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All New 8-Bit Action Game Witch And Hero Launching For 3DS April 4

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Circle Entertainment is set to launch another downloadable title for the 3DS next week, after releasing its new trailer for Witch and Hero today. Styled as an 8-bit action game, it hails back to legendary pixelated heroes such as Zelda and Mario, giving the gamer a real sense of nostalgia. It promises a full spectrum of levels with two difficulty settings, along with trial and infinite modes to challenge your inner-hero.

Arriving in Europe on April 4, you play as a hero accompanied by a witch to take on the evil Medusa. Destroying towns and villages, Medusa also turns your accomplice to stone, meaning the hero must take on the wicked monsters by himself – sound familiar? Don’t worry though, Europe isn’t the only one getting the sword-play, a date for North America is coming soon and will be announced shortly.

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  2. I’m glad that people like these games, but I really don’t understand the appeal. I like old school games as much as anyone. I still play my Atari and Pong consoles, even though I play a lot of massive new games, but the Watch and Play games don’t interest me at all.

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