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Wii U UK Sales Rose Almost 125 Percent Last Week


The latest edition of MCV magazine states that Wii U sales in the United Kingdom rose by almost 125 percent last week, according to retailers. The dramatic sales boost was due to the launch of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, plus HMV slashing the price of the Wii U Premium console with Nintendo Land and ZombiU by £140.

87 thoughts on “Wii U UK Sales Rose Almost 125 Percent Last Week”

          1. Yah! if monster hunter can get wii u sales, imagine “Mario U”, “Mario Kart U” , and espcially Smash Bros! The Sales will Blast of the charts!
            And most ppl jump to the conclusion that the Wii u will fail cuz of little blockbuster games but Nin doesnt want to throw all their good cards out just yet…..
            So U guys just gotta have a little faith. ;D

            1. This is exactly why I’m excited for Nintendo’s E3 conference this year. 2012 was a bit of a letdown IMO, but if the recent Nintendo Direct presentations are anything to go by, I doubt 2013 will play out the same way.

    1. Yes , these sales are due to Monster Hunter alone. Lego city launched today which should presumably sell even more units :) . And both games should sell for a long time!

  1. Officially the hmv sale started this Monday and whilst some stores were doing the offer unofficially from Friday I doubt it made much difference to sales. We will likely see from the figures next week if it had any effect

    1. Apparently that’s what happens. I’m just a flabbergastered as you , sir.
      But yeah , it sold loads in it’s first 2 weeks then dropped off as no new games were coming out. Now when games do come out that should correlate with Wiiu hardware sales also.

      1. Yeah , the worlds cleverest nation is trying to increase their intelligence . Cmon Nintendo commander you know we can’t get any more clever :P

          1. Undoubtedly, you’re from Wales to intend to say that; so – with that in mind – Wales can’t be too intelligent if someone trying to defend it makes 2 spelling mistakes and two grammar mistakes, and can’t figure out that Wales is part of Britain.

    1. well you would save some money and you wouldnt have to sciwth consoles and they both do the same things mostly the main thing is it plays games and kinect will have some set backs like you wont be able to use it for everything on your xbox but for wii yes

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      1. If I recall, the price was cut a few weeks ago as well, so it can’t be HMV going under that’s the reason.

        I would say it is the games – which makes me happy for the success of MH in the West.

  3. Why is common sence such a big thing this day it was obvius thats what the wiiu needs also i am a Nintendo fan of low salary many people cant affort it.

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  5. Can somebody post this article in the neogaf forums please?
    It seems as if the whole site has become anti Wii U ever since the system launched. I wonder how they will take this news that the Wii U sales has shoot up in the UK

    1. Waste of time. Let idiots wallow in the bliss of their own ignorance. That’s what they WANT to do anyway. If they were capable of hearing the truth then you wouldn’t see the rubbish posted there.

      It’ll only make it that much sweeter when these heavyweight titles start rolling out for the Wii U later on this year.

  6. Now wait a minute, Didn’t they just say not too long ago that the price cut did not help the Wii U sales in the UK? How could we go from that to the sales being increased by 125%? I think that other story was just Wii U hate nonsense.

    1. Actually it was probably true. I think that just proves that games were what was missing, not a lower price. People didn’t want the system because the system didn’t have many (or any) games they wanted to play. A lower price won’t do much to change that fact, but new games will.

  7. The other thing to consider is what we’re the hardware sales originally? 125% sounds great but if it sold say 500 units the week before then it still only puts it around 1,125 units which is still bad. Not wanting to put a downer on things I just want perspective before I can understand how good this is :-)

    1. It sold about 6,400 in Europe altogether week ending 3/16/13. It sold about 14,000 week ending 3/23/13. So that is about right. You have to crawl before you can walk.

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  9. I’m curious as to what precise figure is being increased by 125%. For example, if we are going from 4,000 units to 9,000 units, that’s not really so great compared to other consoles (those are just totally random numbers to illustrate my point, not where I suspect the Wii U is actually performing).

    Also, the price cut was ridiculous. The console and two games for 40% off. That’s not a sustainable price cut. Things need to get rolling with higher prices for this situation to really turn around.

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  12. Yes. And off topic Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is fun as fuck!!! I’m glad Wii U sales are up. If I lived in the UK I’d get a console while prices are still cut. Once more software debuts retailers are going to jump the price back up because demand will increase. It could have had sales sooner if Ubisoft didn’t stab Nintendo in the back and twisted it. Ubisoft should be the last developer to bitch about Wii U sales because of that.

