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Miyamoto Says HD Breathes New Life Into Zelda Wind Waker


Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has told ABC that he believes that high-definition visuals breathe new life into the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The game is being redesigned for Wii U and will release sometime this holiday season.

“Sort of similar to that with the decision on Wind Waker in particular, the animation style of the original Wind Waker, we felt that HD could really sort of breathe new life into that animation style and so that was the reason we went into that direction. Ultimately, there isn’t a common reason across all the games they’re basing the decision on. It really is which games are best suited to which styles or which systems or which features.”

93 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says HD Breathes New Life Into Zelda Wind Waker”

          1. I loved WW :3 Not as a Zelda game though, but as a game it was great. But I like my Link grown up and sexy!

      1. Which is higher than the remakes resolution because Nintendo was cheap again and built a machine that can only barely keep up with curren gen.

    1. If there is one area where Nintendo excell above all others it’s locked framerates. Mario 3D land was one of the rare games they locked at 30FPS so they could push the 3D and overall graphics.

      Even in the Nintendo 64 days Nintendo was pushing 60FPS with F-zero and 1080 snowboaring. And they continued that on Gamecube with a large amount of 60FPS games.
      You can 100% expect Windwaker to run at the same 60FPS it did on cube only this time in HD with new textures , lighing and more!

  1. Too much focus on the ‘HD Visuals’. They really aren’t gonna lay a single finger on the actual game are they?

    1. idk, maybe they will add some eastern egg or something
      cuz touching it too much makes no point on a remake(unless they add other subquests that doesn’t affect the actual gameplay)

    2. Well it’s not just the resolution it’s pretty much a full graphical remake kinda like how Ocarina of time 3D looks SO SO SO much better than the original Ocarina. And now doubt it will have some amazing exclusive new wiiu features and content.

  2. I really didn’t like WW graphics style, and the game itself either. But… I’ll give WW a second chance by grabbing it for Wii U. But I’m really looking forward for the next Zelda title.

    Oh, and for the new game by Retro Studios as well.

    1. they need to make a zelda game, they really could breath life into a new one, really a lot after that skyward sword, that really made me say wtf nintendo

      1. I found SS a little bit boring, indeed. Being said that, fortunately Nintendo has been already working on the next Zelda title maybe for a couple of years.

        1. well ill give them another chance but if the next zelda game is like skyward sword ill lose hope in the zelda series, felt like twighlight princess was boring sometimes depending where you were, so im actually pretty excited to see the new one

          1. Unless I’m wrong, someone from Nintendo recognized that SS had some issues. In fact, its development took so long that apparently they had to rush and deliver the best game they could do at that point (by the end of 2011, almost in the “end” of Wii lifespan). I have high hopes that the upcoming title will be an outstanding game.

            1. To me Skyward Sword didn’t have a soul. It fell empty and pointless. I have my issues with Windwaker but that game at least had a soul to it and truly felt like a Zelda game. Twilight Princess was kind of up and down. Some parts were beyond cool (like the fishing and the snowboarding) and other places made you so angry you wanted to slap someone (Sky castle.)

            1. everybody body has different tastes, for a zelda game tho its not that good for a good amount of people, its still a good game, but for zelda, not to me

      2. I love SS because of everything (music, style, characters, storyline, montion controlls, even the non open world). but at first I was a little sad there was no open world but after reading about why they didn’t have an open world in Hyrule Historia I’m kinda glad it didn’t have it.

      1. Well, I know I’m the outlier in the WW issue. Everybody loved it… I feel there’s something in that game that I really don’t enjoy… Maybe the “overall atmosphere” of it… I don’t know.

        1. The atmosphere really didn’t click with me, either. The sailing took too long, I didn’t like the art style, and by the time I had around 13 hearts I decided I just wanted to finish the game without bothering to max out my life meter because I wanted it to be over.

          1. Same here. Actually, one thing that disappointed me a lot was the difference in style between the unveiled Zelda tech demo at E3 2001 – in which we have Link and Ganondorf fighting with swords – and the Wind Waker game. The “cartoonish” visuals are ok, but I wish we had the game in the way that tech demo was.

            1. Then the problem lies with you. You blame that game because you couldn’t get over the fact that WW was cel shaded and not the tech demo. The tech demo in no way was supposed to represent WW. There are other ways to enjoy things, and selfishness ruins the ability to do that.

        2. How old were you when you played it? I was 7 and I played it again at 11 and now with better graphics it will be awesome.

