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Japanese Club Nintendo Gets Five New Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradle Colors

nintendo_3ds_LL_charging_cradle_colorsNew, colorful rewards have appeared on Club Nintendo Japan. For 200 points, members of the loyalty program can choose from five new Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradle colors. As seen in the photo above, red, green, blue, white and yellow Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradles have been added to Club Nintendo Japan’s rewards catalog.

21 thoughts on “Japanese Club Nintendo Gets Five New Nintendo 3DS LL Charging Cradle Colors”

    1. I know! They can still get the 3DS game card case and the Mario & Luigi hat 3DS cases anytime they want and here on NOA’s Club Nintendo its been the same items since I joined in late 2011.

  1. I really like Nintendo Club. Nintendo needs to also make more collector limited editions of the games they make. Sometimes Nintendo has done this in the past with Legend of Zelda games or bundle of hardware and Super Mario, or Pokemon. Nintendo should do more limited editions. Luigi’s Mansion could have had a limited edition with artwork and a bundle with a green 3DS XL, I hope Windwaker HD has a limited edition with soundtrack, artwork and a Link figure. Super Mario Wii U could come with a red controller or bundled with a red Wii U. Legend of Zelda U could come bundled with a gold Wii U. The next Metroid could come with a Samus figure in the Limited Edition or Samus spaceship. Donkey Kong Wii U should have a limited edition as well as Super Smash Bros. WiiU should have some sort of limited edition with collector items.

  2. i don’t use a cradle for either of my 3DS’s. i play them until the next time i pick one up to play and it’s dead i plug in the plug and start playing. if i’m on hte run i have a car charger or i can take whichever 3DS has juice. i usually take my 3DSXL out (even though it’s bigger and harder to squeeze into a pocket) because it gets the most play-time and has all the puzzles and other streetpass accomplishments. since getting monster hunter 3 though i have been using the 3DS because of the circle pad pro, so how do i fit the circle pad pro into one of these charging docks? and when is the 3DSXL circle pad pro coming out? why don’t they put circle pad pros on the club nintendo gifts list instead of these useless cradles?

  3. Club nintendo is cool. I remember whenthey released doc louis punch out. That was a great gift. The 3ds card case and the red and blue pouches are the most recent things ive spent coins on.

  4. Oh boy, colored…charging cables.
    You mean like that thing I haven’t used since getting my 3DS? And would have no desire to customize even if I did? Because it’s just a hunk of plastic?

    Yeah, I don’t feel like we’re missing out much this time.

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  7. Has the NA club nintendo stopped making new products? for the past few months all i’ve seen is game changes and not items…

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