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GameStop Blames “Disappointing” Wii U Sales On Lack Of Marketing And Blockbuster Games


GameStop executives have called Wii U sales disappointing during an earnings call today. The retailer says that Nintendo’s marketing has “not broken through the way that it needs to”, and “we still have an education process we need to go through.” GameStop executives also blamed the lack of blockbuster titles as one of the reasons the console has failed to meet expectations. GameStop CEO Paul Raines said New Super Mario Bros U was a compelling launch game, but the lack of other big games has made adoption slow. He said Wii U sales will “take off” when the future blockbuster titles arrive.

115 thoughts on “GameStop Blames “Disappointing” Wii U Sales On Lack Of Marketing And Blockbuster Games”

  1. Nintendo failed to do what gave the 3DS poor sales: Launch with more games. While there was a pretty big launch line-up, it was also full of a lot of ports of games that had been out long enough that most people already played them. Pikmin 3 should’ve been a launch title, period. It was probably one of the biggest games at E3, but they thought Nintendo Land was where it was at. Pfft.

    1. My Nintendo News mentioned Wii U sales gone up by 125% so there is still hope and a lot of huge titles to really get it going.

  2. For each and ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Game Stop had to state the very obvious.

    Gamestop should go share this knowledge with Ubisoft.

        1. He’s has another one called 360xBoxer. He’s has stooped down to the level of “games are a necessity to life”. It’s quite sad actually.

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    1. i do agree on some facts so lets start supporting wii u the here and now so that other “ignorant of the masses” (a.k.a. nintendo haters that also follow pachter) know what the console is about and to let them know that nintendo doesn’t give a rats @$$ about the other competition

  3. I agree with the ceo of gamestop. I think the wii u is going to sell well when the blockbusters games come out. I think all consoles of the next generation will sell well since they all have full potential. Hopefully people could see the potential of all console/handhelds have like the psp vita and wii u.

  4. Nintendo should of got all this sorted out ages ago, they had more than enough time, not many games for the system just puts even more people off buying a WiiU thus making less developers to consider making/porting games to it.

  5. Ding Ding Ding, there’s the reason why the Wii U is having a slow start. Seriously Nintendo, stop with all this secret shit and just tell us when the games are coming out.

  6. Maybe now Nintendo will get the idea to do some damn advertizing. It’s almost like they don’t people to know what the Wii U is.

    1. Blame that on Reggie as he isn’t doing enough to market and promote the Wii U to where it should be, right now. This is how bad Nintendo’s marketing is since the Regginator isn’t doing his job because of the US being the sales leader of the console. If only he got off his butt and took notes from the marketing campaigns that Nintendo did for games like Donkey Kong Country and the Super Nintendo games, we would probably see him and NoA in a better light. They really need to go back to those old slogans for a newer generation to get them to realize how much they worked back then. For the 3DS, the slogan should be, “Now, you are playing with power! 3D Power!” Maybe for the Wii U should be like, “Wii would like U to Play” or “Wii own U”. Stuff like that to convey the a good message with the system. However, I am confident that Nintendo has an ace up their sleeves as they did with the 3DS to get it back on the right track in terms of sales.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Nintendo is a bit mysterious but they have their reasons. They don’t just keep secrets from the fans unless they have good reasons (that ace/aces). They look finished but the fact that they remain silent PROVES they have something.

        That’s a good point; slogans would be nice.

    1. Isn’t that why we have Skype? Or even phones?

      The ability to chat won’t boost sales. I doubt it would even make a dent.

  7. If they would have released smash bros close to launch like it did like the gamecube it would have flown off the shelf. Anyways mario was fun but nintendoland sucked for me because i dont have anyone else to play the game with. The only game i really enjoyed was the yoshi cart.

    1. that would have been solved with online co-op. If nsmb had online co-op or level editors I would have totally bought a wii u.

  8. In my opinion, Nintendo has not fully revealed the “big guns/1st party games” yet in hoping to give 3rd party developers a chance to do something with the console. If they release they Nintendo games outright, then it would just compete in terms of sales with outside developers. This will turn them off more as people are inclined to buy 1st party more. Nintendo IPs will come, its just a matter of patience and TIMING.
    As for awareness, I’ve mentioned this in my past posts that Nintendo again is waiting for the right timing as they want to capture hardcore gamers on the early part of the year. Hardcore gamers will SEEK information as opposed to casual gamers who needs further education. Also, they are not marketing a lot because the Wii U has weaker specs than PS4 and Nextbox and they do not want the to be associated with the last gen (ps360). Developers aren’t “forced” right now to make games for Wii Us framework because they can still sell a lot of their games on ps360. Once E3 comes and Nextbox announces their new console, Wii U will fly. Nintendo also plans to capture the mobile market in the process as they already revealed their framework at GDC for IOS and indie developers. Let’s be patient.

    1. You bring up an interesting point. This period was to give 3rd party developers an opportunity to hit the ground running on the Wii U before they release the hounds later on this year. So far, 3rd party studios are NOT taking advantage of it.

      So it’s their own fault that once Nintendo does release their big guns if the 3rd party titles just sit on the shelf. They won’t have ANYONE to blame but themselves.

    2. This is true, but they could at least mention the fact that they exist. The only thing we know is that the major first party studios are making something, but they could have just said that they weren’t making anything and it would have been just as valid a statement.