  13. 125% increase on piss poor sales numbers are still piss poor sales numbers unfortunately.. this will have to continue for a while before it’s going to be “good” sales numbers by any measure

  14. Down with that. More word of mouth to go around, and honestly after playing the Wii U I doubt many will have anything negative to say. Woot.

  15. I can’t believe how many people are thinking this is some amazing turn around when sales went up by 8k. That’s… nothing. The same people mocked the Japanese Vita sales when it got a price cut and a new game and ‘only’ went up from 20k a week to 75k, almost a 400% increase.

  16. Why is everywhere reporting that it is because of the £140 price cut! HMV had the premium bundle for £199 plus Zombi U for free. If the game isnt included then that means they had the premium at £339 the week before!!!!. Just because they have a ridiculous RRP that doesnt mean this is a great deal and hence why people are buying it. You have been able to get a premium bundle for around £225 for ages now and Zombi U you can get for ~£25 new so this is more like a £50 drop. No wonder HMV are going bust. Just makes everyone think its only sold more because there was a massive price cut which isnt the full picture. HMV gave their stupid over inflated prices a massive price cut yes.

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  20. I know this is “good news” in the sense that it’s getting out there, but it ain’t good news for Nintendo. 140 off is obviously the reason for the huge increase in sales, but remember how Nintendo said “With one game sold, we will have made a profit”, so they were already NOT making a profit without a game sold, but gamers want games obviously, now it’s more like “3 games sold, and we made a profit”, and while i’m sure a lot of people are gonna get 3 games at least, it’s still not good business.

    Well well, at least they are getting their machine sold, and that’s the most important thing in the eyes of developers, but as much as i enjoy my Wii U, i gotta say, i think the Playstation 4 will whipe away the foretold momentum, that the Wii U will get in the fall/winter time, seeing as it releases at that time too.

    Guess people have to prioritize. I much rather want Super Smash Bro. and whatever 3D Mario is in the works, and Watch Dogs sound more interresting on the Wii U than on any other console. But let’s see :)

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  23. Not that hard to double up when you realise the real term numbers are really low.

    16th March
    UK Hardware by Platform
    Platform Weekly (change) Total
    X360 8,697 (-8%) 8,704,811
    PS3 7,481 (-9%) 5,636,178
    3DS 5,492 (-10%) 1,908,185
    WiiU 1,512 (-2%) 117,730
    Wii 1,457 (-6%) 8,715,039
    PSV 1,380 (-6%) 293,372
    DS 961 (-5%) 13,114,840
    PSP 151 (-4%) 4,472,121
    Total 27,131 (-8%)  

    Nintendo need to come down to £160 for basic. And £180-£200 for premium across the board.

  24. I went to HMV (On Tuesday) and those fucker say the deal was off. I had a right go with the sale man and despite the fact I make him phoned his colleague located in other shop and they have still some in stock he did not want to honor the deal.

    The console went back at £299 (premium bundle)… For those who say the price is not an issue.. really!!!! but really!!!….. think again and I would als add that they are wrong.. so wrong and so so wrong. I won’t pay more than £200 for this system and a lot of people won’t.

    if people from US want to know why the system is not selling in UK is due to several factors. But in the short term the reason are:
    – Shops like HMV,,Tesco, Asda, Zavvi or even amazon are fucking greedy and the price is too high (except for those who are loaded)
    – software line up is dry and since December we did not see much title.
    – marketing in UK is not where to find.

    step 1: Get the premium bundle to £200 (dont care about the 8 Gb) and game price around £35.
    step 2: get more games out
    step 3: update the Wii U software cause there are a lot of issue with it (see that in store).
    Step 4: kick the shit out of the marketing and reps.

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  27. Updated figures to show in real terms what the 125% refers to:

    UK Hardware by Platform
    Platform Weekly (change) Total
    X360 8,620 (-1%) 8,713,431
    PS3 6,764 (-10%) 5,642,942
    3DS 5,219 (-5%) 1,913,404
    WiiU 3,301 (+118%) 121,031
    PSV 1,291 (-6%) 294,663
    Wii 1,159 (-20%) 8,716,198
    DS 959 (-0%) 13,115,799
    PSP 136 (-10%) 4,472,257
    Total 27,449 (+1%)  

    Wii u went from 1512 to 3301 in actual sales. This is week of 23rd March. It’s still being significantly outsold by PS3/Xbox and 3DS. Interestingly though everything else is on a general decline sales wise in this month.
    Source is vgchartz.

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