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Toki Tori 2 Storms Euro eShop Chart For Wii U

tokitori2_logoAfter predictions that Toki Tori 2 would storm the European eShop chart just days after its release on April 4 for Wii U, we have certainly not been disappointed. Two Tribes tweeted earlier today “People! We’re the number 1 selling game in the European eShop!” along with a picture as solid proof. The game developers’ next goal is to take the top position in the US charts – do you think they can do it?

16 thoughts on “Toki Tori 2 Storms Euro eShop Chart For Wii U”

  1. Wow. I wasn’t interested in this game until now. Glad developers are taking advantage of the eShop.

  2. Wow, nice. I might actually check this game out.

    Also, as a note: I’d like to know, what are your guys opinions on an Always Online console, like the Durango’s rumoured to be?

    1. If this is true, I would say that Microsoft made a bad decision. Some people don’t have Internet, or have poor service. Either way, your console should allow you to play games at any time. I never was a big fan of Microsoft to begin with, but I was looking forward to hearing about their latest console. Again, if this rumor is true, they can keep it.

    2. Suicidal move.

      I’m struggling to believe they’d be that stupid.

      If a single one of the rumours about durango turn out to be true, its a definite no purchase from me, ever.

    3. Thats the most stupid thing they could do.
      See the Simcity fiasco with the cheap DRM wich they tried to sell as calculations being done on the server.
      Plus if you have a bad connection or internet doesn’t work you can’t play.
      A very stupid decision if you ask me

    1. The tweet does show a picture saying it’s in the #1 spot. Althought, it’s also in a different language so maybe just in that region? Either way, that is great for them. I’m contemplating picking it up, I didn’t play the first one.

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