  9. It is true. At least Gamestop isn’t blaming the Wii U’s lack of sales on “being an awful console.” Which is something they’d typically say about a Nintedo product.

  10. Well, duh. Honestly, if the big games come out this slow when the PS4 and next Xbox are out, then I’d start worrying.

          1. "Big N" is "small n"

            Hey dronez if it’s edited then why are there no jump cuts when he says “There’s no games on Wii U” ‘

            1. Um his mouth when he was saying it did not look correspondent to the verbal words.Plus it’s not like people would clap,idiot.

              1. "Big N" is "small n"

                “There’s no games on Wii U” I am referring to that single part of the video where he confirms it. I.can even search it on the real presentatio..

    1. Please don’t post charts like this, Neutron and his posse think games only sale in the US. Now that the see how dominant nintendo still is in the world they will freak. Hope sickr and alba could post this :).

  11. The only thing worse than the lack of advertising and information about upcoming Wii U games is people stating that obvious fact over and over. Oh well. E3 is only 2 months away. It had better be the best E3 of Nintendo life. It’s one thing to be patient but it is a mistake to take people’s patience for granted.

    Not all, but some people may just get tired of waiting and go find something else to do.

  12. Yes a good portion of sales is Nintendos fault however being as sales driven as gamestop is as a compny it is on their shoulders to move the system, expansive library or not.

  13. Finally! Someone is finally talking sense about the reason the Wii U sales are bad! No systemselling games, it’s that simple. Been eating myself up cause of frustration everytime I read about doomsayers questioning the Wii U because of bad sales as if it’s a big mystery why the console won’t sell. And now FINALLY someone with a healthy set of brains opens his mouth.

  14. True, Wii U has no stand out games, NSMBU is great but not enough, and the Xbox 360 and PS3 are getting all the new good games. I was mad when Wii U didn’t get DMC, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, now no Bioshock Infinite and no word on GTA 5! No Battlefield 4? No word on Destiny? No Dragon Dogma or Far Cry 3? All I have to look forward to is RE Revelations and Windwaker HD, both seem so far away.

    1. Wow! Hearing all of those games that you named makes me realize just how overlooked and ignored the Wii U really is. Yet Nintendo talked like they had SOOOO much third-party support before the Wii U released. : /

  15. Nothing really new here. Everyone pretty much knows there aren’t alot of compelling games for Wii U yet, but that will be resolved once the heavy hitters start arriving.

    Still, this pretty much proves that Nintendo didn’t learn from the 3DS launch. They have another thing coming if they think a rehashed 2D Mario platformer is enough to sell a console, and Nintendo Land is not the system seller Wii Sports was.

  16. Exactly. Nintendo’s been doing it since Gamecube when they decided that a killer title was no longer needed at launch.

  17. nintendo is holding back with many wiiu features look what happen last time… avatars kinect movee ect ect… by xmas people will be going crazy over what nintendo is bringing to the coffeetable. i still think nintendo wants more wii sales to beat ps2 wii can still be in stores because its a one of a kind console with ps4 the ps2 looks like great great grandfather. wii still offers uniqueness. everyone should buy the under rated wii games most of them are under 20 new and better then hd ports of games on ps360 blah blah

  18. I think they made some valid points. Or at least I agree to some extent. Aside from Mario Wii U…there isn’t much else that I want to get for the Wii U at all. Avengers Battle For Earth is the only other Wii U game currently out that I want to get out.

    I think the marketing could have been a problem as well. There weren’t that many commercials or signs for it as for their previous consoles like the Wii and Gamecube. Plus, it’s so similar in design and name to the wii that kids and parents may have figured that it was just an upgraded Wii (Like the DSI or the GBASP) and skipped on it.

    In a few years, once we look back at the Wii U, I’m sure that the sales will definitely look better. We just need to give it time to bring us some more great games. Super Smash will definitely do wonders for it!

  19. I agree on the marketing part, there’s not enough awareness of Wii U around. Sony has already started the hype machine for the PS4 and its gonna be months until that comes out. Nintendo’s marketing begs to be more aggressive.
    On the games side I’m not too worried, the launch selection seems about right, and the better games are coming so its a matter of time.

  20. I actually think that Gamestops CEO knows so much more thank we do. He probably knows all the release dates and all the ganes that will come to the Wii U.

  21. That is exactly why. They need to release the four games that were supposed to be in the launch window ASAP. Wii Fit U to attract casuals, Game and Wario to attract party fans, Wonderful 101 to attract superhero fans, and Pikmin 3 to attract Nintendo fans. Also, the Wii U needs more advertising. A LOT. All I see is one commercial every other day advertising NSMBU when my son is watching Nick. That’s basically it. I hope that Lego City and Monster Hunter are increasing sales of Wii U’s. Basically, in the fall/winter when 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Wind Waker, and hopefully some other titles release, if the Wii U is still struggling, then I’ll be concerned. I’m waiting until then so that I will get a Wii U because I don’t have the money right now. :(

  22. thenintendoreviewer

    The marketing does need to pick up momentum. But the Wii U still sold more units in 4 months than the 360 and PS3 did in their first 4 months. So the Wii U will be fine. It’s sales will rise high once Nintendo releases more heavy hitter, some of which have already been announced.

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