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Future Miiverse Improvements Detailed


Nintendo has announced that it’s planning a large number of improvements to Miiverse over the coming months. Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki revealed in his GDC talk that the Miiverse API will be updated in a future version of the Wii U Software Development Kit. This will allow a number of features that will improve interactions in Wii U software. Here’s a summary of the changes.

  • Players will be able to send and receive comments in-game.
  • Players will be able to see ‘Yeahs’ in-game.
  • They can follow users, and see who users are following in-game.
  • Users will be able to launch games from Miiverse Posts
  • Launch buttons on Miiverse posts can contain program arguments, so it will be possible to boot directly to a certain level or menu in a game
  • Can work with online datastore for additional functionality
  • Mizuki posited the potential application of level editing and sharing via Miiverse;
    envisions a game where users bring the game to life (sounds very LBP)
  • User Sub-Communities (like Mario Kart 7’s) are coming to Miiverse
  • Can be used to organise and hold tournaments
  • First game to use them is Wii Fit U
  • Nintendo is canvassing developers for anything else they’d like to see in the API

108 thoughts on “Future Miiverse Improvements Detailed”

  1. User Sub-Communities (like Mario Kart 7′s) are coming to Miiverse
    Can be used to organise and hold tournaments

    ^ So much this!
    This is what i’ve been looking forward too. For Mario kart U and Smash Bros and any other multiplayer games this is going to awesome

    1. Miiverse and Monster Hunter are a match made in heaven also. You leave a message saying ”Any want to hunt X for Y at X o clock” go and make a cup of tea , come back and you will have like 5 comments + . Miiverse has immense potential and it’s already being utilized.
      I was struggling to find people online on ME3 on a certain mode so I arranged it on Miiverse and was up and running in no time !

      In game commenting is a major addition aswell . Well done Nintendo , that finger is slowly but surely being pulled out of your ass.

      1. Yeah.
        I mean, im not big on online games, mainly because its always just been random dudes running about, normally just being annoying, and multiplayer thats just suicide running till the match ends, and kids who talk to much, and dumb shit like Borderlands 2 co-op with randomers who just run for the rare drops, its always been an annoying experience playing online for me.

        Hopefully this’ll break a fee barriers.
        Just need a good game to match it

        1. It’s good playing online with people you know or people you know of forums like this. I’ve played online with Drybones on ME3 and it was a blast lol. And i played online with Jake on trine 2 which was also fun. You add these people and you kind of become friends in a way or at least people you would prefer to play online with instead of complete strangers.

          Miiverse , again , has massive potential to connect people from all over the world in a way that’s totaly different to everything before it. It has amazing potential.

          1. Yeah, but Miiverse didnt really do that, this forum made it happen.
            But i agree, Miiverse does allow the same thing to happen.

            1. True. But you meet people on Miiverse in exactly the same way , someone will have a long conversation with you about a certain game or joke or whatever then follow or add you and then before you know it you will be wanting to beat that cunt at a certain game or whatever :)

              Miiverse on my phone is gunna be extreme. Like I’m ALWAYS connected to my Wiiu. Fucking GENIUS.

        2. seriously try monster hunter online check miiverse and you’ll notice how mature everyone is and that it really is playing together and helping eachother not run and gun bullshit i really like the miiverse community people are polite when you ask something a lot of people will help you if you want to play something online just search for a few friends on miiverse and go nobody’s cursing or insulting you nobody tries to make you feel bad over a certain purchase(game or console) and they inform you when you ask about a game you want to buy thats certainly different than on gamespot where i ask that about ac3 and i get as a reply why would you play ac3 on wiipoo they are childish as hell so i’m glad they are expanding it even more a good service is only getting better

  2. Being able to launch games directly to a certain level or point sounds good.

    And its nice that Nintendo are asking developers what they want to be able to do with miiverse.

    1. Cause booting up the game your friend has and just joining him is so hard…come on now we dont NEED game invites, would be nice but its not that big a deal.

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  3. New colors to use other than black and different backgrounds to chose from like in 3DS swapnote!!! DO IT Nintendo!!!

    1. Also, I’d like to be able to take in-game video footage. That is better to get your point across with than a picture.

  4. this actually sounds good, no i mean it sounds like shit, what, hold me, im scared that i think that nintendo might of maybe done something good in there life, LONG LIVE THE VITA!!!!

      1. what are you talking about, its amazing, best hand held ever, look all the amazing games like fire emblem, mario 3d, luigis mansion, resident evil revelations, and many more great vita games, and the 3ds is horrible. nintendo cant be good at making any console even if we know that the 3ds has better.. worse games, than the vita has

        1. lol. Although the Vita has better graphics , I fail to see any game on Vita as well made and detailed (as in interaction) as Luigi’s mansion 2.

