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Shigeru Miyamoto: I’m Very Grateful With The Way Video Games Are Being Received


Video games began appearing in the 20th century and were first popularized during the 1970s. When video games were established, skeptics deemed them as just a fad and thought their popularity was going to be short-lived. Fortunately, for the millions of video game players out there, that’s not the case. Video games continue to gain widespread popular support, and the video game industry generates billions of dollars each year.

In an interview with, legendary Nintendo designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto said he’s thankful that video games still exist and are still admired by many people as a primary form of entertainment.

“The fact that we’ve reached an age where video games are being received the way they are just makes me very grateful. There was a time when people always asked, when is the video game boom going to end? We’ve reached a stage where there’s no longer a question of when the boom’s going to end.

“It is simply: there are video games.”

-Shigeru Miyamoto

27 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto: I’m Very Grateful With The Way Video Games Are Being Received”

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  2. – “skeptics deemed them as just a fad and thought their popularity was going to be short-lived” –
    I’ll bet any amount of money that Pachter was one of them…..

      1. john jack bob the man

        He actually rarely guesses right when it comes to this kind of stuff. But then again his job is predicting sales and he uses the existing data to come up with predictions, so when a company uses a disruptive strategy it is hard to predict.

  3. Miyamoto looks a little to excited in the kart. Anyways videogames are evolving graphically as well as their gameplay.

  4. I’m so gratefull to be a part of it! Video games have changed me for the better, The adventures I have experienced In halo and pokemon and so many others, the puzzles, theaction, the drama, the sadness of all the games I have played are totally worth every second. My fav game list: Every Halo, Pokemon, The walking dead, Gears of War,Star Wars Battlefront, portal, Uncharted, Mariokart, Resident Evil Revelations, Pac man games (original, and World), Super Smash bros, Mario,Legend of Zelda, DOA, and so many more that I don’t feel like typing!

  5. yeah truth being, what he says is absolutely correct when one comes to think about it, it is phenomenal..

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