 version if they know the hardware and put in the work

  6. aaa game looks great but in the end tps press buttons hear talking read info hack $$$ run run jump climb repeat.

  7. I want to get this game!.. and I typically don’t like 3rd person shooters! (Well, Bayonetta is an acception)

  8. After this video, did anyone else get the feeling this is closer to what a real Batman would be like?

    It looks as if the main protagonist is a masked vigilante with all sorts of tools and gadgets that might possibly be the world’s greatest detective?

    Either way, it looks like it will be a great game and I can’t wait!

  9. I so can’t wait for this game. Definitely a day one purchase for me since this is my most wanted game that I actually know about. Looks like Person of Interest the videogame.

  10. Too many consoles for nothing .. just leave Nintendo and Sony … fuck the others .. oh well .. oh yeah… you love your facebook .. that’s what the pc is for .. torrents, porn and emulators

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