          Luigi’s mansion 2 >>> Anything ever on a sony handheld.

            1. Nintendo Commander

              Yes because Cross Game Chat defines a gaming console…

              Pathetic Attempt to save a sinking ship…

          1. I know, right?

            I mean, the Vita looks like a pretty neat system, seriously. I have a little money on the side and I was thinking of buying this Vita because it’s a really sexy thing, but when I look at the games… There’s absolutely no game tha justifies buying the console for me.

  5. The Wii U is going to truly succeed the Wii by this holiday, mark my words. The sales are gonna explode. Also, there is a tiny smiley face at the bottom of this page.

        1. The only thing the Xbox has over Wii U (online wise) is party chat, otherwise Wii U’s online is far superior. But Party Chat is coming eventually.

      1. They probably will once they make a pro controller redesign with analog triggers and a headset jack. Imo they knew they fucked up when it comes to something that simple we shall see at e3

        1. Use the fucking GAMEPAD. What are you one of those false HArDcoREz gamers who only wants to use the Pro Controller. Plug a headset in the Gamepad, problem solved.

          1. Maybe the Pro controller is more ergonomic to him. I agree with him on this, they should upgrade the Pro Controller. Its smaller, lighter and has longer battery life. Just cuz he likes the pro doesnt mean he’s “HArDcoREz”

    1. I still believe this is one of the biggest flaws. I’m not an achievement whore, but I definitely know I would play more Nintendoland/Mario Bros U if other people could see my stamps on my nintendo account. People are getting annoyed that they have to see my mario bros u challenge videos everytime they come by, would be handy if they could just see the achievement on my account.

    2. Fuck that. If you need a virtual pat on the back to enjoy games then kindly gtfo out the gaming industry.

      1. they should just reward you if you beat there games and show that you have them and if you beat it or something, just so people can see some sort of thing, or what games you have and play. it is something they should do in some sort of way

        1. It could show it in miiverse, like if you have played the game.
          A different icon would tell if youre beaten it.

      2. Like seeing The End, or whatever comes up when you finish a game isn’t a virtual pat on the back. Or seeing your highscore at the top of an arcade, or looking at ingame completage percentage or everything completionist like… Isn’t almost everything that happens after you do a part of game a virtual pat on the back? It’s not because you don’t like it that other people don’t. I believe it could convince more people to buy a wii u (or reconsider not buying one). Do something nintendo-y with it, give miiverse hats for a certain amount of stamps I don’t know.

        Although I do have to admit that sometimes these trophies can suck the fun out of a game because you are mentally obliged to do even the most boring ones if you really really like the game.

        1. yea thats why i think you should get some sort of reward or showing if you complete a game, acheivments do ruin the fun of the games, maybe if you beat a game you get 5 dollars in wii u points, or 2.50, just something to reward you, or show what you besat and what games you own, that would be better

    3. If I made an accomplishment, I would want to rather realize it myself than having the system tell me that I did something awesome. A lot of accomplishments shouldn’t even be accomplishments. Besides, bragging about it on Miiverse with a screenshot is so much fun!

  6. Great update lists. Curious about the level editing…Thinking Mario since they said they would like to see that in the future 2D Sidescrolling Mario games. Only things still needed are increase the text limit to 250. Give use Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow colors to draw with. And Im curious the Miiverse list didnt mention fixing the Freezing issue with Miiverse…

    1. ^ All of this. I love the Miiverse a lot, but sometimes I avoid it because it can randomly freeze on me if I’m reading a post with heaps of comments.
      Colours on the Miiverse is definitely a must, after seeing all the amazing black and white artwork (and grey, which I just learned how to do.) Just imagine what we could do with colours! Level editing and sharing via the Miiverse was a surprise for me, and I loved the level editing on LBP when I owned a PS3 (when a PS3 came free with my Sony Bravia TV, traded it in for a Premium Wii U) so hopefully the level editing system will be great and more simple than LBP’s.

  7. Tournaments via Miiverse? Are they kidding? o.o If you can make them yourself this is the best thing that has happened since the Wii U was released D:

  8. That’s a good step in the right direction but now we still need a proper messaging system between wiiu users and a general miiverse forum

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    1. I disagree 100%. I pyeald the DS version and beat it 3 times and loved it immensely, the Wii version started out fun, then it got irritating and boring. I beat it once, I can’t stand to play it any more.

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  10. Oh, I’m really glad to read this. So far, Miiverse has been decent, kind of a fun novelty but not as useful as I would like it to be. These improvements are *exactly* the direction I’ve been wanting it to take. Looking forward to it!

    1. No credit? I guess it’s because of my username and it would look weird if they said “Thanks, Nintendo!”

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