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Toki Tori 2 Will Launch With 10 Percent Discount


Two Tribes, the development team behind Toki Tori, have announced via their official blog that Toki Tori 2 will receive a launch discount of ten percent to thank gamers for their patience. Toki Tori 2 is due to launch on the Wii U eShop on April 4th. The following list has the normal prices without the 10% launch discount.

  • 14.99 EUR (Europe)
  • 14.99 USD (USA)
  • 12.99 GBP (United Kingdom)
  • 19.99 CHF (Switzerland)
  • 120 NOK (Norway)
  • 125 SEK (Sweden)
  • 112 DDK (Denmark)
  • 60 PLN (Poland)
  • 600 RUB (Russia)
  • 19.99 AUD (Australia)
  • 23.99 NZD (New Zealand)
  • 14.99 CAD (Canada)
  • 195 MXN (Mexico)
  • 30 BRL (Brazil)
  • 375 CZK (Czech Republic)
  • 180 AZR (South Africa)

Thanks, Ahmad

35 thoughts on “Toki Tori 2 Will Launch With 10 Percent Discount”

    1. Why are you so obsessed with cross-game chat? It’s just a shitty feature Xbots use to communicate with each other.

      1. The wii u main focus its the social aspect, right now i don’t see a fuck about socialize on wii u. how can i interact with my friend if i cant even chat in game. the xbox main focus are the hardcore gamers but they at least have more social interactions than the wii u and the shitty miiverse. i don’t even use that thing.

        1. socialize playing the SAME FUCKING GAME, how can you socialize if you are having total different experiences?! hahaha, your point is fucking invalid dude

          1. You want me to spend 60$ on a fucking game just to socialize with people who bought the same game?! hahaha your life its fucking invalid dude try again.

            1. so when you are all playing different games, of what would you actually talk?, “my game is this”, and then “oh really?, mine is pretty this” please don’t try to justifies you rant, socializing in gaming is having the same experience, so please, you try harder to find something to bitch about

              1. Oh, i didn’t know that you can only talk about games in game chats. you know there’s other people who talk about something else while playing other games. i don’t want to do; HEY LETS PLAY COD( or any online game)JUST TO FUCKING TALK IN THE CHAT WHILE PLAYING. what if i don’t want to play that fucking game, what if i want to play what i want and chat. Nintendo sucks at that social part and so did sony, but atleast the acknowledged it. so go fuck somewhere else with your lame method of socializing.

                1. i love nintendo alot but they have to acknowledge and do something about it to get on par with the other consoles.

                2. honestly that wasn’t your point, you pointed out nintendo focus on the social aspect, the social aspect concerns, interact with new people, and people online, you want to talk with your friends while playing different games, and i understand that, but what do you win, posting on every article bitching about cross game chat?, my point is, if you want to socialize, you need to play the same game to share the experience and talk about it, of course everybody can play different games and talk about “x” subject, but you don’t need a Wii U or a Xbox, for doing that, socializing in gaming, is to play the same game and you know it, have you ever played borderlands? what’s more fun, play with your buds, or hear how three of your friends play it, so that’s my point, i know this function is needed, but your points are more like a rant or troll, that a truly concern, and if it was a truly concern, it wouldn’t long last, because it will come eventually.

                  1. you are right dude and im sorry for everything, im just a little bite off for all the bad news from nintendo. and i got so used to the xbox party chat that when i play another console it just doesn’t feel the same. i have far away childhood friends that play xbox so we use the party chat everyday. i got disappointed when the wii u didn’t come with cross game chat but i bought it anyways, but i just cant recommend the wii u to my friends because it doesn’t bring those things. i just hope it comes as fast as possible because i don’t want to leave my wii u in the dust and buy the next box or ps4 just to play with them.

                    1. remember that the xbox has been update plenty of times, and changed interface and services, if the wii u were at the end of it’s life cycle then yeah it would be pretty bad, but it’s like 5 months old, and improvements are on the way, also it is noted that nintendo is taking feedback of the community, like the slow load times, and a recen example, Monster hunter 3, receiving an update for off-screen tv play, so its down to be patient, im pretty sure that you would have more fune playing mario party with your friends online (WISHFUL THINKING) remembering the old days!

        2. Then why ask about it? Also with the new Miiverse updates they are integrating similar features into games, of course the developers would have to incorporate it.

        3. and xbox being more “social” than Wii U, BITCH PLEASE; the social aspect of xbox is just people bitching of how you are a “noob” HAHAHAHAH; and that’s fucking it

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    1. Dude,as much as he grinds my gears,that is just feeding another troll by showing them you care enough to impersonate him.Just ignore and not respond :)

  2. In the UK, last week Wii U sales went up 125 %. So all you newbie trolls, here’s looking at you neutron games sale consoles, great games when it is a Nintendo console, monster hunter 3 Ultimate being one such game. Now this Toki Tori I am picking up :).

  3. Australia tax again… Why is it dearer for Aussies ? Our dollar is on par with the USD, it should cost the same.

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