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Atlus Releases New Screenshots For Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

In just over a fortnight, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers will be launched for Nintendo 3DS fans in North America – more than 15 years since the Japanese original. Set in the future, this dungeon-crawler RPG gives you a true otherworldly experience, where technology battles mystic forces to win the upper-hand over humanity’s fate. But to keep your inner demon-fighter at bay until April 16, Atlus have released new screenshots showing the battle-focused features of the game.

15 thoughts on “Atlus Releases New Screenshots For Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers”

  1. Unfortunately I won’t be picking this up, but I really hope it sells well. I can’t wait for SMT IV to arrive in NA! The SMT games are more my style RPG. I’ve never been a fan of the FP viewpoint.

    1. Yeah, I won’t be picking this up either. Never playedthe first and have no intention of jumping into this franchise. I still have to get Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon as it is.

      1. You can jump into any Shin Megami Tensei game without feeling left out. The games aren’t really connected other than a few references via music. Besides, there are over 40 games in the franchise — the majority being japanese only.

    2. EXCUSE ME? The majority of Shin Mgami Tensei games ARE first person dungeon crawlers… they’ve been that way since the first Megami Tensei on the NES… Even side stories like Persona were like that until later — yet they still keep the dungeon crawler element just with a different view point.

  2. Hope these gets a European release, considering we only just got Devil Survivor Overclocked it might be a long wait or never

  3. the reason why it interests me very little is graphics.. it’s all story based game. i liked persona 4 golden on my vita, was one of the best games i’ve ever played. at least it had some graphics in the game along the rich immersed story.. but just playing game as if it was a book with SNES graphics is a no for me anymore sigh..

    1. Same for me. Persona 4 has everything you could want in an rpg. Wish I had more rpg games like that one to play

    2. Honestly SMT: Persona is pretty casual compared to what the main series has to offer. The Main series has extremely different endings based on how you play the game, the stories are much more controversial engaging topics like Religion and politics, and the overall RPG experience is much more engaging and difficult. Besides, If you’re asking for amazing graphics from Atlus, you’re looking up to the wrong company.

  4. Tried devil survivor. Didn’t like it much and since this is a first person crawler I won’t like this either. However i still hope it sells well Altus is a very good company =)

  5. Hopefully this comes to the U.S. so I can get it. I’ve been wanting to get into SMT. A friend plays the free online MMO and likes it and I also want to try that out as well as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

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