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Darksiders II Leaving Wii U eShop In Europe

darksiders_2_wallpaperStarting next week, consumers in Europe will no longer be able to purchase the digital version of Darksiders II on Wii U. On Sunday, March 31st, Vigil Games‘ last game will be removed from the Nintendo eShop in Europe. However, Wii U users who have downloaded Darksiders II prior to March 31st will still be able to re-redownload the title. The reason for the upcoming removal is currently unknown. The game’s developer, Vigil Games, is defunct as of last January.

25 thoughts on “Darksiders II Leaving Wii U eShop In Europe”

      1. Hahahahaha. With that expression out of the way, it’s weird you stopped posting regurgitated words aimed at the Wii U once you were Trine 2 director cut, monster hunter 3 Ultimate and Need for sperm most wanted U-PC edition shown that the Wii U is next gen.

    1. Not so wierd now that i think of it. Some games from companys that goes bankrup disapear like the xbox live double dragon.

  1. Has anything happened to this game ? In some shops this game price is about 10-20$. I bought it last week myself for 18 euro

  2. “Pride cometh before a fall”

    How many times did I echo those words when vigil and their cousins THQ were being snotty about their games, and the falsehood THQ even vigil spread about the Wii U’s power. Wise developers such as Criterion waited for the better most recent dev kits to deliver a masterpiece in Need for speed most wanted. Never liked dark siders for it’s propaganda and twisting of facts nature even before 2 was ever announced. Will not ever let my beautiful Wii U play this nonsense nor Crysis 3. Anyway gamers go support criterion by buying need for speed, it’s a game worth every last pretty penny.

  3. NO MORE LOVE TO Wii U! NINTENDO disappointment!
    Nintendo, would bring back the money because the console is GARBAGE!

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