  3. If they add in those two scrapped dungeons, add in a few new extras, and take out that Triforce quest(Or make it more fun, and less tedious/boring), I’ll be sold. Although, I heard those dungeons were put into Twilight Princess, but I’m not sure on that.

  4. Ok let us start the war. Wind Waker was the best Zelda ever. Majora’s Mask was not even a Zelda game, it was missing just about everything that makes a Zelda game, a Zelda game and therefore does not deserve a remake. Let it begin you fools.

    1. How was it not? It basically to everything from ocarina of time and added the mask and 3 day system. The dungeons wher quality over quantity. I’m not hatin on you or anything but I really want to know how it’s not a Zelda game.

    2. That’s your opinion I loved ww and never played majors mask( I watched chuggaconroy play it),. People can have different opinions.

  5. So just because this will have better graphics it will make it better, what happened to gameplay Miyamoto ?

    Getting tired of all these re-releases with updated graphics on every new Nintendo console.

    1. you act like this only happens on nintendo consoles. atleast they remake the full game and don’t just scale up the resolution. and they are improving gamedesign like they said on the direct

  6. I really hope they don’t just upgrade the visuals. This game NEEDS some reworking. The wind mechanic NEEDS to be less cumbersome. And please, PLEASE add some more content. Anything.

    1. Considering your username I’m willing to bet you spent $40 on Halo: Anniversary which was the exact same game it was years ago just with updated graphics.

  7. I can’t wait to see the gameplay footage, the only way to feel the graphic improviments is watching it in moviment, we only saw early stage pictures.

    I hope they re-do the tingle’s device for the gamepad. It was the only thing I couldn’t experience when I played this amazing game on my GameCube.

  8. Virus is Fat Dual-Wielding Ganon

    I’m honestly impressed by the stills they released of the new Wind Waker.
    If Miyamoto, who’s probably been looking at the game for months now, thinks
    this HD Zelda’s look is remarkable, I can’t wait to see it in motion!

    Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda, 2nd favorite: Majora’s Mask. After those two,
    it seems like (partly because of crying fans) every Zelda was desperately trying
    to be Ocarina of Time (4th best Zelda and overrated imo).

      1. Skyward Sword was good not great but good. Its my 3rd favorite Zelda game. #1 Ocarina #2 Windwaker #3 Skyward Sword.

        1. yea i like that you dont get pissed just because i stated what i think about the game and yea my favorite woudl be in any order ocarina, majoras and windwaker

    1. Ocarina…overated??? Them be fighting words. Ocarina is the greatest Zelda game. Majoras Mask was the absolute worst.

      1. i used to hate majoras because it wasnt ocarina but i gave it another try and loved it, the darkness, environments, peoples struggles the hardness of it, masks and there powers, the side quests, and its the most original zelda game to date, but you wouldnt be the first not to like it as much

    1. Virus is Fat Dual-Wielding Ganon

      The 1st Zelda game on new hardware?
      I don’t think that’s a hard sale to make… soup composed of leather, on the other hand…

  9. Wind Waker was my favorite, and I can’t wait to play the updated version.
    Also, I appear to be one of the few people who thoroughly enjoyed the characters, illustration, gameplay and design of Skyward Sword. It’s my second favorite only because it had slightly less exploration outside of the main storyline than Wind Waker.
    But hey, it’s the internet, we’re allowed to have opinions. Right?

  10. The game looks beautiful. I am really excited to get ahold of it later this year… For the first time I might add ;)

  11. If any ‘old’ Zelda game is going to get the HD remake treatment next, I sincerely hope it’s Majora’s Mask. Totally underrated game. I’m down with a brand new Zelda too, but if any more remakes should be considered, it’s MM.

  12. The WInd Waker definitely deserves an HD version. It’s one of my favorite Zelda games EVER. Followed by (or equal to) Ocarina Of Time. Man, even the Gamecube Wind Waker looked amazing. It’s hard to imagine it looking even better. I sure wish Ocarina Of Time got an HD version. Now that game DEFINITELY deserves the HD touch.

  13. I thought WW HD was coming out this summer, and it sounds like he is saying we shouldn’t expect more HD remakes. That’s crap, I want Super Mario Sunshine remake and Super Mario 64 remake.

    1. I SO agree with you man. I’d LOVE to see an HD Super Mario Sunshine. For that matter, even an HD version of the original Luigi’s Mansion would be awesome.

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